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Is there anyone that you would like to suggest receive this Bulletin as a way to recruit new members from other schools and states? Please feel free to forward the Bulletin to them or send their e-mail to Editor Tom Reynolds at the following address:



Brien McMahon High School
300 Highland Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854


Provincetown, MA

Immediate Past-President
Somers, CT (H e-Mail)

Burlington, VT
802.734.2871 (H) (H e-Mail)

Mt. Anthony Union High School
301 Park Street
Bennington, VT 05201
802.447.7511, x262

Executive Secretary-Treasurer
73 Beauchamp Terrace,
Chicopee, MA 01020
413.683.4235 (H Fax)
413.478.7030 (O) (H e-Mail)

Recording Secretary
Kensington, CT (O e-Mail)

Solo & Ensemble Festival Co-Coordinator
White River Junction, VT
603.398.2091(O) (O e-Mail)

Solo & Ensemble Festival Co-Coordinator, Interim Website Manager
Williston, VT
802.343.6282 (O) (S&E e-Mail)

Band Manager
Fair Haven Union High School
33 Mechanics Street,
Fair Haven, VT 05743
802.265.4966 (O) (O e-Mail)

Chorus Manager
Bethel High School
300 Whittlesey Drive,
Bethel, CT 06801
860.985.0643 (Cell) (O e-Mail)

Interim Orchestra Manager
Glastonbury High School
330 Hubbard Street
Glastonbury, CT 06035
860.392.8080 (Cell)
860.652.7200, x1150 (O) (O e-Mail)

Membership Services Chair
Cheshire Public Schools
525 South Main Street,
Cheshire, CT 06410
203.250.2534 (O)
203.250.2563 (O Fax) (O e-Mail) (H e-Mail))

Dean of Students
Waterbury Center, VT

Social Media Chair
Valley Regional High School
Deep River, CT

Bulletin Editor, Archivist
PO Box 102,
Templeton, MA 01468
617.529-9402 (H) (H e-Mail)

NEMFA Calendar 2016-2017
March 16-18, 2017-89th Concert Festival, Brien McMahon High School, Norwalk, CT
June 3, 2017-Executive Board Meeting, 10:00am, Holiday Inn Express, Brattleboro, VT 
President's Message -
Tony Brackett
Tony Brackett
Dear Colleagues,
Happy New Year to all!
Our hosts in Norwalk, CT are very busy readying their city to welcome all of us from the New England Music Festival Association into their community. As you may have heard, this year all of our ensemble rehearsals, registration, meetings and concerts will be held at City Hall in Norwalk. The Executive Board was given a very thorough tour at our September meeting by Frank Arcari, lead host from Norwalk. The Concert Hall is a beautiful professional performance space and I know all of you are going to be thrilled to make music in there. Frank and his colleagues from Brien McMahon High School are working overtime to present the best Concert Festival experience they can give you.
Students, as you prepare your music, practice, listen to recordings and get ready for our Concert Festival, I want you all to keep in mind that each of you is an ambassador from your hometown community. You are representing your towns, your schools, your music teachers, your principals and your families. Some of you might be traveling away from home for the first time and others may find these sorts of overnight adventures old hat. You may be the only student from your school or one of many selected to participate. You will be working with students from different communities, some rural, some urban, some small, others quite vast. Your stand partner might be quite shy. The students standing around you might be so nervous that they make a bunch of mistakes at the first rehearsal. Someone behind you might sing louder than you can. The concertmaster might seem like he or she is lightyears ahead of your ability right now. The lead trumpet in the band might have the most perfect sound in every range you have ever heard. What to do? How to react? How to behave? All good questions. The most important is to be yourself. Encourage those in your section who may be timid. Talk with your stand partner at the break. Ask that singer how they can sing so loudly and still keep a beautiful tone. Offer a fingering to the student who might be nervous or a little unsure. Tell that concertmaster and trumpet player that they are doing a great job. Eat lunch with someone you do not know. Don't let anybody eat alone. Reach out to one another. Be a real ambassador. Be a musician.
The New England Music Festival has a rich history in that we do our very best not only to provide a superb musical experience for all of you, but also to encourage you to make new friends, to get along, to learn from one another, to be a sponge. All of these things make our NEMFA community very special and keep kids coming back year after year. Our festival is not about being perfect. It is not about sitting first chair or getting a perfect score at the Solo & Ensemble Festival. It is about making music, about learning, about respecting each other, about sharing whatever knowledge and skills you have with others, about being kind. But perhaps mostly we are about appreciating what we have. How lucky all of us are to come together in March and prepare such wonderful music and learn from the most inspiring conductors we have. How great to bring this fantastic experience back to your communities, to your bands, orchestras and choruses and to share it with your friends, colleagues and teachers and encourage your friends to participate next year. This is what we are all about.
I encourage all students to take some time to thank teachers and parents for supporting you on your musical journey. Talk to your conductors in March. Thank your ensemble managers. Thank your host families and maybe bring them a little something unique from home, maybe something you can only get in your town.
I will be on hand all day and night during the Concert Festival and am eager to meet as many sponsors, parents, teachers and students as I can. I hope to see many of you at our Vocal Adjudication Forum during the Thursday rehearsal time. Sponsors, parents, music directors, teachers, please, please, please GET INVOLVED! Don't just drop off your kids and disappear. Sit in on rehearsals. Offer to help with sectionals. Offer to help kids who may be struggling a little. Offer to tend the rehearsal space so that the managers can take a quick break. This is exactly how I got involved many years ago. I want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Many of you know that our volunteer Executive Board works tirelessly to try and do what is right for all students. This is best accomplished with your input. If you have a suggestion, thought or concern, please let us know. Your voice matters!
See you all in March. Practice hard.


Tony Brackett 
President, NEMFA
Secretary's Report -
Gail Reynolds
Gail Reynolds
  December 9, 2016 7:50 P.M
 Comfort Suites Cheshire, CT.
The meeting was called to order by President Brackett at 7:51 P.M.
In attendance: Tony Brackett, Marj Rooen, Bill Sittard, Gail Reynolds, Nola Campbell, Peter Roach, Damon Coachman, Tom Reynolds, Rob Gattie, Steffen Parker, John Kuhner.
Member Apologies: Sal Cicciarella, Frank Whitcomb
Guests: None
Minutes for September 10, 2016 Meeting. Recording Secretary, Gail Reynolds.  Gail reported that the minutes had been approved by e-vote. She reported that two motions were made and voted on electronically between meetings. The first MOTION by Tony Brackett was to allow Fairfield HS, CT. to register students for the S&E Festival  after the deadline and the second MOTION by Bill Sittard was for the approval of $500 for the purchase of twelve electric piano stands for use at the Northern site. Both motions passed.  Executive Treasurer, Bill Sittard said that the stands cost $625.00 and will be housed at the Southern site.  A MOTION by Tom Reynolds to approve the balance passed.
Concert Festival Update. President Brackett reported that co-host Frank Arcari has secured 150 beds to date. Frank was told to get in touch with Steffen or Bill with any questions. Mr. Brackett will forward Mr. Arcari's report to Secretary Reynolds. 
Board Member Quarterly Reports:

Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Bill Sittard's report was approved by A MOTION from Tom Reynolds.

Past President Report, Sal Cicciarella. No report given.

President Elect Report, Marj Rooen. No report given.

Bulletin Editor, Tom Reynolds, reported that students from Anna Maria College in MA., are interested in helping at the Concert Festival.  Tony noted that college connections should be pursued. Tom volunteered to contact host, Frank Arcari to encourage him to contact local colleges and ask for volunteers to help at the Concert Festival. Peter Roach suggested that the EB consider holding a college round table.

Solo & Ensemble Report, Rob Gattie and Steffen Parker.  Mr. Gattie gave a synopsis of the Northern site adjudications. He reported that a vocal adjudicator voiced concern over judge scheduling and how it impacts judges who also accompany. President Brackett asked for Rob and Steffen to discuss the topic and report on their findings in March.

          The EB discussed whether there should be any repercussions for sponsors who make changes in repertoire requirements for their students. President Brackett asked for Rob and Steffen to discuss the topic and make some recommendations in March.

Member Services, John Kuhner. Mr. Kuhner said that he will meet with host Frank Arcari on Saturday.

Librarian, Frank Whitcomb. No report given.

Band Manager, Peter Roach. Peter reported that his conductor is great with communications and is all set.

Orchestra Manager, Nola Campbell. Nola reported that John Eells is ready to go and that she is ready to scan the music. 
Chorus Manager, Damon Coachman. Mr. Coachman reported that the folders are ready to go.  He has been in contact with the conductor and all is fine.  It was decided that he would ask co-host Frank Arcari for input on the size of the chorus. A MOTION by Tom Reynolds to approve Dr. T.J. Harper from Providence College, RI. as the 2019 Chorus conductor passed. A MOTION by Tom Reynolds to approve Dr. Cory Ganschow from Western Connecticut State College, CT. as the 2020 Chorus conductor passed.
President's Update

·       Outreach to Music Educators.  President Brackett reported that he sent letters to the youth orchestras and school sponsors that didn't enroll students and that he received some response. He asked some sponsors to help spread the word about NEMFA.

·       Concert Festival Showcase of Solo Performances.  Mr. Brackett asked the Board to consider featuring a few top scoring S&E performers in the chorus' Concert Festival Concert. Tom Reynolds noted that NEMFA did this during the 1940's and 1950's. After discussion, it was decided that Mr. Brackett will present a proposal in March.

·       E-voting Policy/Procedure. The Board decided that the policy for E-voting will be included in the revised Bylaws/Constitution. Until then, the following procedure will be in place- Motions will be sent out to allow a second. The motion will then be sent out for a vote to be open for 48 hours.
Virtuoso Trial Update. Tony Brackett asked that the report be tabled until the March EB meeting because the adjudication results from the Southern S&E Festival were not yet available. Steffen Parker said that he would share the virtuoso adjudication data with Tony after the Southern Festival data is completed. There was discussion about how to score students who omit cadenzas required in some of the virtuoso solos. No decision was made.
Unfinished Business

a.      Constitution/Bylaws first read- Whitcomb/Gattie/G. Reynolds.  The report was postponed until March.

b.     Instrumental Ensembles at S&E-Steffen Parker. Revised lists for the S&E Festival will be sent to Steffen by February first. Woodwind quintets: Tony, Brass quintets: Tom & Damon, String quartets: Nola. They will bring copies of the music to the March meeting.

c.      Dean of Students. Pam Rodgers has agreed to serve as Dean for 2018.

d.     Treble Chorus. Postponed to a later date.

e.      Jazz Band proposal. A discussion was held about adding jazz to the NEMFA experience. A MOTION by Rob Gattie to hold a Directors' forum to discuss the possibility of adding a jazz ensemble in some capacity to the New England Music Festival Association passed. Steffen volunteered himself and Damon to prepare and present a forum during the March Concert Festival.

f.       Committees for Ensembles. President Brackett reminded ensemble managers to select their committees if that has not yet been done. He clarified the duties of committee members to the ensemble managers.

g.     Ensemble Managers were reminded to send their equipment needs list to Frank Arcari.

h.     IPad purchase for social media purposes. After discussion about buying an iPad for student use for posting on social media during the Festivals, Tom Reynolds offered to lend one of his own iPads for that purpose.

i.      Testimonials from survey added to website. No discussion or action.

j.      Woodwind repertoire revision committee update. Mr. Brackett reported that the clarinet, oboe and bassoon committee lists have been received. He is waiting for more committee member lists for flute and saxophone.

k.     Brass repertoire revision committee update. Tom Reynolds said that the list should be ready by February 1, 2017.

l.      Hosting Handbook Update. The Handbook revision has been completed.

m.    Mission Statement.  President Brackett asked each EB member to submit at least one mission statement before that March meeting.

n.     Marketing.  The Board discussed the feasibility of using a marketing firm to help with recruiting new members.  Tom Reynolds volunteered to speak with a contact that he knows who is familiar with marketing. Gail Reynolds volunteered to design a NEMFA business card with the assistance of Peter, Nola and Tom.
New Business

Fundraising.  The idea of offering Concert Festival program ads for purchase by sponsors/members was discussed.  Tony asked that all Board members who have experience selling ads to send him some information on the procedure that they use. He asked them to include their average intake. Chair endowment and the opportunity for Donors for the Concert Festival were discussed with no action taken.  A suggestion of having donation baskets at the CF targeted for a specific purpose was discussed with no action taken.  It was decided to continue this discussion at a future meeting.

Lowell Mason House Windows.  Tom Reynolds asked that the Board consider donating toward the window replacement fund.  It was decided to put the topic up for online discussion after the close of the meeting to be followed with an electronic motion and vote.
Future Dates:

Thursday, March 16-18 2017- Concert Festival at City Hall in Norwalk, CT.

Friday, March 17 at 10:00A.M. - Executive Board Meeting

The meeting adjourned at 10:14 P.M.

Minutes prepared by Gail Reynolds, Recording Secretary


After the meeting, an electronic discussion about NEMFA contributing toward the Lowell Mason window project was followed with an e-motion and vote.  The MOTION by Tom Reynolds that the New England Music Festival Association, Inc. contribute $1000 towards the sponsorship of a new window in the Lowell Mason House in Medfield, MA prior to February 1, 2017 passed. ~ GR 

                                                                     Respectfully submitted,
                                                                           Gail Reynolds

                                                                        Recording Secretary

Welcome to the 90th NEMFA Concert Festival!
 March 16-18, 2017 - Norwalk, CT

January 24, 2017
Dear New England Music Festival Folks -
As we draw near to the opening of this year's festival, we'd like to take a moment to welcome you to Norwalk. This year marks the ninetieth Concert Festival put on by the New England Music Festival Association, and we couldn't be prouder to host this event in our community.
This festival has a long and notable history, and so does Norwalk. First settled in 1649, Norwalk is now a thriving city of over 88,000 people. With a beautiful coast on Long Island Sound, dozens of local museums and other attractions, and easy access to New York City, Norwalk is an exciting destination offering a multitude of options for any visitor.
While you're here, we hope you will visit many local establishments and experience the Sound of Norwalk! See you in March!
Frank Arcari
Scott Benson
Ron Secchi

Brien McMahon High School Music Department


Brien McMahon High School
300 Highland Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854

90th Annual New England Concert Festival

90th Annual New England Music Festival
March 16-18, 2017
Brien McMahon High School
Norwalk, Connecticut


125 East Avenue
Norwalk, Connecticut 06851

FESTIVAL SCHEDULE - Most current available on host website at


ALL BUSES MUST EXIT THE CITY HALL PARKING LOT IMMEDIATELY AFTER DROPPING OFF DIRECTORS, STUDENTS, LUGGAGE and INSTRUMENTS.  ALL DIRECTORS THAT ARE TRAVELLING SEPARATELY FROM THE BUSES MAY PARK IN ANY AVAILABLE PARKING SPACES.  Parking may be limited at City Hall - a suggested alternative would be to park at the Norwalk Inn & Conference Center (NEMFA Headquarters Hotel), which is one block away.

STUDENT LUGGAGE:  ALL STUDENTS place luggage in the Concert Hall UNDER THE FIRST LETTER OF HOST LAST NAME. Students should drop off their instruments/folders in their respective rehearsal spaces:

Musicians should drop off their instruments/folders in their respective rehearsal spaces:

BAND: Mary McCarthy Room
ORCHESTRA: Community Room
CHORUS: Concert Hall

Students please remain in your practice areas until the general meeting.


10:00AM-12:30PM --- Vocal Rehearings
10:00AM-1:00PM --- Registration
Directors and Supervisors ONLY - TBD

12:30pm - 9:30PM  T-shirts, Concert Tickets, CDs, and Souvenir Historical Books will be on sale in Concert Hall Lobby.

1:30PM - 2:00PM --- General Meeting - Concert Hall - All Students and Directors/Supervisors

1:30PM - 9:00PM --- Directors Hospitality - Room 330

2:00PM - 5:00PM -- Band - Mary McCarthy Room
2:00PM - 5:45PM -- Chorus - Concert Hall Stage
2:00PM - 5:00PM -- Orchestra - Community Room
2:00PM - 5:00PM --- String Rehearings - Rooms 322 / 333

DINNER - Tent Area

5:00PM - 5:45PM --- Band & Orchestra
5:45PM - 6:30PM --- Chorus

5:45PM - 9:15PM --- Band - Mary McCarthy Room
5:45PM - 9:15PM --- Orchestra - Community Room
6:30PM - 9:15PM --- Chorus - Concert Hall Stage
7:00PM - 8:30PM --- Director's Forum: Vocal Adjudication Process
8:30PM - 9:15PM --- Host Family Meeting - Room TBA

9:15PM - 9:30PM --- All students:
Report to Concert Hall and pick up luggage where you will meet and leave with host families.

Host families will stand under the FIRST LETTER of THEIR HOST FAMILY LAST NAME, posted on the wall.

Instruments may be secured in the rehearsal space.

9:30PM --- Directors Hospitality - Norwalk Inn, Norwalk
11:00PM --- Curfew

FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2017

NOTE: People are working in City Hall. Please do not wander out of designated areas. Please park in designated Parking areas.

8:00AM - 5:00PM --- T-shirt Sales, Concert Ticket Sales, CD Sales, Souvenir Historical Book Sales

8:00AM - 5:00PM --- Directors Hospitality - Room 330

8:30AM - 12:00PM --- Chorus - Concert Hall Stage
8:30AM - 12:45PM --- Band - Mary McCarthy Room
8:30AM - 12:45PM --- Orchestra - Community Room

8:30AM --- Past Presidents' Meeting - Room 322

10:00AM --- NEMFA Executive Board Meeting - Room 333

LUNCH - Tent Area

12:00NO - 12:45PM --- Chorus
12:45PM - 1:30PM   --- Band and Orchestra

12:45PM - 5:00PM --- Band - Mary McCarthy Room
12:45PM - 5:00PM --- Orchestra - Community Room
1:30PM   - 5:00PM --- Chorus - Concert Hall Stage

2:00PM --- NEMFA Annual All-Member Meeting - Common Council   
                  Chambers - 3rd Floor

3:30PM - NEMFA Meeting - Subject - Jazz Proposal - Room 322

5:00PM - All Students: Report to Concert Hall to meet with Host Families for dinner and the night.

Large instruments may be secured in the rehearsal space .

6:00PM - Directors Reception - Norwalk Inn & Conference Center - Mariner Room 1, 2, & 3
9:30PM --- Directors Hospitality - Norwalk Inn, Norwalk, CT

11:00PM Curfew


All Dress Rehearsals Location:
Norwalk, CT City Hall Concert Hall


8:00AM - 12:00PM --- Directors Hospitality - Room 330


NOTE: Band & Orchestra - Arrive dressed in concert attire

All Students: Place belongings in the designated rooms under the first
initial of YOUR LAST NAME.

**8:30AM - 9:45AM --- Chorus (Band & Orchestra students watch silently)
**10:15AM - 11:30AM --- Band (Audience silently watches rehearsals)
**11:45AM - 1:00PM --- Orchestra (Chorus students watch silently)

LUNCH - Tent Area

11:30AM - 1:30PM --- Conductors Lunch TBA
1:00PM - 1:30PM --- BAND & ORCHESTRA
1:45PM - 2:30PM --- CHORUS

1:00PM - 1:45PM --- All Chorus students change into concert dress
1:30PM - 2:00PM --- Band freshen up

NOTE: The Concert Hall must be cleared of all personal belongings by 1:00PM

12:30PM --- Concert Tickets - Concert Hall Lobby
Pick-Up Reserved Tickets - Purchase Tickets
1:15PM --- Auditorium Doors Open
1:30PM - 2:00PM  --- Orchestra - Warm-up on stage
2:00PM - 2:30PM --- Band - Warm-up, Community Room
2:45PM - 3:15PM --- Chorus - Warm-up, Community Room

++2:00PM - 3:45PM --- Concert #1 ORCHESTRA --- BAND

2:00PM - 2:30PM --- Orchestra Performs
2:45PM - 3:15PM --- Band Performs

3:45PM --- Concert #1 completed. Concert Hall is cleared and reset for Chorus.

4:15PM --- Auditorium Doors Open

++5:00PM - 5:45PM --- Concert #2 -  CHORUS
5:45PM --- Concert #2 is completed.

Students leave with their families.

***** NOTE ***** If your parents arrive early before the concert, we advise you to give them your luggage ahead of time. This will save you waiting time when your concert is over.

A list of restaurants in the Norwalk area is included in the information packet for your post-concert dining experience in Norwalk

Festival completed!
Supervisors - NEMFA Headquarters Hotel Reservations
The headquarters hotel for the 90th NEMFA Concert Festival is the Norwalk Inn, 95 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851. Phone (800) 303-0808. Room rate is $99.00 per night and reservations must be made no later than February 16, 2017. Mention that you are with the New England Music Festival Association.  Also, please note that there is a list of restaurants in the Norwalk through a link to the host website, which can be accessed under the "Concert Festival Info." tab on or directly at

Families may find NEMFA Housing at $99.00 per night at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Stamford , 2703 Summer Street, Stamford, Connecticut 06905, Tel. 1 (203) 978-5600 or 1 (888) HOLIDAY.

NEMFA Ticket Ordering Information
90th Annual New England Music Festival
March 16-18, 2017
Brien McMahon High School
Norwalk, Connecticut

Tickets may be ordered online at There is a link to this site at Please do not use this form...please only use the online website order form.

March 18, 2017 Chorus Concert 2:00 PM
Norwalk, CT City Hall Auditorium

March 18, 2017 Orchestra/Band Concert 4:30 PM
Norwalk, CT City Hall Auditorium

Band/Orchestra ______ @$12.86 ($15.00 at door) $______
Chorus ______ @$12.86 ($15.00 at door) $______

TOTAL ______ $______
Total Tickets Ordered             Total Amount

Student name: ______________________________________________________________
Student school ______________________________________________________________
Student ensemble ______________________________________________________________
Parent street
mailing address ______________________________________________________________
Parent Town/Zip ______________________________________________________________
Parent Phone ______________________________________________________________

Please watch for online ordering at There is a link to this site at NO CHECKS PLEASE. If you purchase tickets at the door, it will be on a cash only basis.
NEMFA T-Shirt Ordering Information
90th Annual New England Music Festival
March 16-18, 2017
Brien McMahon High School
Norwalk, Connecticut


Please do not mail this form...please use the website order form as soon as it is published on

2017 Commemorative T-Shirt


Small ______ @TBA $______
Medium ______ @TBA $______
Large ______ @TBA $______
X-Large ______ @TBA $______
XX-Large ______ @TBA $______
______ $______
Total Shirts Ordered     Total Amount

T-Shirt ordering information will be posted shortly on .
T-Shirts and Hoodies will be printed on demand so that customizable names may be placed on them. More information will be available shortly on the NEMFA Website, .

Student name: ______________________________________________________________
Student school ______________________________________________________________
Student ensemble ______________________________________________________________
Parent street
mailing address ______________________________________________________________
Parent Town/Zip ______________________________________________________________
Parent Phone ______________________________________________________________

T-Shirt ordering information will be posted shortly on .
NEMFA Concert Festival Recording Form
90th Annual New England Music Festival
March 16-18, 2017
Brien McMahon High School
Norwalk, Connecticut

To order a video or audio recording of the concerts, you may:
1) Visit the sales table on concert day
2) Purchase online at:
3) This form is for reference only, please use online form only, found at

Soundwaves Recordings
4708 Surfside Drive
Huron, OH 44839

CD (anticipated 2-CD set) $17 ____ __________
DVD $30 ____ __________
Combo Savings! DVD + CD $40 ____ __________

MP3 Song Downloads $14 ____ __________
Add $4 Shipping   ____ __________

TOTAL ENCLOSED $ __________  





EMAIL (Print Clearly)__________________________________________

Email address REQUIRED for downloads, and for any questions we have about your order NEMFA2017

Thank you! Questions? Call
or Email

Souvenir Program Book -
History of NEMFA Order Form
90th Annual
March 16-18, 2017
Brien McMahon High School - Norwalk, Connecticut


This is a special 80th Anniversary History Book of the New England Music Festival Association that was recently released! The 2017 Concert Program with all students' names and their schools and sponsors has been inserted into the middle of this book.

No. Books, at $9.00 each = $
Total Enclosed, (total of above amounts) = $

First: M.I.: Last:
Home Address:
Town/City: State: Zip:
Home Telephone Number (with Area Code):

Please send this form with your check to:

NEMFA Souvenir Program Book
c/o Thomas E. Reynolds
PO Box 102
Templeton, Massachusetts 01468

ALL orders will be held for you at the Registration Table or at the Ticket Office.
Future NEMFA Concert Festival Dates
     March 16-18, 2017 - Brien McMahon HS, Norwalk, CT
     March 21-23, 2018 - Location TBA


Be sure to mark these dates into your calendars. We are always in need of host schools for our concert festivals. If you have never hosted a NEMFA Concert Festival at your school, please consider doing so. It is a very rewarding experience for any school to be a host, and most every NEMFA Concert Festival has had a positive effect on the host school's music program for a long time after the festival is over. It is also a great way to raise funds for your local school program. Please contact President Tony Brackett if you have any further questions about hosting a NEMFA Concert Festival.   


  2017 NEMFA Chorus Manager
Damon Coachman
NEMFA Chorus Report
February 2017 Bulletin
Damon Coachman 
Greetings colleagues,

Congratulations to all of the students in the 2017 New England Music Festival Chorus!

What a musical accomplishment! Please be proud and do not take this opportunity for granted because everyone did not make it.

Dr. Fryling has chosen a wonderful program that will challenge you musically. Please do not waste his time by being unprepared. At this point, all of the rehearsal tracks should be on the NEMFA website. Also, do not forget to number your measures,(sponsors please check this) because this action will make the rehearsal process that much more efficient.

Please make sure that you have indicated your student's height in the online registration. It will save time when creating the seating chart.

Teachers, if you are interested in assisting with the onsite process onsite by adjudicating, accompanying, organizing students for the rooms, please send me an email. Also, I am looking for teachers to help me during the festival to do various things. Again, please send me an email if you are interested.

Please see the biography and photo of our conductor, Dr. David Fryling, director of choral studies at Hofstra University, in the next panel below.

The 2017 NEMFA Chorus Program includes the following:

The Last Words of David        Thompson  
Os justi                                    Bruckner      
Sure On This Shining Night     Lauridsen      
A Boy and A Girl                      Whitacre       
The Sounding Sea                   Barnum      
Go Where I Send Thee            Caldwell/Ivory

Damon Coachman 

Damon E. Coachman is the Director of Bands at Bethel High School in Bethel, CT. Even though he teaches band, he has vast amounts of vocal and choral experience.  He has been a vocal adjudicator for The New England Music Festival Association for the past 15 years. He has been a vocal adjudicator at the region and allstate levels for The Connecticut Music Educators Association for the past 25 years. He teaches a gospel choir at Laurel Music Camp on an annual basis. Also, he has presented sessions on gospel choir techniques for Connecticut Music Educators In-service Conference and the Eastern Division Music Educators Conference. He has participated in the Concora Summer Festival Chorus for the past 15 years. Currently, he is the Assistant Director of Music at The New Covenant Baptist Church in Bloomfield, CT. He has studied choral conducting with Dr. Andre Thomas and Dr. Janet Galvan.

  2017 NEMFA Chorus Conductor
Dr. David Fryling

An engaging and energetic conductor, clinician, and adjudicator of professional, community, and public school choirs, Dr. David Fryling's recent engagements include numerous guest conducting invitations, master classes, clinics and choral workshops throughout New York, as well as in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, Louisiana, Texas, Utah and Alaska.

Since the fall of 2001 David has held the position of Director of Choral Activities at Hofstra University, where he conducts both the select Hofstra Chorale and Hofstra Chamber Choir and teaches beginning and advanced studies in choral conducting, as well as graduate-level workshops in choral conducting and choral literature. In addition, he serves as an adjunct professor for the Hofstra School of Education, where he supervises choral music education student teachers during their field placements.

In the fall of 2013, David founded eVoco Voice Collective, a highly skilled chamber choir comprising choral conductors, teachers, and other young professionals from across Long Island. The musicians of the group together aspire to be passionate advocates for excellence in the choral art by presenting inspirational performances of the highest caliber, inviting their audiences to join them in community singing events, and opening their entire rehearsal process to individuals and educational institutions throughout their community.

From 2007-2013 David was vocal area coordinator at the Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan, serving as conductor and music director of the World Youth Honors Choir, as well as the Festival Choir & Orchestra. Major works conducted over his tenure include Brahms' Nänie, Pärt's Credo, Vaughan Williams' Dona Nobis Pacem, Orff's Carmina Burana, Brahms' Ein Deutsches Requiem, Durufle's Requiem, Poulenc's Gloria, and Mozart's Coronation Mass in C. His ties to Michigan go back to his Doctoral studies at the University of Michigan, where he was the director of the University Arts Chorale and assistant conductor of the Michigan Chamber Singers, University Choir, and internationally acclaimed Michigan Men's Glee Club. While in Ann Arbor, he was also the music director and conductor of the Michigan Youth Women's Chorus, a year-round all-state honors choir composed of select high school sopranos and altos from across Michigan.

In addition to his professional teaching and conducting responsibilities, Dr. Fryling has served the American Choral Directors Association for many years, as a Repertoire & Standards chair, as a member of conference planning boards at both the state and divisional levels, and currently as president-elect for the Eastern Division. In his free time he enjoys freelancing as a professional choral tenor in the greater New York metropolitan area.

For a complete list of Conducting Activities, Workshops, and Clinics, visit  
  2017 NEMFA Interim Orchestra Manager -
Nola Campbell
Dear Colleagues,

Thank you everyone for a fantastic concert festival in beautiful Gilford, New Hampshire this past March. Everyone had a great time.  We are very excited to welcome back Dr. John Eells as this year's orchestra guest conductor.  His bio is listed below.  We will be performing Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain," Khatchatourian's "Masquerade Waltz," and Borodin's "Polovtsian Dances."  It will be a stunning program.  We look forward to seeing you in March. Thank you and have a great school year ahead.


Nola Campbell

NEMFA Interim Orchestra Manager
Director of Orchestras, Glastonbury High School
Glastonbury, CT

Dr. Nola Campbell
Director of Orchestras
Glastonbury High School
330 Hubbard Street
Glastonbury, CT 06033
  2017 NEMFA Orchestra Conductor -
John Eells
John Eells, conductor of the El Camino (CA) Sinfonietta Orchestra, received his undergraduate degree from York University in England and completed his graduate work in conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He also achieved a Graduate Diploma in French Horn. Mr. Eells was the founding Music Director of the Farmington Valley Symphony Orchestra (FVSO), which he directed from 1981 until 2013, and the Rhode Island Philharmonic Community Orchestra, which he led from 2006 - 2013. In 2006 the FVSO celebrated its 25th anniversary with a performance at Carnegie Hall.

Mr. Eells began his 32-year tenure in 1981 as Music Director at Miss Porter's School in Connecticut where he directed its three choruses, two instrumental ensembles and an annual musical and taught classes in music theory, music appreciation, and music history. He was a frequent high school and middle school festival conductor for the Connecticut Music Educator Association and in 2003 and 2011 was selected to conduct the New England High School Festival Orchestra, where he will conduct again in 2017.

He has guest conducted many concerts with the Hartford (CT) Symphony Orchestra, as well as the New Britain and Meriden symphony orchestras (CT), the Jacksonville (FL) and Spokane (WA) symphony orchestras, the Leeds Symphony Orchestra (UK) and the Hermitage State Orchestra in St. Petersburg (Russia).

  2017 NEMFA Band Manager
Peter Roach
Peter Roach
 The NEMFA band is excited to welcome Dr. Mark Camphouse from George Mason University as its guest conductor for the 2017 concert festival in March. Dr. Camphouse is excited about the chance to come work with the NEMFA band. He has selected a wonderful program that will include one of his own compositions giving the students a unique opportunity to learn from the composer himself about the music.  Have a great school year.


Peter Roach
NEMFA Band Manager

NEMFA Band Manager
Band Director, Mill River Union High School  
North Clarendon, Vermont.   
  2017 NEMFA Band Conductor
Mark Camphouse
A product of the rich cultural life of Chicago, composer-conductor Mark Camphouse was born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1954. He received undergraduate and graduate degrees in music from Northwestern University where he studied composition with Alan Stout, conducting with John P. Paynter, and trumpet with Vincent Cichowicz. A scholarship from the Civic Orchestra of Chicago enabled Camphouse to study trumpet privately for two years with the late, legendary Chicago Symphony Principal Trumpet Emeritus, Adolph Herseth.

Camphouse began composing at an early age, with the Colorado Philharmonic premiering his First Symphony when he was 17. His 30 published works for wind band have received widespread critical acclaim and are performed frequently in the US and abroad, in such prestigious venues as Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Orchestra Hall-Chicago, Royal Albert Hall-London, and conferences of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles, College Band Directors National Association, National Association for Music Education, American Bandmasters Association, Texas Bandmasters and the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic. Principal commissions include those by the William D. Revelli Foundation, The US Army Band, The US Marine Band, Northshore Concert Band, and some of America's finest high school, college-university, and community bands.

Mr. Camphouse has served as guest conductor, lecturer, and clinician in 43 states, Canada, Europe, and China. He was elected to membership in the American Bandmasters Association in 1999 and has served as founding coordinator of the National Band Association Young Composer Mentor Project since 2000. He conceived and edited the unique 4-volume book series for GIA Publications, Composers on Composing for Band. His 5th book with GIA Publications (Whatsoever Things ... The Life and Teachings of John P. Paynter) was published in 2014.

The 2016-2017 academic year marks Camphouse's 39th year of full-time teaching in higher education. In 2006, Professor Camphouse joined the faculty of George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia) where he serves as conductor of the wind symphony and teaches courses in composition and conducting. Other principal artistic, teaching, and administrative positions have included serving as Music Director and Conductor of the New Mexico Music Festival at Taos Symphony Orchestra, Associate Director and Music Division Head of the Virginia Governor's School for the Arts, Acting Dean of Music of New World School for the Arts, and Interim Director of the George Mason University School of Music.

Professor Camphouse attained regional finalist status in the prestigious White House Fellowship Competition in 1992. In 2002, he received an Outstanding Faculty Award sponsored by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, the Commonwealth's highest honor for faculty at Virginia's college and universities for demonstrated excellence in teaching, research, and public service. In 2011, Camphouse received the Kappa Kappa Psi Distinguished Service to Music Award in recognition of, and appreciation for valuable contributions to the growth and development of the modern college/university band in the field of composition. Mark Camphouse has been married to Elizabeth Ann Curtis (Director of GMU's Potomac Arts Academy) since 1982. They have twin daughters, Beth and Briton.
Lowell Mason House Project
Lowell Mason Poster
by Thomas E. Reynolds
January 21, 2017

The Lowell Mason House has raised over $330,000.00 now towards the necessary $500,000.00 to complete the restoration of the house, to turn it into a museum and a meeting place. We are grateful to the 15 music educators associations around the United States that have made contributions towards its restoration, including the New England Music Festival Association. The NEMFA Executive Board recently voted to sponsor a window installation at the house, and this donation helped the Lowell Mason House meet a $25,000.00 Challenge Match that a local anonymous resident made, essentially doubling the amount of money that we raised in the last two months.

Construction work continues to progress. The first phase of construction that has been completed included the installation of new steel girder support beams, a new basement floor and windows in it, and a new roof. We are now bringing some utilities into the house including electricity, water, and gas. We hope to have this Phase I construction project completed shortly.  In the next phase of the program, we are replacing the old, worn-out windows and doors with historically accurate  updates, and tearing the old, non-original exterior shingles and replacing them with new cedar clapboards. The exterior of the house will now be much more weather-tight than it is presently when this phase is complete. The building will look considerably nicer from the outside after the new windows, doors, and siding are installed, and it is anticipated that this work will be completed by April 30, 2017.

It became my honor to assume being the President of the Lowell Mason House Executive Board in September, 2016 for the next two years. 
We have also recently entered into a new partnership with the Mason & Hamlin Piano Company. Mason & Hamlin pianos are being built by hand at its factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts. After taking a tour of the factory last week, it is obvious that these pianos are still being built to the highest standards of quality. The Mason & Hamlin pianos that you remember in your early days of teaching are still around and better than ever. For more information about Mason & Hamlin, founded by Lowell Mason's son Henry and Emmons Hamlin, with financial support from Lowell Mason, please contact me directly. For that matter, if you are in need of a new piano, please contact me directly as well and I can get you linked up with Mason & Hamlin. 
The mission of the Lowell Mason House is to preserve, restore, and promote Lowell Mason's birthplace as a significant historical and educational resource.
  • Partnering with local arts organizations by providing office and meeting space to support the arts and the importance of arts education in our schools
  • Building an up-to-date rehearsal and performance space which will include music technology and recording facilities
  • Restoring and preserving the house to include a Lowell Mason museum
All cultivated within the home of the Father of Music Education, and fueled by a living endowment, fulfilling Lowell Mason's dream that "Children must be taught music as they are taught to read."
Thank you so much for your interest and support in this project. As you can see, we are making great progress towards the full restoration of the house. Donations are always welcomed and we can now see the house moving closer to completion. Thank you for considering making a tax-deductible donation today. Please make checks payable to: The Lowell Mason House, P. O. Box 913 Medfield, MA 02052. Your contribution is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution to the extent provided by U.S. tax law. ·
- Thomas E. Reynolds
Please feel free to drop me a line at for any suggestions to improve the Bulletin. Find it also on

Hope that you're having a great school year!


Thomas Reynolds

New England Music Festival Association, Inc.