NESP DIGEST: October 2018
NESP Launches Conceptual Model Series 
Although numerous methods and tools for incorporating ecosystem services into decisions have been established through academic research, this alone is not sufficient for widespread implementation. Practical guidance for how to support the consistent and credible use of these methods and tools to integrate them into existing management and policy decisions is needed and just now under development. 
The NESP Conceptual Model Series provides a collection of resources that explain why ecosystem services conceptual models (ESCMs) are useful for decision making, provide guidance for building ESCMs, and describe NESP's initial efforts to standardize and apply these models with federal agency partners. The series includes application examples of ESCMs and associated evidence libraries. The series aims to provide practical guidance for those who wish to apply ESCMs as a tool for incorporating ecosystem services considerations into their decisions.
Watch the series kickoff webinar where authors (Lydia Olander, Sara Mason and Katie Warnell) discuss the publications and review key takeaways. Federal partners Frank Casey of the U.S. Geological Survey, Pete Wiley of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Rebecca Moore of the Bureau of Land Management share their thoughts on how the products could be used by federal agencies and others. 

Nature for People, Planet, Prosperity, and Peace. United Nations Development Programme, July 18.

The Market for Grassland Carbon Credits is on the Rise. Here's Why. Environmental Defense Fund's Growing Returns blog, July 19.

Impact Investors Discuss How They View Conservation Investments . Conservation Finance Network, July 25.

How California Can Save the Amazon . New York Times, August 29.

Rethinking What is Evidence . Nature Sustainability, September 17.


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October 16-18. SHIFT Festival: Public Lands, Public Health. Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

November 7-9. Sustainable Landscapes Conference. London, U.K.

November 9-11. Sustainability and Development Conference. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

November 28-December 1. 1st World Forum on Urban Forests. Mantova, Italy.

December 3-7. A Community for Ecosystem Services (ACES). Washington, D.C.

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