March 2019
Rallying for the Cause
by Bonnie Biocchi, Executive Director

Many years ago, as a freshman at American University, I had the distinct pleasure of learning that Washington, DC was a pretty exciting place to be. With lots of interesting activities to engage in, plenty of museums to explore and the seat of power at my fingertips, I fell in love with the nation’s capital.   Fast forward to last week’s APPA Legislative Rally and I have to say, Washington is still an exciting place to be and I still love DC.

One of the many benefits of being a NEPPA member is the advocacy we engage in. Although we monitor and respond to many different issues throughout the course of the year, the Legislative Rally gives us an opportunity to meet directly with members of the New England delegation and focus on the specific issues that matter most to us.

This year, we were fortunate to have thirty individuals involved in this effort. We started the week with Markets 101: A Capacity Markets Briefing to help Congressional staffers gain a better understanding of the structural challenges of the Market. Our extremely knowledgeable panelists included Brian Forshaw of Energy Market Advisors LLC, Ken Nolan of Vermont Public Power Supply Authority, John Tzimorangas of Energy New England, and Paul Heanue of Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant.

Over the course of three days, we met with twenty-one elected officials (or their staff) from throughout our region. We discussed the importance of restoring authority to public utilities over pole top attachments and promoted the need to reinstate advanced refunding for municipal bonds to support infrastructure investment. We also advocated for streamlining the permitting/relicensing process for hydropower projects to further support our industry’s efforts to adopt greener sources of power. 

We had many conversations about how our industry is working hard to address climate change by instituting new clean, green and emissions free technologies to help meet the standards set by our individual states and stressed the importance of continued investment in battery storage development and access to incentives for greater implementation. 

One of the key accomplishments of the trip was to garner support for the creation of a “Blue Ribbon Commission” to tackle the thorny problem of the capacity market. We believe that by convening a panel of experts from public and private power providers, generators, academia, government and environmental groups, we can take a fresh look at the way our region addresses future demands for electric power. We were encouraged by these conversations and will be following up over the coming weeks to help bring this idea to fruition.

Throughout the summer months, we will be visiting our delegation at their district offices and will journey back to Washington during Public Power week to continue to advocate for your needs. Although many things have changed in Washington since my freshman year, what remains unchanged is that DC is still the seat of power and staying engaged is the only way to ensure our voice is heard.

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Mutual Aid
It’s never over, stay prepared!

By Scott Edwards, Mutual Aid Director

When it comes to storms, outages, and mutual aid it never stops for us in New England. As spring rolls around, we all tend to let our guards down when it comes to big storms and outages. Nothing like a late spring snowstorm or 60+ winds after a three-day rain to remind us that outage management and preparedness is a year-round responsibility.

Rest assured that the NEPPA Mutual Aid Program, which is operated by the Mutual Aid Committee Members and Regional Coordinators, is ready to provide assistance when you may need it. It has been a fairly quiet winter with only a few requests for assistance, but that can change in a heartbeat!

Please prepare for the worst and hope for the best. To help you prepare for emergencies, APPA has an excellent publication- the All-Hazards Guidebook - which is worth a read.

And when you do need mutual aid from a fellow NEPPA member, please know who to contact and how the program works. Your Regional Coordinator contact information can be found on the NEPPA website under the mutual aid tab. To refresh your memory regarding how the program works and your utility’s responsibilities, you can refer to the mutual aid agreement, found under the mutual aid tab and through this link.  

Fingers crossed for a quiet spring, but be ready just in case!
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Green Initiatives
Massachusetts house speaker introduces plan to allocate $1B for green infrastructure
February 25, 2019, (Boston, MA) - Massachusetts State House Speaker Robert DeLeo, D, announced on Friday a plan to spend $1 billion over the next decade to build up infrastructure around new cities and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Member Spotlight
Washington Electric Coop CEO Patty Richards on Innovation & Evolving Grid
February 12, 2019 (East Montpelier, VT) – Microgrids. Distributed energy resources. Smart meters and two-way flow of power and data. What does all of this mean for how we consume electricity, and how will it continue to change in the future?

In the News
Energy assistance information available from Belmont Light
February 18, 2019, (Belmont, MA) – Belmont Light customers who may need help paying their home heating and energy bills this winter are encouraged to contact or visit the Belmont Light office to obtain information about energy assistance programs and services.  

New Hampshire grid mod proposal recommends 'tempered' approach to AMI
February 14, 2019 , (New Hampshire) - Staff of the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission want utilities to take a cautious approach to installing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), and are recommending an opt-in approach and the use of technologies that can provide less granular data at a lower cost.

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