August 2018
From Memorial Day to Labor Day, NEPPA will follow summer hours:
Mon. - Thurs. (7:30 am - 3:30 pm)  |  Fridays (7:30 am - 2:00 pm)

Looking to the Future
by Bonnie Biocchi, Executive Director
It has been an exciting first few weeks as I take on the role of your new Executive Director. It is clear to me that NEPPA is a solid and respected organization and that our members value the training and services that we provide. I would personally like to thank the Executive Committee for their guidance and my colleagues for their patience as I get up to speed! And a special thanks to Elizabeth Dailey for stepping in as Acting Director during the search process.

Over the course of the next few months, I hope to visit each of you to learn about the issues you are facing and to gather your thoughts regarding how NEPPA can better serve you. I hope I will meet many of you at our Annual Conference in Falmouth Aug 19th-22nd which is shaping up to be a stellar event! If you have not yet registered, please do so now so you won't miss out on all the great information, networking and fun we have planned for you.

What do I see in NEPPA's future? Using the Strategic Plan as our guide, we will focus our work on four key areas:
  • Building internal and external resiliency
  • Providing the power of connection
  • Developing our talent pipeline
  • Creating a marketing and advocacy "power surge."
As training is a core competency for NEPPA, we will be investing in new training modules and technology upgrades to better equip you for the future. To complement our highly regarded safety and lineman training, courses we are considering include Risk Management, Cyber Security, Energy Storage and we will be revitalizing the PUMP program. Your input will be invaluable as we shape these new offerings.

We also believe in the power of connection. Providing more opportunities to network and learn from each other will be paramount to our success going forward. We will be offering semi-annual GM Roundtables to discuss the important trends and best practices current in the industry and we will provide more opportunities for you to interact with your peers throughout the region.

We know that in order for you to continue to provide excellent service in your communities, you need an appropriately trained and well-prepared workforce. With disruptive technologies erupting everywhere, we know it will take a new approach to attract and retain the workforce of the future. We will be unveiling some innovative programming to address the need to develop the talent pipeline.

And, finally, we will be "amping up" our marketing efforts. We hope you will join us as we better inform the public and our elected officials of the great work you are doing to "keep the lights on" in the most cost-effective way possible. We feel it is important to remind people of the value of public power. By telling our story, our way, we will highlight the unique relationship of trust that exists between all of you who serve and the public that you serve. To support this initiative, we will begin to rebrand NEPPA which will include upgrading our marketing and our website, creating a more interactive database and showcasing public power through video.

I look forward to working with all of you over the coming months as we strive to make NEPPA the premier public power training and member service organization in the Northeast.

 Upcoming Training & Events

Metering II Program, Aug. 13 & 27; Sept. 10 & 24; Oct. 15; Nov. 5 & 26; Dec. 10
(Littleton, MA)

Annual Conference, August 19 - 22 (N. Falmouth, MA)
Registration still open!  We hope to see you there!

Year I: Aug. 28 - 31; Oct. 23 - 26

Crew LeadershipSeptember 5 - 6 (Littleton, MA)

2A-2C Hoisting Class,   September 5 (Littleton, MA)

1B-1C Hoisting ClassSeptember 6 (Littleton, MA)

Apprentice Lineworker Program  (Littleton, MA)
Year II: Sept. 11 - 14; Oct. 30 - Nov. 2
Year III: Sept. 25 - 28; Nov. 6 - 9

Lineworkers Rodeo , September 20 - 21 (Littleton, MA) 
Team and Sponsor Registration now open!

Substation II Program, Sept. 25 - 28; Oct. 16 - 19; Nov. 27 - 30; Dec. 11 - 14 
(Littleton, MA)

Apprentice Lineworker Program (Littleton, MA)
Year IV: Oct. 2 - 5; Dec. 4 - 7 (Graduation on Dec. 7th)

Engineering Roundtable, October 2 (Milford, NH)

Public Utility Accounting , October 22 - 23 (Littleton, MA) 
Registration Now Open!

Credit & Collections Roundtable, October 24 (Littleton, MA)

General Foremen's Roundtable , October 29 (Littleton, MA)

NEPPA Vistage Inside Group, November 1 (Littleton, MA)
* Still accepting applications.  Registration fees are prorated.  Contact NEPPA for more information.

Annual Membership Meeting, November 30 (Nashua, NH) *

* Registration Not Yet Open.

If you're interested in attending any of the above events, please  email Sarah Klingler at to be notified as soon as registration becomes available.

Keep your eyes out for the 2019 Training Catalog and Calendar!  Email to be notified as soon as the catalog and calendar are published.

 Training & Events Highlight
NEPPA's Annual Conference is 
Only 2 Weeks Away!

Register ASAP for NEPPA's Annual Conference being held August 19 - 22, 2018 at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel (N. Falmouth, MA).

Friendly Competition & Camaraderie 
at NEPPA's Lineworkers Rodeo
Strengthen relationships established during the 2017 Hurricane and Mutual Aid Season.  

Join us for a friendly competition at the 11th Annual Lineworkers Rodeo being held September 20 - 21, 2018 at NEPPA.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available!

In order to produce event materials, sponsorship registrations are due by Friday, August 24th.

Thanks to everyone who supports the Benevolent Fund!

What is the Benevolent Fund?
As a family, public power systems in New England have always rallied to provide support when tragedy strikes, donating time, skills and financial resources to assist during a period of need.
NEPPA's Benevolent Fund was established to continue this tradition.  All funds raised and received are designated to be disbursed to public power employees, or their families, undergoing financial difficulties due to personal injury, illness or death. 
All public power employees in New England are eligible to receive assistance from the Fund.  Disbursements are approved by NEPPA's Executive Committee.
Do you know of someone in need of assistance?  Please contact NEPPA's Executive Director by calling the office at (978) 540-2200.  Formal requests should be submitted in writing from a utility general manager or board.

  Committee Meeting Calendar


Executive Committee , August 10

Advocacy & Reporting Committee, August 19 (N. Falmouth, MA)

Member Value Committee, August 19 (N. Falmouth, MA)

Board of Directors, August 22 (N. Falmouth, MA)

Finance Committee, August 22 (N. Falmouth, MA)

Conference Oversight & Planning Committee, September 11 (Littleton, MA)

Education Development Committee, September 17 (Littleton, MA)

Member Value Committee, October 3 (Littleton, MA)

Finance Committee, October 17

Executive Committee, November 2

Advocacy & Reporting Committee, November 15

Board of Directors, November 16 (Littleton, MA)

Conference Oversight & Planning Committee, December 4 (Littleton, MA)

Education Development Committee, December 17 (Littleton, MA)

 In the News
BED Named a Finalist for the 2018 World's Best Energy Brands 

July 18, 2018  (Reykjavik, Iceland) - Finalists have been announced for the 2018 World's Best Energy Brands from an initial global shortlist of around 80 brands, and one of those brands is Burlington Electric.

CHARGE Energy Branding has announced the finalists for this year's CHARGE Awards. The winners in each category will take away the title of World Best Energy Brand in their respected categories. The initial shortlist was created by a global panel of experts that work in or around the energy space as well as professionals in branding and advertising and from academia. The finalists in the three retail categories (Established, Challenger and Green) are evaluated both by customer research as well as how the panel scores their case study submissions. The categories of Product & Innovation and Transmission are evaluated by their submissions to the panel. 

Belmont Drives Electric (BDE) at
Belmont Farmer's Market

July 18, 2018 (Belmont, MA)   -  Lila Chunnha, front, expresses her delight for the hard hat she received at the Belmont Light table during a recent Farmers' Market. Belmont Light Executive Assistant and Communications Coordinator Aiden Leary and Records Management Specialist Teodolinda DaRosa were at the Farmers' Market to meet local residents and to answer questions about the utility and Belmont Drives Electric.

Berkshire Wind Cooperative Announces New 
Wind Project on Brodie Mountain

July 12, 2018 (Boston, MA) -  The Berkshire Wind Power Cooperative Corporation (BWPCC), owner of the 10-turbine, 15-megawatt Berkshire Wind Power Project in Hancock, Massachusetts, is announcing "Phase Two" of the wind farm atop Brodie Mountain.

Phase Two will include construction of two new wind turbines, bringing the site's generating capacity to 19.6 megawatts.

Improvements in blade technology will allow the new turbines to begin operating and generating power at lower wind speeds, further increasing potential output for the wind farm. The turbine blades will utilize a feathered blade trailing edge, reminiscent of a bird's wing, to minimize blade wake and sound levels. The additional turbines will be erected on land already cleared for the original turbines, minimizing environmental impact to the Brodie Mountain ridgeline.

Join NEPPA's Engineering Roundtable on October 2nd to learn more about APPA's eReliability Tracker System from Mike Hyland

Braintree Electric Light Department Honored with APPA's
Energy Innovator Award (EIA)

July 13, 2018 (New Orleans, LA) -  Braintree Electric Light Department  was recognized for one of public power's first electric vehicle marketing programs. This program leverages social media marketing and grassroots tactics to encourage use of electric veh icles, and has increased community users from 10 to 55.
Legislative Update
Energy Policy: FERC finalizes order on reporting cyber intrusions ...

AppropriationsInterior-Environment bill clears both chambers...

Cyber: Senators Cantwell and Graham urge cyber analysis...

Environmental PolicyHouse weighs in on carbon tax...

Personnel: Powelson, Pruitt resign; Kavanaugh named to court...