NESP Digest: January 2020

This is the quarterly newsletter of the National Ecosystem Services Partnership (NESP) , which provides updates on our recent activities as well as some other information on ecosystem services that we hope you’ll find useful.

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NESP has a new series: Mapping Ecosystem Services for the Southeast United States.
Each brief from the series details methods and data used to map priority areas for conservation or restoration of a particular ecosystem service in the Southeast. Briefs on " Conservation and Restoration Priorities for Wild Pollinator Habitat " and " Conservation Priorities for Recreational Birding " can now be found on our website, with more to come! (Mapping results for Pollinator Habitat and Birding can be found on ScienceBase.)

NESP Webinar: Ecosystem Service Assessments at Three National Wildlife Refuges
Watch a recording of the December 2019 NESP webinar , Ecosystem Services Assessments at Three National Wildlife Refuges. During the webinar economist Emily Pindilli from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) described the USGS LandCarbon program’s in-depth ecosystem service assessments at three different National Wildlife Refuges.
Bollini et al. 2019. Local Community Benefits from Ecosystem Services Provided by Mangroves on the North Brazil Shelf . IUCN, Conservation International, GEF, and Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions.

Chaplin-Kramer et al. 2019. Global Modeling of Nature’s Contributions to People . Science .

Kagan et al. 2019. Assessing Ecosystem Services Benefits from Military Installations . Oregon State University, Duke University, University of California at Santa Barbara.

Narayan et al. 2019. Valuing the Flood Risk Reduction Benefits of Florida’s Mangroves . The Nature Conservancy.

February 3–6. Social Coast Forum . Charleston, South Carolina.

March 16–18. Natural Capital Symposium . Stanford, California.

June 22–26. Conservation Finance Boot Camp . New Haven, Connecticut.

August 2–6. National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration . Portland, Oregon.

December 14–17. A Community on Ecosystem Services . Bonita Springs, Florida.
Job Opportunities:

Ecosystem Services of Chesapeake Bay Researcher . Environmental Protection Agency. Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Environmental and Natural Resource Economist . IMSG/ NOAA. Silver Spring, Maryland.

Assistant Research Scientist in Ecosystem Services . Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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NESP is an initiative of the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University.