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 New England Music Festival Association, Inc.        January-February 2020        Volume LXXXIV,  No. 2     

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Is there anyone that you would like to suggest receive this Bulletin as a way to recruit new members from other schools and states? Please feel free to forward the Bulletin to them or send their e-mail to Editor Tom Reynolds at the following address: . 




Hanover High School
41 Lebanon Street
Hanover, NH 03755





Bennington, VT 05201

Lewis S. Mills High School
24 Lyon Road
Burlington, CT 06013

Past President
Somers, CT (H e-Mail)

Executive Secretary-Treasurer
23 West Clinton Avenue
PO Box 755
Oak Bluffs, MA 02557-0755
413.478.7030 (O) (H e-Mail)

Recording Secretary
Gilford High School
88 Alvah Wilson Road
Gilford, NH 03249
603.524.7135 (O e-mail)

Solo & Ensemble Festival Co-Coordinator / Adjudicators
White River Junction, VT
603.398.2091(O) (O e-Mail)

Solo & Ensemble Festival Co-Coordinator / Online Registration, Website Manager
Williston, VT
802.343.6282 (O) (S&E e-Mail)

Burlington, VT
802.734.2871 (H) (H e-Mail)

Band Manager
Hartford High School
White River Junction, VT
802.295.8610, x.2536(O) (O e-Mail)

Chorus Manager
Fair Haven Union High School
33 Mechanic Street
Fair Haven, VT 05743
802.265.4966 (O) (O e-Mail)

Orchestra Manager
Brien McMahon High School
300 Highland Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854
203.852.9488 (O) (O e-Mail)

Membership Services Chair
Cheshire Public Schools
525 South Main Street,
Cheshire, CT 06410
203.250.2534 (O)
203.250.2563 (O Fax) (O e-Mail) (H e-Mail))

Dean of Students
Danielson, CT

Social Media Chair
Valley Regional High School
Deep River, CT

Bulletin Editor, Archivist
PO Box 102,
Templeton, MA 01468
617.529-9402 (H) (H e-Mail)

NEMFA Calendar 2019-2020

January 17, 2020 - Concert Festival Acceptance Deadline 
March 19-21, 2020 - 92nd Concert Festival, Hanover High School, Hanover, NH
June 6, 2020 - Executive Board Meeting, 10:00am, Holiday Inn Express, Brattleboro, VT 
  President's Message -
Marjorie Rooen
                                           January, 2020

Greetings NEMFA members!
I hope you all are preparing for the Concert Festival in Hanover, New Hampshire next month! I am very excited to hear our ensembles perform in Spaulding Auditorium at Dartmouth College Hopkins Center for the Arts. Our hosts, Jennifer Chambers, Hannah Rommer and Ian Gollub are working very hard to make all of this happen. Parking is a big challenge during the school day for our host, so you may want to take the shuttle from the hotel or carpool with a friend. Most everything is within walking distance of Hanover High School.
We are looking for a new Social Media Chairman for NEMFA. If you are interested in this position, please contact me via email or my home phone (on the website) so we can discuss the job details. We are also looking for a host for the 2021 Concert Festival. Please let me know if you are interested in hosting the Concert Festival in March of 2021. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the Concert Festival!

Marjorie Rooen  

New England Music Festival Association President
(802) 442-6024
  Secretary's Report - NEMFA EXECUTIVE BOARD
Lyvie Beyrent
New England Music Festival Association
Executive Board Mtg., Americinn
375 Voluntown Rd, Griswold, CT 06351
Time: 7:30ish December 13, 2019

  1. Call to Order - Marj called the meeting to order at 7:55pm
  2. Roll Call - Marj Rooen, Lyvie Beyrent, Bill Sittard, John Kuhner, Eddie Wilkin, Tom Reynolds, Scott Benson, and Danielle Conerty. Steffen arrived at 8:01pm. Rob Gattie arrived at 8:04pm.
  3. Association Member Comments
  4. Minutes September meeting on Google Docs, sent online
    - Scott makes a motion to approve, Eddie seconds.  All in favor, Lyvie added Hannah's last name.                                                            
  5. Board Member Reports:
    1. Executive Secretary/Treasurer - Bill Sittard - Profit of $9,361.03. $21,785.89 current account.  $68,936.59 as of Wednesday the investment account. Tom makes a motion to accept. Scott seconds.
    2. Past President - Sal Cicciarella (absent will discuss in President's report).
    3. President Elect - John Deeb (absent)
    4. Bulletin - Tom Reynolds - Cut down on the pages in Constant Contact.
    5. Solo & Ensemble Festival - Steffen Parker & Rob Gattie - Good batch of adjudicators, but about half could only do both sites. More performances in the north than the south. Danielle did a great job as host at Hartford.  A few late applications, people not promptly responding to emails, etc. Up about 150 or 10% from last year. Question was raised about playing music from tablets and having a policy about that in the future.
    6. Member Services/Background Checks- John Kuhner - Host had created a Google form and was accidentally collecting SS#.  John will remind host that everyone over the age of 18 needs to have a background check in the house.
    7. Librarian - Frank Whitcomb (absent)
    8. Chorus Manager - Eddie Wilkins - Puts forward three recommendations for future conductors: Mark Conley (URI), Tesfa Wondemagegnehu (St. Olaf College), and Anthony Trecek-King (Boston Children's Choir). Lyvie makes a motion to approve, Tom seconds, all in favor. Recordings for the website are ready to go.
    9. Orchestra Manager - Scott Benson - Emailed conductor to get bowings set.  A few pieces are scanned and uploaded to Google Drive.
    10. Band Manager - Danielle Conerty - Flying into Boston. Percussion parts, accept 7 or 6, discussion. Size of the band for the rehearsal space around 109.
    11. Festival Hosts - Jennifer Chambers, Hannah Rommer & Ian Gollub (absent)
  6. President's Report - Marjorie Rooen
    1. Solo and Ensemble Lists - is there a procedure to add pieces to the now shortened lists? - Can reach out to Steffen, who will send it to committee that looks at the lists every few years. Steffen working on a number list, so that people can put numbers in, instead of titles, so they know it's on the list of repertoire.
    2. Solo Selection procedure to pick solo and ensembles for the Concert Festival - revise/prioritize order possibility to showcase talent? - Discussion about how it's not the top score, but the best overall performance the adjudicator heard that is stage worthy. Steffen makes a motion that if we end up with a tie for the solo and ensemble performance that we have both perform. Bill seconds.  All in favor.
  7. Unfinished Business 
    1. Don Hermance donations - how/where to use it - Discussion on something to remember by at every concert. $3,805 is currently in the fund. Could a festival fee be paid from it to go to students that can't afford to go? Lyvie suggests having students write an essay to talk about how going to the NEMF means to them and insert winner into program. Create a fund and get interest from fund that goes towards host family to insert ad that commemorates Don Hermance and others into program. Steffen makes a motion to use the income from the fund to help the host school purchase an ad in the program to do honor role in program. Rob seconds. Discussion, how far back do we go? Maybe do this for the centennial in several years. Steffen amends his motion to just have an ad for Don in the program for the next three years to remember him. Rob still seconds. All in favor. (Also purchase a gavel for Marj).
    2. New England Website - Issues with old information - One school used an old list, will take down after this week. Clean up a few errors.
    3. Recruitment efforts - Conventions and Festivals, useful/cost limit - Come to Sousa Festival and talk it up then in June. Eddie offers to go through RI and speak with schools in an effort to recruit. Do an All-State session to present in all six states for next year.  It was less than $700 in costs this year. Rob makes a motion to set a $5,000 budget for this. Steffen seconds. Discussion: Should be plenty of money, need to do it several times, would be good to come up with a session to do in all the states. Offer tickets within a radius of the concert festival to show off the festival to potential students/schools. All in favor.
  1. New Business
    1. 2021 Concert Festival Hosts - We have one for 2022 (John Deeb). Suggestions for 2021? Tom will be visiting a few sites.
    2. Social Media person - We need a new person, Kevin is stepping down - Do we need this position?  Kids are paying attention to it, but it doesn't need to be a board position. Could we have student reps do these things? Create an updated job description and see if people at all member meeting would be interested. Lyvie will work on it. Jennifer Chambers is interested.
  2. Future Dates
    1. 2020 Concert Festival - Hanover HS/Spaulding Auditorium Dartmouth College, Hanover NH March 19 - 21 2020.
    2. Executive Board Meeting June 6, 2020 Brattleboro
    3. Executive Board meeting September 12, 2020 place TBA
    4. Future Concert Festival Dates:
2021 Concert Festival; March 11-13 (moved due to ACDA, potentially Gilford).
2022 Concert Festival; March 17-19
2023 Concert Festival; March 16-18
  1.  Any other business that could not be brought to the President before the setting of this agenda?
  2.  NEMFA Executive Board Comments
  3.   Adjournment! - Steffen makes a motion to adjourn at 9:42, Lyvie seconds.  

Information ready for website?
Maps & directions - in process
Map of school w/rehearsal and performance areas in process
Hotel information?
Food Restaurant Information in process
Tickets - on-line
T-shirts on-line
Recordings - order on-line? or table at the concert venue.

                                                                     Respectfully submitted,
                                                                     Lyvie Beyrent

                                                                      Recording Secretary

Future NEMFA Concert Festival Dates
     March 19-21, 2020 - Hanover High School,
                                       Hanover,  NH
     March 11-13, 2021 - Changed because of ACDA
     March 17-19, 2022
     March 16-18, 2023
Be sure to mark these dates into your calendars. We are always in need of host schools for our concert festivals. If you have never hosted a NEMFA Concert Festival at your school, please consider doing so. It is a very rewarding experience for any school to be a host, and most every NEMFA Concert Festival has had a positive effect on the host school's music program for a long time after the festival is over. It is also a great way to raise funds for your local school program. Please contact President Marjorie Rooen if you have any further questions about hosting a NEMFA Concert Festival.   
NEMFA Social Media Chair Needed
 NEMFA President Marjorie Rooen is putting out a call to all NEMFA members that a new Social Media Chairperson is needed, as out colleague Kevin Lam has started a new business venture. NEMFA needs someone who could maintain our Facebook and Instagram presence. If you would be interested in taking this on, please contact Marj Rooen ASAP at or at (802) 442-6024.
2020 NEMFA Concert Festival - March 19-21, 2020
Hanover High School, Hanover, NH
The 2020 NEMFA Concert festival will be held from March 19-21, 2020 at Hanover High School, in Hanover, NH. ALL FESTIVAL REHEARSAL EVENTS ARE AT THE HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL and the CONCERT is being held in the SPAULDING ADITORIUM of DARTMOUTH COLLEGE. It is hosted in 2020 by Jennifer Chambers, Ian Gollub & Hannah Rommer, co-hosts. Band, Chorus and Orchestra concerts are on Saturday, March 21st. This year's Festival Fee is $105 per student. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
2020 NEMFA Concert Festival - Tentative Schedule
This is a tentative schedule, subject to further revisions:

Thursday, March 19th

10:00 AM - Registration Opens - Gymnasium

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM - On-Site Hearings - Practice Rooms

12:30 PM - Choral Remedial Session - Orchestra Room

1:30 PM - General Meeting - Auditorium

2:15 PM - Rehearsals
Band: Room 253 - Chorus: Auditorium - Orchestra: Room 268

2:30 PM - String Reseatings - Practice Rooms

5:00 PM - Band & Orchestra Dinner - Gymnasium

6:00 PM - Chorus Dinner - Gymnasium
 Band & Orchestra Rehearsals Resume - Same locations

7:00 PM - Chorus Rehearsal Resumes- Auditorium

7:30 PM - Director's Forum - Room 255

8:00 PM - Host Family Meeting - Gymnasium

9:00 PM - Students & Hosts Meet - Gymnasium

11:00 PM - Curfew

Friday, March 20th

8:00 AM - Directors' Hospitality - Room 255

8:30 AM - Rehearsals Begin - Same locations as Thursday

8:30 AM - Past Presidents' Meeting - Room 255

10:00 AM - Executive Board Meeting - Room 255

11:30 AM - Band & Orchestra Lunch - Gymnasium

12:30 PM - Chorus Lunch - Gymnasium

12:30 PM - Band & Orchestra Rehearsals - Same locations

1:30 PM - Chorus Rehearsal - Auditorium

1:30 PM - Annual NEMFA Meeting - Library

2:45 PM - Band Loads Buses - Parking Lot

3:15 pm - Band Dress Rehearsal - Spaulding Auditorium

4:45 PM - Band Dress Rehearsal ends - Spaulding Auditorium

4:45 PM - Solo and Ensemble Dress Rehearsal - Spaulding Auditorium. (Pickup will be worked out specifically with the host parents of these students.)

5:00 PM - Hosts Pickup Chorus/Orchestra Students - Gymnasium, HHS
5:00 PM - Hosts Pickup Band Students - Spaulding Auditorium

6:00 PM - Directors' Reception - Jesse's Steakhouse

11:00 PM - Curfew

Saturday, March 21st

8:30 AM - Directors' Hospitality - Room 255

9:00 AM - Luggage Drop-off - Spaulding

9:00 AM - Orchestra Dress Rehearsal - Spaulding Auditorium

9:30 AM - Band Rehearsal, Room 253 - Hanover High School

10:15 AM - Orchestra Dress Rehearsal over. Chorus Risers set-up

10:45 AM - Chorus Dress Rehearsal - Spaulding Auditorium

10:30 AM - Orchestra Bused Back to Hanover High School

11:00 AM - Orchestra Rehearsal Room 268 - Hanover High School

12:15 PM - Chorus Dress Rehearsal over - Spaulding Auditorium

12:15 PM - Chorus Lunch - Hopkins Center Cafeteria

12:30 PM - Band & Orchestra Lunch - Hanover High School

12:30 PM - Band & Orchestra Change - Locker Rooms

12:45 PM - Chorus Change - Spaulding Rooms

1:00 PM - Chorus Warm-Up - Alumni Hall

1:00 PM - Concert Hall Opens

2:00 PM - Band & Orchestra Rehearsal - Hanover High School Locations

2:00 PM - CONCERT - S & E & CHORUS - Spaulding Auditorium

3:30 PM - Band & Orchestra Load Buses - Parking Lot

3:30 PM - Chorus Students Depart - Spaulding Auditorium

4:15 PM - Orchestra Warm-Up - Spaulding Auditorium

4:30 PM - CONCERT - ORCHESTRA & BAND - Spaulding Auditorium

6:00 PM - Festival Concludes
2020 NEMFA Concert Festival - PARKING
Thursday March 19
These are parking options during the day:
There is a shuttle that goes from the headquarter hotel (Courtyard Hanover Lebanon 10 Morgan Drive Lebanon, NH) every 30 minutes from 7am until 10:30pm. THIS IS THE BEST OPTION. Once in town everything is accessible by foot.

There will be limited parking at the high school. People can only park in the non SAU spaces in the front small lot or behind the school. They may not park in permitted spots. Their cars could be ticketed and/or towed. Thompson is NOT available for parking during the day. We may access Thompson after school hours (after 5pm). Because the arrival for most people will be mid day there is not likely to be any parking left at the school.

 There is also parking at meters and in the parking garage but people will need to pay for that.
Host families should park in the Thompson lot when they come Thursday evening to collect their students.
Friday March 20
These are parking options during the day:
There is a shuttle that goes from the headquarter hotel (Courtyard Hanover Lebanon 10 Morgan Drive Lebanon, NH) every 30 minutes from 7am until 10:30pm. THIS IS THE BEST OPTION. Once in town everything is accessible by foot.

There is also parking at meters and in the parking garage but people will need to pay for that.

Limited parking will be available at the High School. Parking behind the school and in non SAU spots are the only options. Do not park in the Hovey Lane Permit Spots.

 Saturday March 21
There is a shuttle that goes from the headquarter hotel (Courtyard Hanover Lebanon10 Morgan Drive Lebanon, NH) every 30 minutes from 7am until 10:30pm. THIS IS THE BEST OPTION. Once in town everything is accessible by foot.

Parking at the school should be fairly easy. There will also be a shuttle service from the Dewey Parking lot should you choose to park there.
2020 NEMFA Concert Festival - Headquarters Hotel

Amenities include:         
  • Air conditioning
  • Alarm clock
  • All public areas non-smoking
  • Barber
  • Beauty shop
  • Coffee maker/tea service
  • Coffee/tea in-room
  • Crib/Play Yard
  • Foreign exchange, nearby
  • Housekeeping service daily
  • Individual climate control
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Laundry on-site
  • Laundry on-site, coin operated
  • Local restaurant dinner delivery
  • Mini fridge
  • Mobility accessible rooms
  • Newspaper in lobby
  • Phone calls: toll-free
  • Pillows: down/feather
  • Pillows: foam
  • Pull-out sofa bed
  • Rollaway bed
  • Safe deposit boxes, front desk
  • Valet dry-cleaning
  • Vending machines
  • High-Speed Internet Access
  • Complimentary High Speed: Check email + browse the Web
2020 NEMFA Concert Festival-Recommended Hotels
Recommended Hotels

Welcome to the Upper Valley!  There are many excellent hotels and inns in our area.  Lodging in Hanover and Norwich will be most convenient, but there are also good options in Lebanon NH, White River Junction VT and surrounding towns.  You will also find many smaller, quintessential New England inns and B&Bs if you'd like something off the beaten path!  

Walking distance from concert venue

Hanover Inn -Hanover, NH 4-star historic hotel with upscale restaurant 
Note: Shares a building with concert venue
Six South Street Hotel- Hanover, NH 3-star hotel with bistro, downtown Hanover

5-10 minute drive

Courtyard by Marriott Lebanon, NH 3-star hotel (NEMFA Headquarters)
Residence Inn by Marriott -Lebanon, NH 3-star hotel
Norwich Inn -Norwich, VT 3-star historic inn with tavern 
Element Hanover-Lebanon- Lebanon, NH 3-star hotel

10-15 minute drive

Hotel Coolidge -White River Jct, VT 3-star historic hotel
White River Inn & Suites - White River Jct, VT 3-star hotel
Holiday Inn Express -White River Jct, VT 2-star hotel

Bed & Breakfasts (listed by distance from venue)

The Partridge House - Norwich, VT (5 min) B&B, Norwich village
Trumbull House - Etna, NH (5 min) B&B, just outside Hanover
Dowd's Country Inn - Lyme, NH (20 min) B&B with tavern
The Lyme Inn - Lyme, NH (20 min) Historic inn with restaurant
Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm - Quechee, VT (20 min) Historic inn with restaurant
Parker House - Quechee, VT (20 min) Historic inn with restaurant
2020 NEMFA Concert Festival -
Recommended Restaurants
Recommended Restaurants

Hanover NH, Walking distance 
Listed in order of distance from high school, closest first

Jewel of India - $ Indian, steps away from the high school
Ramunto's Pizza - $ Brick-fired pizza
Salt Hill Pub - $$ Pub fare, great appetizers and burgers
Skinny Pancake - $$ Sweet and savory crepes and sandwiches
Base Camp Cafe - $$-$$$ Nepalese curries and dumplings
Candela's Tapas - $$$ Spanish small plates
Boloco - $ Counter-service burritos
Molly's Restaurant - $$ Creative tavern/pub fare, music dept favorite!
Umpleby's - $-$$ Coffee, sandwiches, soups, pastries
Lou's Restaurant - $$ Classic diner/cafe.  Breakfast and lunch only.
Sushi-Ya - $-$$ Sushi, Japanese
Dirt Cowboy - $-$$ Coffee, pastries, etc
Tuk Tuk Thai - $-$$ Thai curries, noodle dishes, soups
Pine - $$$$ Upscale American cuisine

Norwich VT, 5-10 min drive

The Norwich Inn - $$ Historic restaurant and tavern
Carpenter and Main - $$$ Tapas and New American

Lebanon NH, 10 min drive

Jesse's Steakhouse - $$$ Steaks, sandwiches
Three Tomatoes Trattoria - $$ Rustic italian, pizza
4 Aces Diner - $ Rail-car diner, breakfast and lunch only

White River Junction, VT, 15 min drive

Tuckerbox - $$ Turkish meats, curries, casseroles
Piecemeal Pies - $$ Savory pies, breakfast and lunch.  Dinner on Fri only.
Big Fatty's BBQ - $ Burgers, brisket, pulled pork
2020 NEMFA Concert Festival - TICKETS
* Online
 and mail orders for tickets will be available.
* Tickets will be available at the door.
* Participants will be able to purchase tickets at the festival on Thursday & Friday.
* Tickets purchased by students at the festival will be held at the door under the name given. Pick-up will be prior to each performance.
* Ticket sales and Held Ticket pick-up will open one hour prior to each performance.
* Tickets are $10 for either the Chorus Concert or the Band & Orchestra Concert or $15 for both.  
  • People should arrive at the concert hall one hour early to pick up their ticket(s) at the will call of the Box Office at the Hopkins Center, Spaulding Auditorium.
2020 NEMFA Concert Festival - T-SHIRTS
Custom Ink will have NEMFA 2020 T-Shirts for sale. Proce is in the $10.00 - $20.00 range. They may be purchaseed at the festival or ordered online at the following address:
2020 NEMFA Concert Festival - RECORDINGS
Recordings of the Concerts, including mp.3 and mp.4 files, will be available from the following:

Concert Recording Company

55 Eaton Avenue, Meredith, NH 03253

Audio CDs will be available at $30.00 each
Video DVDs will be available at $35

Website link:

2020 NEMFA Concert Festival - Directions to
Hanover High School
Driving Directions

From the Boston area (about 2.5 hours)
Take I-93 north to I-89 north at Concord, N.H.
Get off I-89 at Exit 18 in Lebanon, NH onto Route 120.
Bear right off the exit, heading north on Rt.120 into Hanover.
4.1 miles from the exit, Rt. 120 forks at a traffic light.
Bear left at the fork onto Lebanon Street, the entrance to Hanover High School will be immediately on your left.

From Burlington, Vt. (about 1.5 hours)
Take I-89 south to I-91 north in White River Junction, Vt. Follow I-91 N to exit 13, Norwich, Vt.  
Bear right off the exit, across the Ledyard Bridge spanning the Connecticut River.
Continue up the hill (West Wheelock Street) to the top of the hill and to the traffic light in the center of town, nine-tenths of a mile from the interstate exit.
Make a right onto Main Street and then a left at the next light. Hanover High School is 41 Lebanon Street. Make a right after you pass the school for the drop off and parking in the rear.
From New York (about 5 hours), southern New England and points south
Take I-91 north to exit 13 at Norwich, Vt.
Bear right off the exit, across the Ledyard Bridge spanning the Connecticut River.
Make a right onto Main Street and then a left at the next light. Hanover High School is 41 Lebanon Street. Make a right after you pass the school for the drop off and parking in the rear.
  2020 NEMFA Chorus Manager
Eddie Wilkin
   Chorus Program  
   for Concert Festival 2020
   Alleluia - Jake Narverud
   Awake the Trumpets Lofty Sound -  
   G F Handel
   Wandrers Nachlied - Blake Wilson  
   Rise Up (Women) - Jake Runnestad
   Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel (Men) -  
   Ryan Main
   O, What a Beautiful City - Shawn Kirchner
Dear Colleagues and Friends!
I hope this new letter finds each and everyone one of you well! As we say goodbye to the new month of a new decade, we are reminded of the good that is all around; sometimes, we just need to look a little deeper for it and look with forward eyes!
Each passing moment puts us closer and closer to the start of the NEMFA 2020 Concert Festival. Many of you have worked extremely hard and diligently to be prepared for this incredible opportunity for our students. I know our guest conductor and I are looking forward to it. The awesomeness that is poured out from our students to the hearts of the audience is truly a gift and joy to watch. This year we will welcome Dr. Cory Ganschow to our organization as the 2020 NEMFA Chorus Conductor. Also, we welcome Dr. Liang-Fang Chang to the piano as our 2020 NEMFA Choral Accompanist.
I am always looking for extra help for the choral world of things during the festival, and I would greatly appreciate any time you may be able to give!
I hope all is well, and I look forward to seeing you all soon!   
Keep Smiling,
Eddie Wilkin   
2020 NEMFA Choral Manager  
  2020 NEMFA Chorus Conductor
Dr. Cory Ganschow

Dr. Cory Ganschow is currently Director of Choral Activities at Bradley University. She is extremely active as an adjudicator and clinician for honor choirs across the country including All-State, All-Region, and All-District Choirs. Prior to teaching at Bradley, Ganschow was Coordinator of Music Education and Associate Director of Choral Activities at Western Connecticut State University. She has taught choir in the Texas and Illinois public schools, continues to sing professionally, and is a published researcher and presenter in the areas of choral sound, rehearsal approaches, and engagement.
Her life's work emerged from experiencing a moment of sound so profound that her core-beliefs about choral singing were transformed. That transformation lead to her infinite search for how to not only re-create that sound for her students to experience, but how to teach others to re-create that sound and experience for their students: a search that lead to the discovery that choral sound is more than a combination of perfected musical, acoustical, and technical elements. The greatest contribution to a choir's sound is its unified intention to create a moment that will change the human spirit. And so, Ganschow's mission continues as she works to define the exact phenomena that craft those moments, because, in the end, that change in the human spirit is the legacy left behind.
She holds a  Ph.D. in Choral Music Education from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance, a  MME  from Illinois State University and a  BME  from Millikin University where she studied conducting with Dr. Brad Holmes.
  2020 NEMFA Orchestra Manager -
Scott Benson
Dear Colleagues,
I hope everybody is well, and that winter concerts and midterms have come and gone successfully. Hard to believe that we're midway through the school year already, and we are only a few weeks away from the 2020 Concert Festival. Final preparations are underway, and I am eager to greet the students and sponsors of the 2020 Festival Orchestra when we all meet at Hanover High School!
The upcoming 2020 festival will be under the baton of Mr. Allen Tinkham, whose biography is below. As the director of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra and Chicago Composers Orchestra, he is a champion of new music. He has won the ASCAP National Award for Adventurous Programming of Contemporary Music nine times, and leads Chicago's only professional orchestra performing exclusively the works of living composers. Chicago area music critics have recognized him not only as an outstanding conductor, but also as an excellent educator; he brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the NEMFA stage, and I eagerly anticipate the work he does with our students.
Mr. Tinkham's program for the orchestra is an exciting one, including the sort of contemporary repertoire rarely performed by orchestras, an overlooked masterpiece of the 20th Century, and an old favorite as a closer. The concert opens with "The Machine Awakes," an electro-acoustic composition written by Steven Bryant in 2013. Working with electronics is a new technique for the NEMFA orchestra, and fits with the conductor's reputation for "Adventurous Programming of Contemporary Music." The largest work on the program is the first movement of the "Symphony No. 1 in E Minor" by Florence Price. Price is a composer who is likely to be unfamiliar to many students and directors; according to Tinkham, she is noted as the first African-American woman to be recognized as a symphonic composer and the first to have a composition played by a major orchestra. The symphony we will perform comes from 1932; while it definitely contains echoes of Dvorak's "New World Symphony," it is in no way derivative, creating a sonic world uniquely its own. The closing piece on the program is Franz von Suppé's "Light Cavalry Overture." Although the operetta for which it was written is rarely performed, this 1866 overture contains many familiar melodies and may be Suppé's best-known work. If you have a student who will be part of the orchestra, I hope you will guide them in exploring recordings and scores of these works to excite them and help better prepare their parts.
Finally, I'd like to ask anyone who might be willing to run a sectional with some of the orchestra students to please email me and let me know which groups you'd be comfortable with...whether it's "just the flutes," "the entire brass section," or something in between, any offer is greatly appreciated. I'm not certain yet if these sectionals will prove necessary, but I'd like to try to prepare for them ahead of time. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Best wishes to all, and if you have any comments, questions, complaints, or suggestions regarding the NEMFA orchestra, please do not hesitate to be in touch. I look forward to seeing everybody in March!


Scott Benson

NEMFA Orchestra Manager
Director of Orchestras, Brien McMahon High School
Norwalk, CT
  2020 NEMFA Orchestra Conductor -
Allen Tinkham
Allen Tinkham is increasingly recognized as one of the most inspiring and exciting conductors and teachers of his generation. He is hailed by the Chicago Tribune as both a conductor and teacher, described as working "wonders" conducting with "uncanny control" and as one of Chicago's most important "educators, mentors and inspirational guides in the training of tomorrow's orchestral professionals."

As the Music Director of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras (CYSO), Tinkham oversees artistic programming and faculty and leads the Symphony Orchestra each season including appearances at Orchestra Hall in Symphony Center and Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park. Tinkham led the orchestra in its Carnegie Hall debut, first live broadcast, first recording release, and six international tours on four continents.
Since Tinkham joined CYSO, programs have tripled and the budget has doubled. CYSO's Symphony Orchestra is regularly broadcast by WFMT and has received numerous Illinois Council of Orchestras Youth Orchestra of the Year and Programming of the Year awards. The orchestra is internationally acclaimed as "one of the country's most famous youth outfits." (Muso Magazine) John von Rhein of the Chicago Tribune said of their recent performance of Varèse's Amériques, the first ever by an American youth orchestra, "The performance would have done credit to an adult professional orchestra."
As an advocate and champion of contemporary music, Tinkham has won nine American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers National Awards for Adventurous Programming of Contemporary Music (ASCAP). Tinkham is also the Music Director of the Chicago Composers Orchestra, Chicago's only professional orchestra performing exclusively the works of living composers.
In high demand as a guest conductor and educator, Tinkham has conducted summer festivals and NAfME All-State Orchestras throughout the U.S. including the All-Eastern and All-Northwest Orchestras. He was the Assistant Conductor for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's holiday concerts for six seasons, and he has guest conducted the Colorado Symphony, Kansas City Symphony, and the Members of Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Tinkham attended the Eastman School of Music, University of Michigan School of Music, and American Academy of Conducting of the Aspen Music Festival. He was invited to the 14th International Nicolai Malko Competition and the 4th International Conductors Competition Sir Georg Solti and is a laureate of the League of American Orchestras Bruno Walter Conductor Preview.
Tinkham began his career as Apprentice Conductor at the Oregon Symphony and before the end of his apprenticeship was appointed Music Director of CYSO-the youngest to win the post in its history.
  2020 NEMFA Band Manager
Danielle Conerty
Dear Colleagues,

Here is my report for the January 2020 NEMFA Bulletin:

Hello and Happy New Year! The New England Music Festival Association 2020 Concert Festival is almost upon us. There is so much practice, preparation, organization, and more that goes on behind the scenes leading up to the Concert Festival from all participations: students, hosts and host families, managers, festival directors,  teachers, and more. It is always so wonderful when we can all finally come together for the music-making experience, culminating in a performance at the beautiful Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth College. Thank you to Hanover High School for hosting this year's festival! 

The NEMFA band will be conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Peterson, Associate Director of Bands and Clinical Professor of Music at the University of Illinois. Prior to Illinois, Dr. Peterson was a tenured professor of music education at the Ithaca College School of Music. She spent 17 years at Ithaca College directing numerous ensembles and teaching a variety of music education courses. Her current research focus is the experience of first-year music teachers.

The band will be playing the following pieces at this year's concert festival: His Honor March by Henry Fillmore, Dum Spiro Spero by Chris Pilsner, Symphony of Fables, Movements 1 and 3 by Julie Giroux, and Dance of the Jesters by Peter Tchaikovsky/arranged by Ray Cramer. 

Congratulations to all of the students who have been accepted into the 2020 NEMFA Concert Festival. See you all very soon, and in the meantime... happy practicing!


Danielle Conerty 
NEMFA Band Manager
Band Director, Hartford High School  
White River Jct., Vermont. 
  2020 NEMFA Band Conductor
Dr. Elizabeth Peterson
Dr. Elizabeth Peterson, clinical professor of music, and associate director of bands, joined the Illinois faculty in the fall of 2015. She conducts the Illinois Wind Orchestra, serves as the placement coordinator for student teachers, and teaches courses in instrumental conducting. Prior to her appointment at the University of Illinois, Dr. Peterson was a tenured professor of music education at the Ithaca College School of Music. During the seventeen years she spent at Ithaca College, she conducted numerous ensembles including the Symphonic Band, Brass Choir and All-Campus Band. She taught courses in conducting, undergraduate and graduate courses in music education, and supervised student teachers. Dr. Peterson was the co-conductor of the Ithaca Concert Band (community band) for fifteen years. Her current research focuses on the experiences of first-year teachers.

Dr. Peterson is active as a guest conductor, adjudicator, and school music consultant in the United States and Canada. She presents clinics at the local, state and national levels in the field of music education. Dr. Peterson's two books,  The  Music Teachers First Year: Tales of Challenge Joy and Triumph,  and  The Music Teacher's Later Years: Reflection with Wisdom  are both published by Meredith Music.

Dr. Peterson received a Bachelor of Music Education and Bachelor of Literature, Science and Arts degree from the University of Michigan where she studied trumpet with Armando Ghitalla. She received a Master of Music in Music Education and Trumpet Performance from Northwestern University, where she studied trumpet with Vincent Cichowicz, and performed in the North Shore Community Band under the direction of John P. Paynter. She earned a Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education from Shenandoah Conservatory.

Prior to her appointment at Ithaca College, Dr. Peterson was an arts administrator and director of bands in the public schools of Ohio and Illinois. She holds a number of professional memberships including the College Band Directors National Association, National Association for Music Education, National Band Association, Mu Phi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, and Pi Kappa Lambda. Dr. Peterson is a member of the American Bandmasters Association and the Midwest Clinic Board of Directors.

  2020 Sousa National High School Honor Band
June 24-27, 2020
Audition music for the 2020 John Philip Sousa National High School High School Honor Band is now posted on our website, found at   !! Please have your students check it out and get ready to submit auditions. We are still filling in instruments, so please contact Tom Reynolds ASAP if you have a student interested in participating !!!!
The Sousa Foundation is proud to present the 14th biannual edition of the John Philip Sousa National High School Honor Band from June 24-27, 2020, showcasing high achieving musicians from across the US. We are very pleased to announce that Michael J. Colburn former conductor of the "President's Own" United States Marine Band and former New England Music Festival Association Guest Conductor and Student member from Vermont will lead the 2020 John Philip Sousa National High School Honor Band Festival. It will take place at The Bromfield School in Harvard, MA. The performance will be the last day at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA.  We are hoping to get as many auditions as possible this year! Our goal is to represent all 50 states!

Lowell Mason House Project
by Thomas E. Reynolds
January, 2020
In September, 2019, the Lowell Mason House has just unveiled a fresh, new website designed by Ms. Meghan Ferris from Norwood, MA who is a Music Education major at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Please check it out at   
The Lowell Mason House is pleased to announce our first Music Education Advocacy Competition. During the autumn of 2019, participants were asked to submit a video, song, presentation or paper that expresses their ideas on an important issue - the future of Music Education Advocacy in the 21st century. Awards were presented on January 8, 2020, on Lowell Mason's 232nd birthday! Grand prize went to Winston Schneider, a middle school student from Omaha, NE, Runner Up went to high school student Jacob Evarts of Locust Grove, GA; Honorable Mentions went to Jennifer Armstrong of East Greenwich, Rhode Island and Hanna Bratton of Marion, MA & Germany.
For details, please go to the Lowell Mason House website at  
We are at the point of bringing utilities into the house now including electricity, water, gas, and HVAC. We are working with a consultant from Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts to help us with plans for floors, ceilings, plaster work, trim, and interior fixtures.  
All cultivated within the home of the Father of Music Education, and fueled by a living endowment, fulfilling Lowell Mason's dream that "Children must be taught music as they are taught to read."
Donations are always welcomed and we can now see the house moving closer to completion. Thank you for considering making a tax-deductible donation today. Please make checks payable to: The Lowell Mason House, P. O. Box 913 Medfield, MA 02052. Your contribution is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution to the extent provided by U.S. tax law. ·
Thomas E. Reynolds
Please feel free to drop a line to or for suggestions to improve the Bulletin. Find it also on