December 2022
NEL will be closed on
December 23rd and December 30th
to celebrate Christmas and the New Year
Samples will be accepted at the Winslow Lab until 3:00pm and at the Westbrook Lab until 2:00pm on December 22nd and December 29th.

Please do not ship samples on the 22nd or 29th.
Don't Forget:
Your air quality matters!
Radon is an ever-present problem in Maine and
cold-weather months are the perfect time to test!
Media of the Month
NEL's commonly ordered
prepared chromogenic agars:

CHRP0001 - Colorex KPC Agar plates
CHRP0002 - Colorex VRE Agar plates
CHRP0003 - Colorex Acinetobacter Agar plates
CHRP0009 - Colorex MRSA Agar plates
CHRP0010 - Colorex MSuper Carba Agar plates
CHRP0011 - Colorex ESBL Agar plates
CHRP0012 - Colorex C3G Agar plates
CHRP0013 - Colorex C. Difficile Agar plates
CHRP0015 - Colorex Strep A Agar plates
CHRP0016 - Colorex Orientation Agar plates
CHRP0020 - Colorex Malassezia Agar plates
CHRP0024 - Colorex Candida Plus Agar plates
Colorex™ Orientation Agar

Colorex™ Orientation agar is a non-selective chromogenic medium, manufactured using CHROMagar™ technology, used for the differentiation and enumeration of urinary tract pathogens based upon colony color and morphology.

  The major target of this medium is the detection of urinary tract pathogens, but Colorex™ Orientation has a broader application as a general nutrient agar for the isolation of various microorganisms.

Colorex™ Orientation Agar is useful when supplemented with various antibiotics in detecting increasingly important nosocomial and multidrug resistant microorganisms.

Call today to discuss our line of chromogenic media plates.
Don't forget about our new logos!
You'll start seeing these more in 2023.

The logo for our culture media and supplies division. Customers ordering plates, bottles, tubes and vials will see this displayed
as our new logo.
The logo for our environmental testing services. Customers testing water, radon,
mold and food will see this displayed
as our new logo.
NEL was once again proud to sponsor a tree for the annual Festival of Trees in Waterville. All proceeds went toward workforce readiness and ending hunger in our region.

The event was a huge success and we look forward to speaking with the winner of our "Home Safety and Maintenance" tree.

Congratulations to all of the
Festival winners!
For additional information about the event, please visit the Festival of Trees Maine facebook page:

Happy Holidays from NEL!
Upcoming Events:

MRWA Annual Conference & Trade Show: December 6-8
The Samoset Resort, 220 Warrenton St, Rockport, ME

MIAQC's Residential Environments Symposium: December 8
Augusta Civic Center, 76 Community Dr, Augusta, ME

Int'l Production and Processing Expo (IPPE): January 24-28
Georgia World Congress Center, 285 Andrew Young Int'l Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA

227 China Road
Winslow, ME 04901

120 Main Street
Westbrook, ME 04092
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