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February 2014

We are pleased to introduce our new, NETCO Newsletter with a focus on coastal beach, bank, and dune erosion control.  The purpose of our newsletter is to report interesting scientific and engineering articles relating to coastal erosion, legal and regulatory developments, as well as to report on NETCO projects and products.   


At NETCO we offer "soft" solutions to hard erosion control problems.  Please click here to read more about our Specialty Construction services and products. 


Project Spotlight - blue, the Inn on the  Beach, Newbury, MA
Coir is a fiber that is harvested from coconuts, spun into thread and
Project in Progress
then into various products such as mats, bags, envelopes, and
surface erosion control systems.   Coir construction is the use of coir mats logs, and other coir products in shoreline, coastal bank and dune stabilization.  NETCO pioneered the use of coir mats in various configurations for coastal bank erosion control more than 14 years ago.  We have become experts in the design and application of coir materials to coastal erosion challenges. 


Coir envelopes were used at a recent NETCO project at blue, The Inn on the Beach in Newbury, MA.  The Inn had experienced significant erosion on the ocean side of the Inn and needed a system to protect it from further erosion.  NETCO installed a coir envelope protection system approximately 20-30 feet seaward of the Inn.  The envelopes are a soft erosion protection system to both protect the Inn from additional erosion but also minimize damage to the coastal beach.  Due to the slope of the installation and their water absorbing capabilities the coir envelopes will work to reduce wave reflection, one of the leading causes of long term beach face erosion

blue, The Inn on the Beach, completed
Completed Project


Through this current winter storm season (2013-2014), sand has been accreting at the base of the coir envelopes during smaller storms and tide cycles which is helping to provide a longer up-rush and back-rush beach face for dissipation of wave energy during larger storms.


For further information about NETCO's shoreline stabilization capabilities click here 

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