March 2018
Moving NEPPA Forward  
by Dave White, Executive Director
At the end of our recent strategic planning process we announced a new vision for NEPPA - to be the best and most advanced utility resource and training organization in the Northeast. Together we have embraced this concept and worked diligently to advance our goals to develop and acquire top-tier training content and establish expertise, to design effective learning environments and adopt advanced delivery systems, and to grow and strengthen NEPPA's leadership, capacity, and capability. Many of you have contributed to these efforts, either by volunteering on one of our newly formed committees, by participating in our membership surveys, or by donating invaluable resources to our programs. I am incredibly grateful to each one of you who has lent your energy and insight to moving NEPPA forward.
There is still so much to be done. We received many generous donations to continue to build our mock distribution system here in Littleton and hope to begin construction on additional elements this spring. NEPPA will soon bring a new set of tech solutions online, increasing the efficiency of the staff and offering you new ways to interact with us and your peers. We also will continue to build partnerships like those with Workplace Safety Solutions, Northwest Lineman College, and Vistage to provide you with more and better services. While none of our goals can be achieved overnight, with your continued support, NEPPA will move forward.
It has truly been an honor to have been a part of this organization. Public power in the Northeast is a vibrant community full of dedicated professionals and exceptional individuals. As someone who grew up knowing terms like "trouble call," it has been amazing to learn even more about an industry that I have always admired and respected. I appreciate that so many of you have been so welcoming and supportive throughout my time here at NEPPA. While I am sad to be moving on later this month, please know that I will always be a friend of this great organization.
Thank you.

 Upcoming Training & Events

Metering I Program, March 12; April 9; May 14 (Littleton, MA)

Substation I Program, April 10 - 13; May 15 - 18; June 12 - 15 (Littleton, MA)
* To be rescheduled due to weather

Year I: Feb. 13 - 16; March 20 - 23; Aug. 28 - 31; Oct. 23 - 26
Year II: Jan. 30 - Feb. 2; March 27 - 30; Sept. 11 - 14; Oct. 30 - Nov. 2
Year III: Feb. 27 - March 2; April 24 - 27; Sept. 25 - 28; Nov. 6 - 9
Year IV: April 17 - 20; May 22 - 25; Oct. 2 - 5; Dec. 4 - 7
Apprentice Lineworkers Rodeo: June 6 - 7

NEPPA Vistage Inside Group , March 15 (Manchester Village, VT)

NEPPA Board of Directors Meeting, March 15 - 16 (Manchester Village, VT)

Advanced Lineworker April 10 - 13; May 15 - 18; Sept. 18 - 21; Oct. 16 - 19 
(Littleton, MA)

Engineering & Operations Conference and Expo, May 2 - 3 (Worcester, MA) 
Registration Now Open!  Click here for more information.

Customer Service Conference, June 13 (Location TBD) *

Metering II Program, Aug. 13 & 27; Sept. 10 & 24; Oct. 15; Nov. 5 & 26; Dec. 10
(Littleton, MA)

Annual Conference, August 19 - 22 (Falmouth, MA) *

2A-2C Hoisting Class,   September 5 (Littleton, MA)

1B-1C Hoisting Class September 6 (Littleton, MA)

Crew Leadership , September 5 - 6 (Littleton, MA)

Substation II Program, Sept. 25 - 28; Oct. 16 - 19; Nov. 27 - 30; Dec. 11 - 14 
(Littleton, MA)

* Registration Not Yet Open.
If you're interested in attending any of the above events, please
email Jackie Campbell at to be notified as soon as registration becomes available.

 Training & Events Highlight
Reduce accidents through safety awareness.  
Schedule a Workplace Safety Solutions, Inc. Audit Today.
Special pricing available for NEPPA Members.

Interested? Contact Colleen Del Signore at or call us at (978) 540-2200.

NEPPA Outage Management & Emergency Communications Roundtable
April 4, 2018
NEPPA Training Center (Littleton, MA)

Members: $50   |   Non-Members: $75

What is your outage communication plan?
Join your professional colleagues to discuss lessons learned, successes and best practices.

Join us for 1.5 days of educational sessions, demonstrations, discussion and exhibits at the E&O Conference May 2 - 3, 2018 at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA.

  Committee Meeting Calendar


Board of Directors , March 15 - 16 (Manchester Village, VT)

Education Development Committee, March 19 (Littleton, MA)

Advocacy & Reporting Committee, April 5 (Teleconference)

Member Value Committee, April 6 (Littleton, MA)

Finance Committee, April 18 

Executive Committee, April 27

Conference Oversight & Planning Committee, June 5 (Littleton, MA)

Education Development Committee, June 25 (Littleton, MA)

 In the News
Governor Charlie Baker (MA) Signs Bill Extending OSHA Safety Standards to Municipals

March 10, 2018  Gov. Charlie Baker on Friday night signed a bill that will apply federal workplace safety standards to municipal workers.

"Worker safety needs to be a top priority in the Commonwealth, and this legislation helps secure equal protection for all workers in our state," said Sen. Marc Pacheco, D-Taunton, a sponsor of the bill, in a statement after the bill passed the Legislature. "Providing public employees with the same safety standards experienced by those in the private sector is long overdue."

Signed into law on March 1, 2018, Bill  H.3952 applies OSHA standards to all public employees, including municipal workers and quasi-public agency workers. It will create a new OSHA advisory board to evaluate injury and illness data, recommend training, monitor the effectiveness of safety standards and determine if any other other resources are needed.

The law goes into effect September 1, 2018.

Increased 2018 Incentives Help Washington Electric Co-op Members Improve Energy Efficiency, Lower Fossil Fuel Use

East Montpelier, VT : Washington Electric Co-op (WEC)'s Button Up program is increasing cash incentives for WEC members investing in energy-efficient weatherization, heating and transportation purchases. In 2018, WEC is expanding its program to offer incentives for all-electric and hybrid electric vehicles to moderate- and low-income members.
The Button Up program grew out of Vermont's Renewable Energy Standard, which requires electric utilities to support customers in moving off of fossil fuels to reach the state's goal of using 90% renewable energy in all areas by 2050. "Since WEC's power portfolio is already 100% renewable, we are eager to do what we can to help our members move away from fossil fuel use in heating and transportation," said WEC General Manager Patty Richards.
2018 marks the first year WEC has offered Button Up incentives for all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The electric vehicle (EV) cash incentives come from remaining funds from a grant from the Vermont Low-Income Trust for Energy (VLITE). VLITE's grant helped WEC install five Level II EV charging stations at strategic locations in its service territory. With leftover grant monies, the Co-op can support more rural Vermonters interested in transitioning to an EV from a conventional gas-powered car.
Moderate- and low-income WEC members may receive $1,900 for purchasing an EV. Richards said that since EV technology has improved so rapidly, and since WEC's new charging stations create an infrastructure that makes EV use more practical, many members have expressed interest in these cars.
Other Button Up incentives for weatherization and energy-efficient heating jump in 2018. Members may claim $2,000 toward home weatherization, up to $1,000 toward cold climate heat pumps, $850 for heat pump water heaters, $1,450 for solar hot water heaters, and $3,000 for pellet boilers.
"While a pellet boiler or a heat pump is no small investment, WEC's Button Up incentives, in addition to those from Efficiency Vermont, can take a big bite out of the initial cost," Richards pointed out. "All the systems we endorse are energy efficient. We want to keep our members' costs as low as possible up front and later on their bills. Plus, members can see a gas or oil bill disappear completely."
WEC offers incentives on a first-come, first-served basis until its budget has been reached. Members are encouraged to call WEC for a free evaluation to determine the technologies that will serve them best. "One thing WEC will always do is assess our members' needs responsibly. For example, we do not recommend a new heat pump if the house is not weatherized to retain that heat. We look out for every one of our members in that way," said Richards.
NEPPA Members Meet in Washington D.C. 
During 2018 APPA Legislative Rally
NEPPA representatives meet with Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) in the Capitol Building.
Vermont Electric Cooperative Announces the Resignation of CEO Christine Hallquist

February 20, 2018, Johnson, VT - The Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) Board of Directors announced today the resignation of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Christine Hallquist and the appointment of VEC General Counsel Vickie Brown as interim CEO. The change is effective March 2, 2018.

"It is with a mixture of sadness and gratitude that we accept Christine's resignation," said Dan Carswell, chair of the VEC board. "Christine has done a tremendous job leading the organization through complex times in the electric utility industry and is leaving the Co-op on firm footing. We wish her the very best in her next endeavor and appreciate her 18 years of dedicated service."

"I am terribly sad to separate from the Co-op," Hallquist said, "but I am stepping down because it is in VEC's best interest as I pursue a run for political office.  The past 18 years have been some of the best years of my life personally and professionally. VEC members, staff, and Board are some of the best and brightest. The Cooperative business principles will continue to guide me in the years ahead."

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Legislative Update

Energy Policy:  FERC approves CASPR proposal, RTOs submit filings on resilience, FERC clears the way for storage in RTO markets...

Budget and Finance:  Trump Administration releases FY19 budget, infrastructure plan, President Trump imposes tariffs on steel and aluminum imports...

Environmental Policy:  EPA holds listening session on Clean Power Plan...