May 2018
Thank You

Thanks to all the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees who joined us at the E&O Conference and Expo held last week! 

Congratulations to the Door Prize Raffle Winners, and a special thanks to everyone who helped support the Benevolent Fund through the lottery board raffle or purchasing the Patriotic Lineman Hats.

Didn't get your hat at the E&O Conference?  Hats will continue to be sold for $20 each.  Contact NEPPA at (978) 540-2200 for more information or to order yours today.

 Upcoming Training & Events

- In chronological order -

 NEPPA Vistage Inside Group , May 9 (Littleton, MA)
* Still accepting applications.  Registration fees are prorated.  Contact NEPPA for more information.

Metering I Program May 14 (Littleton, MA)

  Advanced LineworkerMay 15 - 18; Sept. 18 - 21; Oct. 16 - 19 
(Littleton, MA)

Substation I Program , May 15 - 18; June 12 - 15 (Littleton, MA)

Year IV:  May 22 - 25; Oct. 2 - 5; Dec. 4 - 7

Apprentice Lineworker Program  (Littleton, MA)
Apprentice Lineworker Rodeo, June 6 - 7 

Customer Service Conference, June 13 (S. Portland, ME)
Registration now open! Sponsorship Opportunities Available

NEPPA Vistage Inside Group , July 18 (Babson Park, MA)
* Still accepting applications.  Registration fees are prorated.  Contact NEPPA for more information.

Metering II Program, Aug. 13 & 27; Sept. 10 & 24; Oct. 15; Nov. 5 & 26; Dec. 10
(Littleton, MA)

Annual Conference, August 19 - 22 (Falmouth, MA) *
Agenda posted at  Registration will open soon!

Year I: Aug. 28 - 31; Oct. 23 - 26
Year II: Sept. 11 - 14; Oct. 30 - Nov. 2

Crew LeadershipSeptember 5 - 6 (Littleton, MA)

1B-1C Hoisting Class September 6 (Littleton, MA)

Apprentice Lineworker Program  (Littleton, MA)
Year II: Sept. 11 - 14; Oct. 30 - Nov. 2
Year III: Sept. 25 - 28; Nov. 6 - 9

Lineworkers Rodeo , September 20 - 21 (Littleton, MA) *
Details will be posted soon!

Substation II Program, Sept. 25 - 28; Oct. 16 - 19; Nov. 27 - 30; Dec. 11 - 14 
(Littleton, MA)

2A-2C Hoisting Class,   October 2 (Littleton, MA)

General Foremen's Roundtable, October 10 (Littleton, MA) *

Annual Membership Meeting, November 30 (Nashua, NH) *

* Registration Not Yet Open.
If you're interested in attending any of the above events, please
email Sarah Klingler at to be notified as soon as registration becomes available.

 Training & Events Highlight
Registration Now Open!

Customer Service Conference
Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks (S. Portland, ME)
June 13, 2018

Visit for more information or to register.

NEPPA Members: $185
Non-Members: $295

Sponsorship Opportunities Available. 

Questions? Contact Sarah Klingler at

  Committee Meeting Calendar


Member Value Committee , May 17 (Teleconference)

Education Development Committee, May 22 (Littleton, MA)

Conference Oversight & Planning Committee, June 5 (Littleton, MA)

Education Development Committee, June 25 (Littleton, MA)

Executive Committee, August 10

Member Value Committee, August 19 (N. Falmouth, MA)

Board of Directors, August 22 (N. Falmouth, MA)

Finance Committee, August 22 (N. Falmouth, MA)

Conference Oversight & Planning Committee, September 11 (Littleton, MA)

Education Development Committee, September 17 (Littleton, MA)

Member Value Committee, October 3 (Littleton, MA)

Finance Committee, October 17

Executive Committee, November 2

Board of Directors, November 16 

Conference Oversight & Planning Committee, December 4 (Littleton, MA)

Education Development Committee, December 17 (Littleton, MA)

In the News
James L. Collins
Former General Manager
Middleborough Gas & Electric Department

Beloved friend and former General manager of Middleborough Gas & Electric Department, Jim Collins passed away peacefully at his home in Sarasota, Florida on Friday, April 20, 2018.  He was 77 years old.

Jim grew up in Somerville, MA, attended Bentley College, earning a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and a Master's in Finance.  His career flourished in the natural gas industry where he became the Vice President of Rates for Algonquin Gas Transmission until an early retirement.  He joined MGED in 1988 to serve as our Rates Analyst and eventually General Manager.  Though he often joked about being "Supreme Commander", he was regarded as a very compassionate, fair man who worked with every department employee as a colleague, guiding them with intelligence and humor.  He served the utility through many productive years, creating practices that provide excellent service and affordable rates for all MGED customers today. 

Jim is survived by his wife of 51 years, his "lovely Mary"; his son Sean and his wife Christine; his son David and his wife Sarah; 11 grandchildren, and his brother Richard Collins and his wife Donna.

Jim, beloved friend, master at golf, and Supreme Commander, will be sadly missed.
Washington Electric Co-op Community Fund Gave $38,465 in Grants
to 74 Local Causes in 2017

East Montpelier, VT: Washington Electric Co-op (WEC) is happy to announce a record year in 2017 for charitable giving. WEC's Community Fund exceeded its 2016 donations by more than $10,000. The member-owned utility's charitable giving fund contributed $38,465 to 74 local and worthy causes in Central Vermont.

Dollars come from WEC members' voluntary contributions and all the money is donated to small organizations serving people that live and work in Central Vermont. In years the not-for-profit cooperative utility takes in excess revenues, those revenues are given back to WEC members in the form of capital credits. Members have the option to redirect their credits to the WEC Community Fund. WEC sends out every dollar it collects to help support local and small service based organizations. Currently, 14% of WEC's membership donates their capital credits.
"Our membership is committed to supporting organizations that strengthen our Central Vermont communities and the spirit of giving is alive and well at WEC," said General Manager Patty Richards. "WEC's Community Fund continues to grow thanks to our members who see donating their capital credits as a simple and effective way to help their neighbors. Every year, I'm increasingly proud of this program and extremely grateful to those whose generosity funds it."

WEC receives requests from small, local nonprofits throughout the year. Led by a board and staff committee, the Community Fund responds with donations on a monthly basis. In 2017, 101 requests were received and 74 were funded. Funding amounts range from $100 to $1,500. All organizations that receive funding share services that support members in and around the 41 towns WEC serves in Central Vermont. These nonprofits address a range of causes: hunger, health, education, mental health, arts, youth and senior programs, natural resources and many others.
Richards noted the uptick in member participation means that WEC will likely be able to contribute even more from the Community Fund in 2018. 

Madison Electric Works Ranked #1 by the Smart Electric Power Alliance

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) 2018 Annual Utility Market Survey covers solar and energy storage and ranks utilities for adding the most megawatts or watts per customer in 2017. 

Public power was well represented and Madison Electric Works (ME) was ranked #1 in Utility Solar Annual Watts-Per-Customer.


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Legislative Update

Energy Policy:  Energy and Commerce Panel Hears from FERC Commissioners in Broad Hearing...

Appropriations: Perry Testifies on FY19 Budget for Department of Energy (DOE), Embattled EPA Administrator Testifies Before Two House Subcommittees...

Cyber SecurityEnergy Subcommittee Marks Up Four Cyber Bills...

Environmental Policy :   Agencies Sign Agreement to Streamline Environmental Reviews...