Fall 2020 NEPSAC Championship Events

Dear NEPSAC Athletic Directors,

I am writing today to update you on recent work by the NEPSAC Executive Board related to the ongoing pandemic. In the past few weeks, the Board has heard from a majority of NEPSAC leagues that have made determinations that they will be canceling or significantly altering their interscholastic competition schedules for the upcoming fall season. As a result of this, and constraints related to the ongoing pandemic, and the desire to maximize flexibility for member schools, the Board has determined that it would be prudent at this time to cancel all NEPSAC Championship events for the fall of 2020. 

With the majority of NEPSAC leagues not being able to play traditional fall schedules, the Board felt that any NEPSAC Championship events held would not have enough membership participation to merit holding the events. Such events are also untenable as NEPSAC membership spans seven states, each of which has different pandemic regulations governing participation in athletics, travel, and gathering in large groups. Further, as NEPSAC Championship events are typically hosted by member schools, the Board felt it was important to recognize that member schools may not be able to host events under current circumstances. Finally, the Board wanted to create maximum flexibility for schools for the fall with respect to any scheduling they may undertake. By canceling our championships at this time, schools are now free to schedule any fall contests as they see fit, rather than worrying about whether their schedule will allow them to qualify for post-season play. Further, schools can now also use the normal NEPSAC post-season week (11/16 to 11/22) in order to schedule additional fall play if they so desire.

In closing, the Executive Board’s decision to cancel all Fall 2020 NEPSAC Championships was made after careful deliberation. It is a result of information received from member schools as they continue to respond to the continuing pandemic in the context of their interscholastic athletic programs. It was also made based on the complexity and constraints involved in holding such events during the current pandemic. Finally, the decision was also made to provide flexibility to member schools, which has been a recurring theme the Board has tried to honor during these extremely challenging times. As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I wish you all good luck as you prepare for the upcoming school year.

George Tahan
NEPSAC President

10 Technology Drive
Suite 40, #147
Hudson, MA 01749