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First and foremost, we apologize for this being the first newsletter since the third quarter of 2013.  The reason for our delay is because health coverage has been a moving target and we wanted to be certain of the facts before passing along any information.  We have learned from experience that things are not always as you assume them to be.   This is especially true whenever the government is involved.


Needless to say things have been more than hectic as a large portion of our membership are sole proprietors.  They have been treated, in our opinion, most unfairly by PPACA (Obamacare).


Please be advised that numbers 1, 2 and 5  apply to sole proprietors and numbers 3 and 4 apply to all size groups.





As a result of the private exchange we have established with CDPHP, members that qualified as small groups prior to Obamacare will be able to continue their CDPHP coverage.

Many of our members are seeing double and even triple rate increases. Why is that you ask? It's really very

simple- there are five significant factors:


  1. Sole Proprietors are no longer eligible for group coverage which is what our members enjoyed prior to Obamacare.
  2.  Husband and Wife businesses prior to Obamacare were considered as employer groups.  Obamacare made these groups ineligible for consideration regardless of how their taxes are filed.
  3.  Prior to Obamacare you could take our plans without prescription coverage.  This rewarded those who took care of themselves.  If you did not need prescriptions you saved 20-30% on your premiums.
          NESBG was pleased to be one of the only associations 
          offering their members this option.  We had more than 
          35% of our members not taking prescription coverage.
          Obamacare now requires that all health plans contain 
          prescription drug coverage regardless of whether you
          need that coverage or not.  Those of our members who 
          did not and still do not need that coverage are being 
          hurt the most.

      4. Family plans are penalized.   The reason why is that   

          prior to the implementation of Obamacare, most   

          plans upstate offered a two, three and four tier rating   

          structure, which we of course offered to our members. 

          At the risk of making this complicated, the multiplication  

          on a two tier rate from the individual rate for a family  

          was 2.6 and for a three tier rate it is 2.65 and for a four  

          tier rate it is 2.85.  Only four tier rates are now available   

          under Obamacare which means if you had the same  

          plan and had a family contract with a 2 tier rate - your  

          premium just increased by 25%.  This is the difference  

          between 2.6 and 2.85. 


     5.  Our primary carrier CDPHP, decided to cancel all NESBG

         sole proprietor businesses upon renewal since Obamacare     

         dictated they were no longer eligible for group coverage.   

         We do have alternative plans available through MVP and Health

         Republic provided through Apollo Partners NY.  Membership in

         NESBG is not required, but is appreciated.  We have several   

         other services for members to take advantage of, such as the

         Member-to-Member Program, Toll Free Numbers, Website  

         Programs, Payroll Service, Dental Programs, Legislative

         Advocacy and of course Newsletters like this one.  Please

         also note that we are updating the Apollo website and   

         this will be done in approximately one week so you can 

         check back at that time for updates. 


We will do our best to keep you updated as the year progresses. 



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