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October 1, 2020
Volume 33 - Issue 5
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Dec 1, 2020
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Nov 23, 2020
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  • Essential individual appointments may still be held at the participant's discretion, but ALL group meetings will be held electronically.
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  • All pastoral staff visits to congregations are cancelled until further notice.
  • The pastoral team continues to record weekly sermons for your use during this time. They are available on the Northeastern Ohio Synod YouTube channel, NEOSynod.
Please refer to our COVID-19: Updates & Resources for Congregations page on the website for helpful information. We will continue to update our website and social media sites as new information becomes available.

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2020 Assembly Update. The Northeastern Ohio Synod's first "remote" assembly took place September 11-12. Rev. Dr. Laura Barbins was elected bishop on the fifth ballot. Our thanks to all of the candidates who stood for election to the office of the bishop: Rev. Lisa Arledge, Rev. Dr. Laura Barbins, Rev. Karl Biermann, Rev. Sherman Bishop, Rev. Robert Cheyney, Rev. Angela Freeman-Riley, Rev. Jeff Goggins, Rev. Kristina Heise, Rev. Kevin Maxey, Rev. Dr. Bruce Roth, and Rev. Diana Thompson.  
The following individuals were elected to Synod Council by acclamation (unopposed): Rev. Steven Bond - Cleveland East; Susan Frantz - Cleveland West; Rev. Chelsea Spencer - Eastern; Richard Brenneman - Richland-Ashland; Kevin Kampfer - Southern; Sarah Roth - At-Large Youth.  
Elected to Synod Council by majority vote: Rev. Kristina Heise - Akron-Wooster; Susan Moseley - Canton-Massillon; Paul Gochnour - Cleveland East; Chelsea Veigel - At Large-Young Adult. Elected Secretary of the Northeastern Ohio Synod by majority vote: Matthew Beery. Elected to the synod Discipline Committee by acclamation: Rev. Jon Paulus, Rev. Randy O'Donnell, and Edward Burns. Elected to the synod Discipline Committee by majority vote: Sandra Humphrey. The following individuals were elected to the synod Consultation Committee by acclamation: Rev. Chuck Knerem and Chuck Mosberger.     
We are especially grateful to the team of volunteers who made the Assembly possible:

Assembly Planning Committee: Jane Koch (chair), Tim Barrage, Larry Fenton, Rev. Jimmy Madsen, John Sleasman

Assembly Help Desk: Stephanie Woods, Rachel Nunez, Lesli Eisenhart, Rev. William Weidenbach, Rev. Jim Steingass

Audio-Visual at Assembly: Tim Barrage, Mason Shamp
Bishop Election Committee: Rev. David Anderson (chair),  Deacon Ruth Anderson, Katy Gill, Rev. Leonard Killings, Rev. Katie Jacob, Jasmine Steighner, Jonathan Stufft

Credentialing Committee: Erin O'Neill, Dr. Lito Belardo, Gayle Adamek

Nominating Committee: Rev. Seth Bridger, Scott Daniels, Sheila Kidd, Tim Kruger, Rev. Karen Liddy, Rev. Lucas McSurley, and Krista Smith

Officers: David Lenz (Secretary), Bryan Penvose (Vice President), John Sleasman (Treasurer)

Reference and Counsel Committee: Rev. Shelley Nelson-Bridger and Gail Goldsworth

Worship Committee: Ruth Anderson, Donna Fagerhaug, Pastor Matthew Groenke, Pastor Brad Ross, Pastor Angela Storer, Pastor Jimmy Madsen

Zoom Floor Recognition: Roger Long, Rev. Julianne Smith, Stu Smith, Kevin Kampfer 
+ + +
You can find updated synod events on the website calendar page, along with more details about the events below (where appropriate):  
3          Ordination, Katheryn Kollar, 10:30 AM, Brookside Park, Ashland
7          Bishop's Clergy Meeting, 10:00 AM, via Zoom  
(contact for link)
12        Discipling and Evangelizing Team, 1:30 PM, via Zoom
13        Conference Deans Meeting, 1:00 PM, via Zoom
17        Synod Council Meeting, details to be sent to Synod Council members
28        Congregational Resource Team, 12:00 PM, via Zoom
31        Ordination: Deborah Pinnegar, 10:30 AM,  
at Lutheran Memorial Camp, Marengo, Ohio
4          Bishop's Clergy Meeting, 10:00 AM, via Zoom  
(contact for link)
10        Conference Deans Meeting, 1:00 PM, via Zoom
18        Congregational Resource Team, 12:00 PM, via Zoom
26-27   Thanksgiving Holiday - Lutheran Center and Resource Center closed
13        Installation of Rev. Dr. Laura Barbins as Bishop of the NE Ohio Synod*
24-31   Lutheran Center and Resource Center Closed for Christmas  
and New Year's Holidays
1-3       Lutheran Center and Resource Center Closed for Christmas and  
New Year's Holidays
*Additional information about the time of the service, and livestream access, will be forthcoming.