NELHS - Golf Classic July 30, 2022
Tee It Up For Tuition Golf Outing

What would the world look like if everyone had an opportunity to attend a Christian school like NELHS? In Christian schools, not only is the Bible taught for what it is, the inspired Word of God serves as a foundation for other texts as well. Children in Christian schools become familiar with Bible stories at a young age, and the truths in the Bible become more familiar to them as they continue grow and learn. While the Bible is centuries old, it's a timeless lesson that is brought to life in Christian schools and is made relevant for students' lives today. With this, students have the opportunity to walk away with a better understanding of their curriculum as it relates to God’s Word and salvation won for them through Christ Jesus. 

With your help that opportunity can happen for a family that might not otherwise be able to afford a Christian education. Golfers will gather again at Crooked Creek Golf Course in Lincoln on Saturday, July 30th to enjoy a day of golf, fellowship! Let’s close down the golf course and fill it up with NELHS supporters!!

We are attaching a team entry form if you would like to join us for a fun filled golf day or maybe you would like to just help out by being a “hole” sponsor. Either way we thank you for your support of Nebraska Lutheran High School!

--From the Golf Classic Committee

NELHS exists to assist parents and congregations by providing Christian training
in the skills and values necessary for loyal service to Jesus Christ for time and eternity.
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