November 2016
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Monday, November 14
Meeting 9:30AM

A Special Scholarship Event

New! No Admission Fee For Members This Year

Donations Accepted

The First Parish Watertown


Monday, December 12
Meeting 9:30AM


"Ask Your Colleagues"
Shann Wood
and Barbara Lierance

New Members!
This meeting is intended to introduce you to our membership.

All Members!
Share your expertise and experience.
We can all share
what we know and
learn from one another.

Refreshments Served
Committee Chair, Dianne Impallaria

Wellesley Free Library
530 Washington Street
Wellesley, MA


Sunday, November 6

Caroline Ly
Solo and Duet Works
with sopranos
Jessica Trainor
Caroline Spaeth,
and pianist Andy Liao

Longwood Towers Music Series (Grand Lobby)
20 Chapel Street
Brookline, MA

Admission is free and open to the public



The Sounds of Stow Chorus and Orchestra

Sunday, November 20

38th season under NEPTA member Barbara Jones' direction 
Hale Middle School
Hartley Road
Stow, MA

Works by
Mozart and Berlioz


For more info call



Solo & Duet Piano

Sunday, December 11

"Is it a Song, a Dance, or a Joke?"

Works by
Haydn, Bartók, Deborah Yardley Beers (a world premiere), Debussy, Maria Szymanowska, and Brahms

Deborah Yardley Beers and Shizue Sano

Rivera Hall
Bradley House
Rivers School Conservatory
333 Winter Street 
Weston, MA

For More Information call: 781 861-6884


We will NOT be doing backbends!

4 Free Sessions 

Tuesdays, 10-11:15am

Wednesdays, 11:30am-12:30pm
(January 4-25)

Thursdays, 9-10am
(January 5-26) 
For more info contact:  Donna Gross Javel
(Donna completed a 500- hour teacher training program a few years ago)



Yamaha C7 Grand Piano
Ebony finish
Manufactured 1986
Purchased in 2002
from Chinese Consulate,
Los Angeles, CA

From the Estate of
Bob Brookmeyer, Prof.
Advanced Jazz Studies


To connect with owner,
contact NEPTA member
Carol Chaffee 


Member News should be submitted to
  Donna Gross Javel
by the first of each month to be included in that month's newsletter.   
Please see


Dear Colleagues and Friends,
NEPTA's next meeting on Monday, November 14 will be a Ma
sterclass for our members taught by special guest Ya-Fei Chuang. In the recent past, there was an additional fee to attend the Masterclass because it was intended to be a fundraising event. However, last year the Board voted to do away with the fee for members and encourage donations instead. For more information about donations, please read the Donations section of this newsletter. Information about Ya-Fei Chuang along with a list of performers and repertoire may be found in the next section of this newsletter. 
As mentioned in the October Newsletter,  the Members Recital is scheduled for Sunday, March 12 at 5pm at M. Steinert & Sons at the Natick Mall. Irina Baghdasaryan and Ellie Perrone are co-chairing this event, and are very excited to be working with Steinert's in this lovely space on their beautiful pianos! More information on this event and how you can participate may be found in the Members Recital section of this newsletter.  
Once again, I want to remind you to  read the sections on the recitals
and competitions of the 2016-2017 Program Booklet  very carefully. In
regards to the competitions, students are expected to be playing 
at a very high level. Only very committed, very solid performers should be entering these competitions. Please check the sections in this newsletter for the deadlines for the recital applications. Applications can be submitted online beginning November 8. 
Looking ahead to the December Teachers' Exchange meeting: If you have a question you would like your colleagues to answer or a topic you would like to have discussed, please submit it to Shann Wood or Barbara Lieurance, who will be moderating the meeting. Many thanks to them and to Dianne Impallaria, chair of the Teachers' Exchange meetings.  
NEW! A PDF file of the 2016-2017 Program Booklet will be available on the NEPTA website sometime before Thanksgiving. We are considering making both the Program Booklet and the Membership Directory available online next year in addition to the hard copies that are sent out to the membership.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Masterclass on November 14 at The First Parish of Watertown. There will not be a music sale before this meeting. However, the doors will be open at 9am. Please feel free to arrive early to connect with other members.

Meanwhile...don't forget to vote!
Donna Gross Javel
NEPTA President

The November 14 meeting will be presented by guest artist Ya-Fei Chuang, who has appeared in Boston at Symphony Hall, Jordan Hall, and the Celebrity Series, and throughout the U.S. including many of the major festivals... Read more

There is no longer a fee to attend this meeting. However, this is a benefit event so donations are welcome and encouraged!  

Donations may be made online at the NEPTA website and may also be mailed to our treasurer:
Jan Spillane
18 Mill Street
North Reading, MA 01864

Caroline Ly
J.S.Bach: Toccata in E minor, BWV 914 (Adagio and Fugue) 
Fan Li
Chopin: Sonata No. 3 Op. 58 (one or two movements) 
Christina Guidas
Debussy: Jardins sous la pluie from "Estampes" 

The meeting begins at 9:30AM.  There will be no music sale but the doors will open at 9AM.

Our thoughts go to Carol Fieleke Kleinschmidt who passed away on October 19. Carol was a devoted member of NEPTA for many years, and was NEPTA president during 1987-1989. Her obituary can be found here.

Dr. Patrick Gannon, the sports psychologist who spoke to at our NEPTA meeting in October, has shared three articles of interest to NEPTA members. The articles were published in in the  journal International Musician over the past year. 
The articles will be available soon after Election Day on the NEPTA website, with the meeting minutes: 
1. Don't Call it Stage Fright! New Ideas about Treating Music Performance Anxiety

2. Exercise as Medicine for Your Music

3. The Neuroscience of Peak Performance and Flow
Dr. Gannon is available to help  musicians who suffer from music performance anxiety or who want to  work on instilling a peak performance mindset.  He can provide performance coaching/treatment of  performance anxiety using  EMDR over 
the Internet with Skype. He can be contacted through his website.

Many thanks to Barbara Engel for preparing the notes on the October meeting and Caroline Ly for posting them.  

The NEPTA Members Recital will take place on Sunday, March 12 at 5pm at M. Steinert & Sons at the Natick Mall. Irina Baghdasaryan and Ellie Perrone are co-chairs. The goal of the recital is a well-balanced and varied program of approximately 90 minutes.

Submissions may be for solo piano, two pianos, or piano four hands. Repertoire selections should be 10 minutes or shorter. Submissions should include first and second choice of repertoire, each with a different time length, which will be helpful in planning and to allow the program to be more inclusive. Submissions should represent polished performances. If you are not chosen for this recital, you will be given priority for subsequent recitals.

If you are interested in performing at this concert, please send an email with "Members Recital Submission" in the subject line to Ellie Perrone at, with the following information:

1) First and second choice of repertoire, with timing for each piece
2) Names of all performers involved
3) Whether you have performed in a previous NEPTA members recital

Deadline for submission is December 15.

NEPTA Recital Applications for the 2016-2017 year are now available on the website. Detailed  recital information is in the Program Booklet and on the  NEPTA website . Please direct all questions to the appropriate Recital Chair. 

Diana Tetzlaff is available to talk members through the online application process. She can be reached at 617-816-1777.  Thank you Diana! 
Please check the Program Booklet for time limits and requirements. There will be no exceptions to the time limits. Our volunteers give many hours of their time to make these recitals possible for our students. Adhering to the time limits facilitates their work.


JUNIOR I RECITALS: students in grades K-4
Date: January 8, 2017
Application deadline: December 8, 2016
Recital Chair: Marianne Jensen 

JUNIOR II RECITALS: students in grades 4-6 
Date: January 8, 2017
Application deadline: December 8, 2016
Recital Chair: Diane Anderson                

INTERMEDIATE I RECITALS: students in grades 6, 7 and 8 
Date: January 22, 2017
Application deadline: December 22, 2016
Recital Chair: Karin Kydland       

INTERMEDIATE II RECITALS: students in grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 
Date: January 29, 2017

COMPOSITION RECITAL: students up to and including 18 years of age
Date: February 26, 2017 
Deadline: January 26, 2017
Recital Chair: Kathryn Rosenbach 

JAZZ & POP RECITAL: for students up to and including 18 years of age
Date: February 26, 2017 
Deadline: January 26, 2017
Recital Chair: Kathryn Rosenbach 

20th/21st CENTURY RECITAL: for students in grades K-12
Date: February 26, 2017 
Deadline: January 26, 2017
Recital Chair: Christina Guibas 

SENIOR RECITAL: for students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 
Date: March 5, 2017  
Deadline: February 5, 2017
Recital Chair: Niva Fried  

March 26, 2017: 2-8pm

ADULT RECITAL: for students 18 years of age or older
Date: April 2, 2017 
Deadline: March 2, 2017 
Location: Metrowest, Boston
Recital Chair: Janice P. Zaganjori

Many thanks to Marianne Jensen, Diane Anderson, Karin Kydland, Lyubov Shlain, Niva Fried, Nina Grimaldi, Kathryn Rosenbach, Christina Guibas, Janice Zanjori and their committee members for their valuable contribution to NEPTA.  

Recitals are available only to students of NEPTA members who joined or renewed their dues by September 30, 2016. 

NEPTA is extremely fortunate to have a very dedicated core of volunteers who devote a lot of time and energy to this wonderful organization.  In order to help facilitate the work that our volunteers are doing, we will be honoring all deadlines and rules very seriously.  This will enable our volunteers to work more effectively and efficiently to make it possible for all members to enjoy the benefits that NEPTA has to offer.  Thank you for your understanding.

All Competition Applications are available on the website. Detailed
recital information is in the Program Booklet and on the NEPTA website. Please direct all questions to the appropriate Competition Chair.

Diana Tetzlaff is available to talk members through the online application process.  She can be reached at 617-816-1777.  Thank you Diana! 
All Competition winners are required to perform in the NEPTA Awards Recital on Monday, May 22, 2017, at The First Parish of 
Watertown (9:30am-12pm).  
All competitions take place at M. Steinert & Sons' new Boston location: 28 Damrell Street, Boston.

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2017
Application deadline: March 1, 2017
Location: M. Steinert & Sons (new Boston location)
28 Damrell Street, Boston
Competition Chair: Ashley Grant

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017
Application deadline: March 9, 2017
M. Steinert & Sons (new Boston location)
28 Damrell Street, Boston 
Competition Chair: Jia Shi 

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017
Application deadline: Wednesday, March 9, 2017
M. Steinert & Sons (new Boston location)
28 Damrell Street, Boston 
Competition Chair: Jia Shi 

Many thanks to M Steinert & Sons for generously offering to host these competitions. There are many ways we can express our gratitude for their generosity. Get to know the wonderful sales representatives, develop a relationship with one of them, and think of them the next time you have a student who needs an upgrade!

Many thanks to Jia Shi and Ashley Grant for organizing these events. Special thanks to Ranko Konishi-Houston and Diana Tetzlaff for their assistance and oversight.   

This month I'd like to introduce you to Elizabeth Landman who is former Board Member and a current member of the  Ensemble
Committee.  Last year she co-chaired the Ensemble Committee and the previous year she was the chair.
Elizabeth writes the following:
I never expected to become a piano teacher.  After studying for nearly ten years with Ruth Byer Holden in Syracuse, I quit piano lessons.  I wanted to be an actress.  Success at Syracuse University's Children's Theatre led to enrolling in the School of Speech as a drama major at S.U., graduating cum laude. After graduation I moved to New York City to get "into" the theatre, and I continued my training at Stella Adler's Acting Studio. A succession of roles followed:  off Broadway theatre, a repertory children's theatre company (where I played numerous fairytale princesses), touring companies, summer stock, a featured part in a national soap opera.  But after a few years the grind of "makingrounds":  always looking for work, trying to sell yourself to an agent, began to take its toll. (I was once told that I was New York's 3rd good ingénue. As the city already had two, a 3rd wasn't needed. After all, I was the new kid on the block). I began to think of other professions I could enter.

I had always favored the arts and I fondly recalled my undergraduate art history classes at Syracuse. I might become an art history teacher.  Classes at the Institute of Fine Arts at N.Y.U. followed where I mostly studied medieval and renaissance European art. When I married my husband, David Landman, the opportunity arose for us to take an extended tour of Europe. We stayed seven months visiting the great museums of Italy, France and Spain and seeing real works of art not simply photographs or slides. I had no desire to go back to school to study art from slides. Thus ended my art history career.

I became a full time mom, six kids in nine and a half years. It was more than full time. I stayed at home with my children while they were not in school, but practical needs asserted themselves and I looked for ways to contribute financially to the household. I fell back on my early piano training, had a few piano students and found I enjoyed teaching music. I went back to school at U. Mass/Lowell, completing course work for a M.A. in Music History, and studying piano with Dr. Bela Nagy. A friend suggested I would be a good Suzuki teacher and the method's philosophy spoke to me. More training followed: a summer institute at Dr. Suzuki's school in Matsumoto, Japan, and instruction from excellent pedagogy teachers in the U.S. including John Homsy, Robert Fraley, MaryCraig Powell and Dr. Doris Harrell. (I also studied eurthymics and improvisation with Lisa Parker, Janet Kessenich and Ann Farber). Now I could teach with a full heart, touching young minds, challenging them to develop their own musical insights, and building musical community by engaging the entire family in music. In addition to teaching private and group classes and holding fun-filled "piano parties," family potlucks were a favorite way to end our formal recitals. This "mix" helped to create confidant, joyous performers who played expressively and loved to share their music with others. I felt humbled by the responsibility of teaching these beautiful children as I accepted the trust given me by their parents, particularly the Asperger's children who came with special gifts as well as special challenges. Sharing this gift of music was not a job but a vocation.

In all my life's joys and challenges I have been aided by a deepening spiritual quest:  first, a study and practice of Christian spirituality leading to Centering Prayer and, for more than twenty years, a Buddhist meditation practice in the Vipassana tradition. Watering these roots has led directly to a compassionate world view and a development of patience. (As we all know, a piano teacher needs both compassion and patience)

Finally, I have enjoyed membership in a number of musical organizations of which NEPTA ranks first on the list. Our members are inspirational teachers, our speakers are expert, and the quality of recitals are of the highest. These days because my family and work obligations have lessened, I am able to more fully engage in my membership. I have chaired the Ensemble Recital and have been a Board Member before that.

I have maintained a private home studio in Lexington since 1980, teaching both traditional and Suzuki piano. I was a faculty member of the New School of Music for 19 years, teaching Suzuki piano and Music/Movement for Young Children (18 months to 4 years) and their Caregivers. I have also been active in the Massachusetts Suzuki Association as Past President, Board Member, Co-Director of the annual MA. Suzuki Festival, Founder and Director of Suzuki by the Green ( a national summer piano institute), and clinician for various Suzuki festivals (teaching master classes, parent classes, rhythm and group classes). Also active in CAMSA (Concord Area Music Schools Assoc.) serving as Vice President, Secretary and Workshop Leader for many years.

A guide for submitting member news for the newsletters is available on the website. Please include "NEPTA newsletter" in the subject heading of your email.

As members, you are also encouraged to post your news, pictures, videos and recordings on NEPTA's Facebook page.  Please visit the page, 'like' the page and see what your colleagues are doing. Your visits to the page help generate interest in NEPTA so consider 'sharing' posts, 'liking' posts and 'commenting' on posts.  

Miriam Pizer Award

Congratulations to Wanda Paik's student who is the recipient of this year's Miriam Pizer Award.  This is an award that goes to a student in need. It is selected by lottery and the recipient remains anonymous to respect their family's privacy.   

Eight awards in the amount of $125 are available to students in need.  To apply, a brief note from the teacher (email is acceptable) stating the family's need and reasons for financial assistance should be sent to Carol Chaffee, Scholarship Chair, at
Please put these dates on your calendar.
December 8: Application Deadline for the Junior Recitals

December 12: Teachers' Exchange Meeting
"Ask Your Colleagues"
Moderators: Shann Wood and Barbara Lieurance
Location: The Wellesley Free Library
530 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA 02482

December 15: Submission Deadline for Members Recital

December 22: Application Deadline for the Intermediate I Recitals

December 29: Application Deadline for the Intermediate II Recitals

January 23: Speaker Series Meeting
"Preludes: Versatility for Pedagogy and Performance"
Presented by the Editions Committee
Sandra Rosenblum, Chair
Deborah Yardley Beers
Sivan Etedgee
Miriam Gargarian
Location: The First Parish of Watertown

January 25: Application Deadline for the Ensemble Recitals

January 26: Application Deadline for the Composition Recitals

February 27: Speaker Series Meeting
Presenter: Sylvia Parker
Topic: "B éla Bart ók: Setting Jewels"
Location: The First Parish of Watertown

March 12: NEPTA Members Recital, 5pm
Location: M. Steinert's & Sons, Natick Mall

Remember that you can post your own up-to-the-minute concert listings and other items of interest on NEPTA's Facebook page. Visit 
to see the latest news from your NEPTA friends! 
YouTube videos of your performances are especially welcome. 

Don't forget to 'Like' the page when you visit it for the first time.   
The Watertown Savings Bank has strongly requested that NEPTA members do not park in the bank parking lot for NEPTA events. Please be respectful of this neighboring business and leave the free parking for its clients.

Please be aware that Watertown has restricted parking on the side streets immediately surrounding the First Parish and thus eliminating any "free parking." The metered spots in the parking lot adjacent to the church can accept coins up to a maximum of 8 hours (blue meters only), thereby removing the need to go feed the meter during our meeting breaks, offering instead an opportunity to socialize with NEPTA friends and colleagues.