Volume 7 | July 2021


Wild About Wildlife Month
Whitetail Deer
Did you know that July is Wild About Wildlife Month? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Wildlife? For many, at least here in Maine, the term "wildlife" generates thoughts of frolicking deer, hopping rabbits, cold water fish, and the almighty moose.

Monitoring, protecting, preserving, and enhancing the state's wildlife resources is not an easy task. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) oversee these efforts, working with a multitude of game wardens, scientists, rehabilitation facilities, and veterinary professionals.

Continually monitoring herd numbers, environmental factors, and collecting samples from both animals and their surroundings are an everyday job for the MDIFW. It is through these efforts, wildlife in Maine continue to thrive.

NEL is proud to provide prepared culture media to many of Maine's veterinary and scientific based facilities, including the MDIFW directly. For many years, the Department has been ordering our TSA plates, TSI slants, and saline products to conduct bacterial testing from samples collected across the state. We are thrilled to support such efforts and kindly thank the Department for their commitment to preservation in the State of Maine.

Pine Martin
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Mid-Maine Chamber's
2021 Golf Classic
Did you participate in the Chamber's Annual Golf Classic at Central Maine's beautiful Natanis Golf Course? Did you stop by and chat with NEL's Account Executive, Sabrina Gormley? If you did and you'd like a test kit sent to you, let her know!

For a list of upcoming Chamber events, click here:
MIAQC's Golf Outing
It was one of the hottest days this Spring, but the Maine Indoor Air Quality's golf outing at Poland Spring Golf Resort was a big success! Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, and thank you to the MIAQC for continuing to spread the word about healthy indoor environments.

For more information about how NEL is supporting safe indoor air, please visit our website or call Erin Bouttenot:

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Employee Birthdays

July 10 - Tamara Foster
July 12 - Crystal Hreben
July 18 - Takoma Lord
July 27 - Melissa Higgins
Anniversaries & Accomplishments

2 years - Ron Wood, Facilities
5 years - Gene Sawyer, Facilities
6 years - Megan Bushover, Analytical
6 years - Jay Smith, Production - Tubes
9 years - Roberta Robbins, Accounting
36 years - Eva Chase, Purchasing
Eva Chase - Purchasing Agent
Eva is a most valued employee at NEL. During her time at our Winslow facility, Eva has worked in multiple departments, including the warehouse, production, production planning, customer service, and purchasing. With 36 years experience at the company, her knowledge is unmatched and most appreciated among staff.

We recently had a chance to chat with Eva about her time at NEL and here's what she had to say:
Can you tell us a little bit about your current job responsibilities at NEL?
Eva: After working in so many other departments, I currently purchase products and supplies for media production and our analytical laboratories as well as company supplies for the office staff and building maintenance.

How have those responsibilities changed since you first started at NEL?
Eva: When I first started in shipping, I was the only employee in that department.. The company has expanded and more than doubled in employees and building size. Back in 1985, we were using a DOS computer system for inventory and hand-writing the ship addresses in the UPS book. We used electric typewriters for invoicing and other correspondence. I can still remember when we got our first fax machine and how excited everyone was. Times sure have changed and so have I!

What do you love about working at NEL?
Eva: I've really enjoyed working with so many different people and personalities over the years. I watched a few of my current co-workers get hired, married, have kids, and now grandkids!

NEL has helped encourage growth and change and I have met some of those challenges and goals that I never thought possible. Working in so many positions in the company pushed me to be a better employee, and person. I've remained committed to growing with NEL and never looked back!

If you could tell the world something they may not know about NEL, what would it be?
Eva: NEL has always been very supportive with continuing education and advancement, especially within the company. Management is always advocating for the employees and have made it easy to stay with the 401K retirement program and our insurance plans.
Interesting Dates in Science History
July 5, 1988

July 12, 1927

July 15, 1985

July 19, 1981

July 21, 1984

July 23, 1906

July 27, 1921

The Bugs Bunny phrase "What's Up, Doc?" was trademark registered.

"Green Giant" Great Big Tender Peas were trademark registered.
Charles Duryea patented a gasoline-powered automobile.

Aldus PageMaker, the first desktop publishing program, was first shipped for sale to consumers, invented by Paul Brainard.

The name "Breyers Ice Cream" was trademark registered.

The first robot-related fatality in the United States occurred when a factory robot in Jackson, Michigan, crushed a 34-year-old worker against a safety bar.

The song "America the Beautiful" was copyright registered by Katharine Lee Bates.

Canadian scientists Frederick Banting and Charles Best first isolated insulin, and within a year, the first human sufferers of diabetes were receiving insulin treatments.

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