Dec. 2019
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Monday, Feb. 24
9:30 a.m.

"The Secret Ingredient for Piano Teaching Success:  The Powerful Role of Parents " and "Motivation, Mindset and Grit:  Fostering a Culture of Excellence"


Monday, March 23
9:30 a.m.

President of New England Conservatory of Music
"Creative Confidence and the Culture of Practice"


Dear NEPTA Colleagues and Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and these waning moments of 2019. During this time of year, I remember to give thanks for the many blessings that life has to offer.  Music is one of those incredible blessings, enriching our lives, and we have had many wonderful musical moments in NEPTA this past year.

In October, Elisabeth Eschwé, from Vienna, Austria, gave a presentation celebrating Clara Schumann's Bicentennial.  We were led on an intimate journey back in time through stories, music, and letters that Clara both received and wrote throughout her life.  Ms. Eschwé graciously provided us with copies of the letters that she read written by Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and Brahms, along with the selections of music she performed.  If you would like a copy of these incredible letters and notes please click here.  Many thanks to Eric Bouwman-Wozencraft, NEPTA Recording Secretary, for providing a recap of the presentation and many thanks to Elisabeth Eschwé for allowing us to publish her compilation of letters and corresponding musical selections.
In November, we gathered for our Fall Teachers' Exchange at the Wellesley library to explore two topics:  The "National Guild of Piano Teachers' student auditions" and "Helping Today's Piano Students Balance Busy and Stressful lives." Thank you Fan Li and Eric Bouwman-Wozencraft for inspiring us to encourage our students to participate in the Guild Auditions.  Special thanks also to the panel of presenters on the second topic, whose notes can be found under each of their names here:  Leeann Bailey, Donna Gross Javel, and Dr. Lisa Wong.  This topic had such a positive response that we will continue its discussion at our Spring Exchange on April 13th.  I would like to thank Eric Bouwman-Wozencraft for not only giving a fabulous presentation, but for also providing the delicious coffee and refreshments! Thank you to Vivian Handis, Board Member, for arranging guest speakers Dr. Lisa Wong and Leeann Bailey.

In December, we experienced a dynamic master class artist, Ian Hobson, at the Teachers' Master Class. Beethoven, Liszt and Rachmaninoff's music swirled in our heads while effortless demonstrations and ideas flowed from Mr. Hobson. Congratulations to Robert Finley, Sa Nguyen, and Wanda Paik for their wonderful performances. 

I am fortunate to work with an amazing group of NEPTA volunteers - each of you making a positive difference in the lives of students, parents, and families this past year.  Please consider a year-end donation to NEPTA in any amount to keep music thriving in our communities.  I am grateful for every gift that is given, in any amount.  You can donate online by clicking here.  Thank you!

I look forward to seeing you at our next event on Monday, February 24th, with artist extraordinaire, Christopher Fisher.  
I wish you a very happy holiday season filled with joy, love, peace, good health, and music! 

Happy New Year!

Warmest wishes,

Diana Tetzlaff

NEPTA's Halloween Piano Party for grades K-5 was held on October 27th at First Parish Watertown. Thank you to Vice President, Valerie Ross chair, and Treasurer, Shizue Sano for helping to organize the event. Thank you also to Jia Shi, Ranko Konishi-Houston, Irina Baghdasaryan and Donna Gross Javel for helping with the reception. Three recitals with three receptions were held with great fun and success! We hope to see you next year!

Thank you to our  performers at the Teachers' Master Class held on December 9, 2019.  Pictured from left to right: Ian Hobson, Master Class Teacher, with performers Robert Finley, Wanda Paik and Sa Nguyen. 

NEPTA presents this Master Class as a benefit for NEPTA's Susan B. Demb Teacher Enrichment Grants. Donations are welcome! Donate online by clicking here.  Thank you!

More information on how to apply for the Susan B. Demb Teacher Enrichment Grant due May 1, 2020 is below.


Recital and Competition registration   is  now available online at the NEPTA website by clicking here .

Recital Deadlines:

Intermediate II Recital (Grades 7-12)  Deadline is 1/9/20
20th/21st Century Recital (Grades K-12)  Deadline is 2/1/20
Composition Recital (Grades K-12)  Deadline is 2/1/20
Jazz and Pop Recital (Grades K-12)  Deadline is 2/1/20
Senior Recital (Grades 9-12)  Deadline is 2/8/20
Duet/Ensemble Recital (Grades K-12)  Deadline is 2/22/20
(NEW: Teachers may participate with their students in the duet recital!)
Adult Recital (18 years or older)  Deadline is 3/26/20

Competition Deadlines:

Mildred Freiberg Competition (Grades 6-8) will be held on Sunday, April 5th.  The application deadline is Thursday, March 5, 2020.

Please note the Ruth Davidson Competition (Grades 9-10) and the Alice  Hamlet  Competition (Grades 11-12) will be held on Sunday , April 19, 2020.  This is correct on the NEPTA website  and in the NEPTA Program Booklet on P. 4 (not on P. 13, which incorrectly lists Saturday, April 19th instead of Sunday, April 19th.) The application deadline is Thursday, March 19, 2020.


Miriam Pizer Award:

Congratulations to NEPTA teacher, Nina Grimaldi, whose student is the recipient of this year's Miriam Pizer Award for $250.  The award is established in memory of Miriam Pizer to a student in grades K-5 who is in need of assistance for lesson tuition or other essential expenses. (Deadline to apply is Oct. 15th of each year.)  Thank you to Carol Chaffee, Scholarship Chair for overseeing this award.


Eight awards in the amount of $150 each are available to students in need. To apply send a brief note from the teacher stating the family's need and reasons for financial assistance to Carol Chaffee, Scholarship Chair:

Susan B. Demb Teacher Enrichment Grants:

This program was established in honor of retired member Susan B. Demb for the purpose of fostering teaching excellence.  On May 18, 2020 two NEPTA members will be awarded up to $500 each to further their professional growth and enrichment by enrolling in a continuing education course, workshop, seminar, or conference in piano pedagogy. Applications are due May 1, 2020 to Lydia Reed Guertin, Chair:

Please  click here for information on how to apply.


I am extremely grateful this past year to work with my Vice President, Valerie Ross, and a dynamic and enthusiastic Board of Directors! Pictured below from left to right: Eric Bouwman-Wozencraft, Shizue Sano, Cindy Null, Caroline Ly Germeys, Robin Cho, Tanya Schwartzman, Vivian Handis, Katya Barash. Also on the Board and not pictured:  Diane Anderson, Fan Li, Jia Shi and Nilly Shilo.

Many thanks this past year also to Susan B. Demb, NEPTA Website Chair, Eleanor Perrone, NEPTA Email Communicator and Colleen Campbell, Program Committee Chair.  Thank you!
Member news emails will be sent in September, November, January, March, and May. Please submit member news to Ellie Perrone at with the subject line NEPTA Member News and follow the member news guidelines on the website
Post your news including pictures, videos and recordings.  Members can share and post general information such as concert listings, upcoming competitions, job opportunities, piano sales, and the latest news on our Facebook page.

NEPTA's Facebook page:, or go to NETPA's website and follow the Facebook link. 

Most meetings and student recitals are held at First Parish of Watertown. Please help us maintain a good working relationship with the church by observing the following:
  • Double check your belongings before you leave. The church is not responsible for lost items.
  • Please do not contact the church office if you have misplaced any belongings.
  • No food or drink, aside from water, is allowed in the Sanctuary.
Members can check the "Lost and Found" storage bench that is located right by the church office.  The storage bench is on the left when you enter the church entrance. 

Parking Reminders:
Please do not park in The Watertown Savings Bank parking lot or the church parking lot for NEPTA events.

There is a metered parking lot adjacent to the church.  Blue colored meters accept coins up to a maximum of 8 hours.