2022 Scholarship Programs Include:

In-Person Conference Scholarship for May 4-6, 2022
($495 value) Scholarships are only available for the conference registration. 
Transportation and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the applicant and/or their employer.

Membership Scholarship for 2022
($100 value)

Live Webinar Annual Pass Scholarship for 2022
(Approximately 20 webinars, $700 value)

Please only apply for the programs that you need. NERSC will be offering conference scholarships for our November 2022 virtual conference. Please check back in the summer of 2022 for information on how to apply.  

General Criteria:
1) Must have service coordination as part of the job responsibility.

2) Priority is given to those who demonstrate the greatest need and  
   A) Are a first time NERSC conference attendees;
   B) Are a first-time scholarship applicant;  
   C) Have the greatest period of time between receipt of last scholarship.

NERSC, Inc. reserves the right to limit the number of applicants from any organization. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted or reviewed. Scholarships are non-transferrable.  

Applicants will be notified of the status of their application by January 15th, prior to conference registration opening. If granted a conference scholarship, it is recommended to register as soon as possible to ensure relevant class options are available. If you are unable to use your scholarship award, please notify us immediately so that the funds can be reallocated to those in need.  
Registration closes at 5 pm the day before the scheduled webinar.
The 2022 NERSC Sponsorship Opportunities Guide is now available. Commit early for maximum exposure. Sponsorship payments are not due until February 15, 2022. NERSC relies on sponsorship support to help keep attendee registrations costs to a minimum. Support NERSC and support RSCs today! View the sponsorship guide here.
Thank you to our 2022 NERSC Sponsors
In Case You Missed It . . . .

May 2022 - In-person Conference
Conference registration: $495 (Members will receive $45 off)
Meals included with registration: Breakfast all three days, lunch on Wednesday & Thursday. Plan to budget for dinners, snacks, and lunch on your way home on Friday.
Overnight rooms will be $169 plus $9.95 facility fee and 15% tax per night. Most arrive on 5/3 and depart 5/6 (3 nights). Hotel and registration will open in January 2022.
November 2022 - Virtual Conference
Conference registration: $335 (Members will receive $35 off)
Registration will open in the summer 2022.
Other NERSC Expenses
Don't forget to budget for a few webinars throughout the year! Each webinar is $35. (Members will receive $5 off each live webinar)
NERSC is offering many of the workshops from the 23rd Annual Conference in our On-Demand Library. If you weren't able to attend all the sessions that you wanted to attend, this is your opportunity! We have several repeat courses that were offered both prior to the conference and then again at the conference. You will notice that they have different time increments. We advise you to take the course that better meets your time needs rather than take both on the same topic as some information will be repetitive.

Webinars are $35 (credit card only) and certificates of attendance will be issued.
Please note that the on-demand webinars are not eligible for NASW CEUs.

Newly Added On-Demand Courses:

Additional Available On-Demand Courses:
  • De-Escalation & Community Building Methodologies - 3 hours
  • Emergency Preparedness with COVID-19 Considerations - 2 hours
  • Recognizing & Supporting Needs of Survivors of Domestic Violence - 1.5 hours
  • Recognizing & Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • Do Not Fix or Change Me, Instead Understand and Teach Me - 1. 5 hours
  • Refugee/Immigrant Housing & Health Barriers - 2 hours
  • Refugee Housing - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • Staying Connected: Planning for the Future of Resident Services - 1.5 hours
  • Coping with Loss in Older Adult Communities - 1.5 hours
  • Accepting the New Landscape - 1.5 hours
  • Using Family Metrics for the HUD SfS Report - 1 hour
  • Assessing and Enhancing the Cognitive Reserve to Promote Healthy Aging - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • Budgeting for RSCs - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • A Superhero You: Activate Your Unstoppable Powers - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • Capitalizing on Remote Learning Opportunities for Residents & Staff - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • Medicare Updates - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • Bedbugs 101 - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • Mental Health 101 - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • Helpful Technology Tips to Assist with Your Work - 2 hours (recorded at the conference)
  • AASC Online - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • Substance Use Disorders in Older Adults - 2 hours (recorded at the conference)
  • Rocking the Kitchen to Engage Happy Healthy Residents (Ways to Fight Food Insecurities) - 1 hour (recorded at the conference)
  • Digitizing Resident Program Application with Google Forms - 2 hours (recorded at the conference)

We are still working on putting dozens of videos together from the conference so stay tuned for new releases coming soon.
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