May 2016
In This Issue
Tribute to Peg Bachelder
Membership Dues
NEPTA's New Leaders
Thank You Volunteers!
Recital and Competition Winners
Monday, May 23
Annual Meeting, Awards Recital & Luncheon  
The First Parish
of Watertown

No Music Sale 

Luncheon Location
Talk Restaurant
116 Main Street
(within walking distance of the meeting)



It is strongly hoped
that all NEPTA members
will renew their dues before the May 31st deadline -or at least those of you who are 
Clever, Conscientious 
Dedicated & Determined
Thank You!

* * *


Wanda Paik 
Friday, May 27

Bemis Hall
15 Bedford Road 
Lincoln MA 
Free admission 
Refreshments served

* * * 


Helping Our Students Learn To Improvise:  
even if you have never improvised yourself, this is the class for you.

June 20, 22, and 24 
1-Day Option Available 
Due to the high level of interest, 2nd workshop may be added. TBA

For more information contact Nina Grimaldi 

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Four Free Classes
Small Groups
(3-4 people)

Extra Sessions Available  
June and July

For more information 

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Please submit member news for inclusion in the next newsletter by August 31 to NEPTA president Donna Gross Javel at 
Please Renew Your Dues Before The May 31st Deadline!


Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Thank you all for a wonderful year.  With this beautiful change to the warm weather, I find myself anticipating the summer months.  For me, summer is a time for reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation... however, I can't help but notice that the letter 'R' also stands for 'Reminder' and 'Renew'.  Perhaps this would be the Right time to Remind you all to Renew your dues before the May 31st deadline! 
When I accepted this position as President, I had many reservations.  Where would I find the time? How would I manage? Who could I turn to for help? I have had a wonderful first year and I have all of you to thank for that.  Your emails, phone calls and positive words of encouragement have been a huge source of motivation for me. So many of you have stepped forward to help and guide me that I really can't thank you enough.  I am thrilled that so many of our dedicated volunteers have decided to continue to serve this wonderful organization. There are also many newer members who have offered their services and I look forward to working with you and getting to know you as well.

I am very pleased to announce that we have hired an administrative assistant to prepare the Program Booklet and Membership Directory this year (and hopefully for many more years to come).  We will be mailing them out in July so check your mail. There have been some changes made to the requirements for the Junior recitals and the competitions so please read the program booklet carefully when you receive it.  If you want to have your name included in the Membership Directory, please renew your dues by May 31st. Members who renew their dues after the May 31st deadline will have to wait until September to receive their Program Booklet and Membership Directory so renew now while it's on your mind!                 
The Annual Meeting and Awards Recital is scheduled for this Monday, May 23rd.  We will have the opportunity to hear some very talented and committed students in the awards recital.  In the past, I have always found this last meeting of the season to be particularly inspiring -and quite humbling.  I look forward to seeing many of you there and at the luncheon.

with warmth and gratitude,
Donna Gross Javel 
NEPTA President

The following was submitted by Bachelder Award Committee members Cindy Null and Colleen Campbell:

NEPTA will hold a short Tribute to Peg Bachelder, a NEPTA past president who died in 2012, as part of the Awards meeting on Monday, May 23. 

The Tribute is in lieu of a Bachelder Award presentation. Unfortunately,  there will be no Bachelder Award given this year (which is awarded for the best performance of a Romantic piece at the Alice Hamlet competition). Due in part to the extremely small field of entrants, the judges of the competition declined to name a recipient of the Bachelder Award.

Peg was always a champion of the Romantic literature played to its highest levels. Ultimately, we respect the judges' decision not to give the Award. Although  this is not a situation any of us wanted to see, we look forward to honoring Peg's memory though this Tribute.

Martin Allen, Peg's husband, will be in attendance. We are extremely grateful to Martin, his family, and many others, who have so generously given funds for the Award endowment (now well over $10,000), and specifically have donated money so that the annual Award amount is a generous $500. We encourage donations in Peg's memory both now and during your end-of-year giving. (A note that any donations received after May 31 will be listed in the 2017-2018 program booklet.)

We look forward to the return of the Bachelder Award next year, and for each year thereafter. It is not too early to think about preparing your students for the 2017 competitions, with the Bachelder Award in mind.

Please take a moment at our meeting's intermission tomorrow to say Hello to Martin and remember Peg to him. We look forward to reconnecting with him. The Tribute is an important moment for NEPTA, and for the dozens of friends and family who so dearly loved Peg.

The deadline to renew your dues is May 31.   
Advantages to Renewing Your Dues Before the May 31st Deadline
  • You will be listed in the 2016-2017 Membership Directory.
  • You will receive the Program Booklet and Membership Directory in July.* 
  • You will be within the deadline for enrolling students in recitals and competitions. 
  • You will make the jobs of our volunteers much easier.
*There have been some changes made to the Junior recitals and the competitions so please read the Program Booklet carefully when you receive it.  Members who renew their dues after the May 31st deadline will have to wait until September to receive their Program Booklet and Membership Directory so renew now while it's on your mind!      
To pay your dues, please go to the NEPTA website,, and sign in with your username and password (for many of you, your username is the prefix of your email address -everything before the '@ ' sign). Once you have logged in, select 'Pay Your Member Dues' from the dropdown list. If you need assistance, contact our Help Desk Representative, Diana Tetzlaff, at 617-816-1777 and she will guide you through the process.  If you need help with your password, contact Sue Demb, our Tech Guru, at 617-484-3049.

You can also pay by snail mail.  To do so, you will need to:
  • Download the dues renewal form from the NEPTA website
    (Click on Members and then at the bottom of that list you will see 'Print Our A Dues Form').
  • Send the completed form and your check to our Treasurer, Jan Spillane. Please note that the check should be written out to NEPTA.
    • Jan Spillane
    • 25 Riverside Drive
    • Reading, MA 01867  
If you have any other questions or concerns pertaining to membership, please feel free to email our Chair of Membership, Janna Bruene.  You may also call her at 617-983-1421.

NEPTA's nominating committee, headed by Lydia Reed-Guertin, presents the following slate of NEPTA officers. Officers will be voted on at NEPTA's Annual Meeting on Monday, May 23.

Executive Secretary: Caroline Ly Germeys of Watertown
Treasurer: Jan Spillane of Reading

Board Members to serve 2016-2019
Irina Baghdasaryan of Belmont
Tong Liu of Watertown
Eleanor Perrone of Watertown

Board Member to serve 2016-2018
Marianne Jensen of  Cambridge
Barbara Lieurance of Arlington
We greatly appreciate that these new NEPTA officers are willing to contribute their time and expertise to NEPTA. Please join us in congratulating them on their new roles and thanking them for their commitment.

"The purpose of NEPTA is to inspire its members to ever higher standards of teaching... Fundamentally, NEPTA exists to cultivate a spirit of understanding, cooperation, and fellowship among its members."  -excerpt from NEPTA Statement of Purpose

Many, many heartfelt thanks to these extraordinary volunteers who have donated their time and expertise so that NEPTA can continue to be the extraordinary organization that it is. It was a wonderful year. Thank you all!!!

Special thanks to M. Steinert & Sons for having generously provided NEPTA with the use of their beautiful new space in the Natick store to host the competitions and the ensemble recitals. Thank you Paul and Jerome Murphey, Steve Hauk, Vivian Bolgar Handis, Elizabeth Wallace, Ted Hu and Liz Diamond. 

Board of Directors
Donna Gross Javel: President
Ranko Konishi-Houston: Vice President 
Cindy Null: Executive Secretary
Janice Spillane: Interim Treasurer
Natasha Rist: Recording Secretary
Board members 
Tina Liu  
Marguerite Samoorian
David Tobin  
Catherine Costello Hirata  
Victoria Suchodolski  
Shann Wood
Barbara Engel
Caroline Ly  
Jan Spillane   
Catherine Costello Hirata 

Kathryn Rosenbach: Alice Proctor, Louise Hodder Olsen 
Cindy Null: Margaret Bachelder 
Diana Tetzlaff: Nancy Oliva 
Janice P. Zaganjori: Wanda Paik 

Victoria Suchodolski: Mildred Freiberg
Ranko Konishi-Houston: Hamlet/ Davidson
Joan Collins:  Advisory
Diana Tetzlaff: Advisory
Jia Shi: Assistant

After 1950
Deborah Yardley Beers, Chair
Donna Gross Javel
Shann Wood
Sivan Etedgee
Sandra Rosenblum, Chair
Sivan Etegee
Deborah Yardley Beers

Facebook Coordinator
Donna Gross Javel
Sivan Etedgee 

Email Communications
Ellie Perrone 

Robert Finley, Joseph Beaudoin
Carol Chaffee, Scholarship/Grants-In-Aid
Lydia Reed, Susan B. Demb Enrichment

I nvestment Committee 
Catherine Hirata
Janice Spillane
Cindy Null
David Tobin

Nina Grimaldi

Master classes
Robert Finley: Teachers
Janet Ainsworth: Students

Janna Bruene

Elizabeth Reed

Music Librarian and Donations
Ruth Ross

Donna Gross Javel
Cindy Null
Ellie Perrone 

Nominating Committee
Lydia Reed, Chair
Shann Wood
Sivan Etegee
Colleen Campbell

Program Booklet and Membership Directory
Jan Spillane 

Jan Spillane 

Program Committee
Colleen Campbell, Chair
Janna Bruene 
Miriam Gargarian
Irina Gelman
Donna Gross Javel
Barbara Jones 
Lydia Reed-Guertin
Shann Wood 
Junior Recitals
Marianne Jensen, Chair of Junior l 
Alia Mavroforos 
Diane Anderson, Chair of Junior ll 

Intermediate I Recitals
Karin Kydland, Chair and committee 

Intermediate II Recitals
Lyubov Shlain, Chair 
Selma Ramic
Natalia Harlap, 

Senior Recitals
Niva Fried, Chair
Eleanor McLaughlin, Co-Chair 
Janet Ainsworth, Co-Chair   

20/21st Century, Pop and Composition Recitals
Heather Riley, Chair of 20th/21st Century Recital
Kathryn Rosenbach, Chair of Pop and Composition Recitals

Ensemble Recitals
Nina Grimaldi, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Landman, Co-Chair
Tong Liu
Jan Spillane: programs

Adult Recital
Janice Zaganjori, Chair
Dianne Impallaria

Teachers Exchange
Dianne Impallaria

Website Coordinator
Caroline Ly

Tech Guru
Sue Demb

Snail Mail Newsletters
Tanya Schwartman

Help Desk
Tina Liu
Diana Tetzlaff
Check the September newsletter for the complete roster of volunteers for 2016-2017.

Dues Renewal Deadline is May 31st!

If you are interested in getting more involved in this wonderful organization please contact Donna Gross Javel either by phone,
781-354-0170, or by email,  

Special thanks to M. Steinert & Sons for generously granting NEPTA the use of their beautiful new space in Natick to hold these competitions. Additional thanks to representatives from the Natick store, Steve Hauk, Vivian Bolger Handis and Elizabeth Wallace, for their help.

Congratulations to the students and their teachers!
Mildred Freiberg Middle School Competition Winners
First Prize: Gaeun Lee, student of Veda Kogan
Second Prize: Michael Karshis, student of Tanya Schwartzman
Third Prize: Justin Gu, Student of Niva Fried
Honorable Mention: James Hu, student of Marilyn Roth

Alexandra Antonacos
Wayman Chin
Jon Sakata

Ruth Davidson Competition

First Prize:  Avik Sarkar, student of Niva Fried
Second Prize:  Sophie Chen, student of Faina Kofman 
Third Prize:   Helen Huang, student of Niva Fried 
Honorable Mention:  Ashley Chen, student of Helena Vesterman

Bruce Brubaker 
Judith Gordon 
Alexander  Poliykov 

Alice Hamlet Senior Scholarship Competition

First Prize: Michelle Chen, student of Dr. Nilly Epstein Shilo

Bruce Brubaker 
Judith Gordon 
Alexander  Poliykov

Ramon Rivera Contemporary Music Awards 

Ruth Davidson Competition: Avik Sarkar, student of Niva Fried
Alice Hamlet Scholarship Competition: No Recipient 

Margaret C. Bachelder Romantic Music Award
No Recipient 

For NEPTA members who use the Watertown parking meters for our meetings at The First Parish:
Natacha Rist has discovered that some red parking meters, located farther away from The First Parish, accept quarters for eight and not just two hours. Check the individual meters. Thank you Natacha for saving us a trip to the parking lot to feed the meters!
The Watertown Savings Bank has strongly requested that NEPTA members do not park in the bank parking lot for NEPTA events. Please be respectful of this neighboring business and leave the free parking for its clients. 

Please be aware that Watertown has restricted parking on the side streets immediately surrounding the First Parish and thus eliminating any "free parking." 

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Remember that you can post your own up-to-the-minute concert listings and other items of interest for the Boston piano community on NEPTA's Facebook page. YouTube videos of your concert performances are especially welcome.