The 2022 Concert Festival, hosted by Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington, CT will be like no other. And the New England Music Festival Board is excited to have the opportunity to provide this outstanding musical experience for our participating students and their sponsors. And while the changes made necessary to provide a safe environment for everyone involved seem overwhelming at times, they will not keep us from having another great New England Concert Festival.
So what’s the same this year; three ensembles made up of some of New England’s finest high school musicians; two + days of intense, educational, inspiring, innovative and just plain fun rehearsals; a pair of afternoon performances that will feature all three groups and some of the outstanding performers from the Solo & Ensemble Festival; opportunities to connect with old and new friends from across our region; and a supportive community and school that value music and the young people that make it.
What is different will seem unusual or odd at first, but once the music begins, it will seem like the best festival ever; Masks while indoors or on the bus sharing space with others; performance masks for wind players and their instruments; hotel accommodations by school and gender to keep everyone safe; Friday night social time to get to know those who share your passion for music; and a masked audience who traveled far to support your efforts and appreciate your talents. And while these mitigations may seem like they are stealing the show, the music and musicians will come shining through even the thickest of masks.
And by making this effort, by participating fully, by supporting the students and the event, you are making a strong statement that even Covid can’t silence the music. Music education is an essential part of every school’s offering and opportunities for their young people and masks, social distancing, rehearsals outside, and canceled concerts & festivals will not change that. The return of the New England Concert Festival is not only a wonderful opportunity for the participants, but it is a statement made by student, teacher, sponsor, parent and host community alike that We Are Music and We are New England Awesome !