After a highly successful year using technology to provide our Solo & Ensemble Festival, we are excited about a return to in-person performance for this year’s event. Scheduled for the first two Saturdays in December, we invite your students to prepare and perform a piece from one of our wonderful repertoire listings (or a piece of their choice), and have it heard and evaluated by our adjudicators. The northern site, on December 4th, will be at Hartford High School in Hartford, Vermont and the southern site, on December 11th, will be at Griswold High School in Griswold, CT.
At both sites, the following mitigations will be in place:
●     Everyone will wear a mask indoors
●     Performers will wear masks during their performance, including wind players using the appropriate modified mask (or face shields for flutists)
●     Adjudicators will maintain a six foot distance from performers
●     Ensemble performers will maintain a three foot distance from each other during performance
●     Should it be required, separate warmup spaces will be provided for schools whose students are not allowed to mingle with students from other schools
Your student will receive verbal feedback at the conclusion of their performance and written feedback using our evaluation rubric. Should their piece be listed on the appropriate repertoire, they will also receive a rating of their performance, a rating that we will then use to select the New England Festival Band, Chorus and Orchestra. Those selections will be made available soon after the second Solo & Ensemble Festival. The Concert Festival will be held March 17th, 18th & 19th at Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington, CT.