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March, 2014

This edition of the NETCO Beach newsletter focuses on the use of coir logs and the recent new development NETCO has made to improve upon the traditional coir log wrap.  We are also adding a new section called Beach Notes, short descriptions of articles and news about beach, shoreline and coastal bank erosion developments.   As always we welcome your comments.


NETCO's "Best Ever" Coir Log Is Here
Coir logs have become an increasingly preferred material used in 
1000 Gram Coir Wrapped Logerosion control applications. The typical coir log comes wrapped in nylon or natural biodegradable coir net with relatively large openings (approximately 2 x 3 inches). 
As a large consumer/user of coir logs we have noticed that the traditional coir log deteriorates relatively quickly- 2-3 years depending on how the log is used, and in the case of coir wrapped log, whether it is kept covered with sand to minimize UV degradation of the netting. Further, in coastal and inland marine applications where tidal or river flows come in frequent contact with the coir log, the large openings in the mesh wrap cause loss of the coir "stuffing" inside the netting which also leads to the breakdown of the log.


NETCO has worked with our coir log suppliers to develop a better coir log that will withstand the rigors of the coastal and inland marine environment.  Two years ago we began re-wrapping the 20 inch diameter coir log with a 1,000 gram mesh net which has small openings (� to � inch size openings).  We installed these re-wrapped coir logs at test locations to verify the durability of this new mesh wrap.  We are pleased to report that the coir logs have performed well.

  1000 Gram Coir Close-up

We now have the 1,000 gram coir wrapped logs (12 and 20 inch diameter) available for use in erosion control applications.  We believe our customers will find this new coir log a much improved version of the traditional coir log.  The logs come in ten foot lengths and have a density of approximately 9 lbs/sf with a 1,000 gram closed mesh net wrap.


Please call 781-863-6270 or email us for additional information regarding the new log wrap, appropriate applications for coir logs, or for information about anchoring coir logs. The proper application and anchoring of the log in an erosion control application is as important to the successful use of a coir log installation as is the coir log itself.   


Beach Notes

Now Is The Time to Plant Beach Grass!

Beach grass is one of the most inexpensive and natural means of stabilizing a coastal bank or dune.  While it is still cold here in New England, the late winter/spring beach grass planting season is upon us.  Now is the time to plant beach grass culms, while we are still in the plant dormant season.  Culms are planted on 12-15 inch centers and consist of 1-2 culms per plant location.  Normally the dormant season in New England ends in early April, but this year given the very cold winter, beach grass culms can probably be planted through the end of April perhaps even into early May.

Call us at NETCO for more information on the use and cost of beach grass 781-863-6270.


Massachusetts Grant Program

The Patrick Administration today (Mar. 4) announced a grant program to reduce or eliminate risks associated with coastal storms, erosion and sea level rise through natural and nonstructural approaches called green infrastructure.  These grants available to cities, towns and nonprofit groups, are part of the Patrick Administration $50 million investment in climate change initiatives.  NETCO is requesting a full copy of the program announcement and will publish a link in our next newsletter.  We understand (but cannot confirm at this point) that April is the beginning of the next grant cycle for this program.


International Erosion Control Association March/April Magazine

A recent NETCO project was featured on the cover of Erosion Control, the bi-monthly publication of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA).  The project featured the use of coir envelopes to protect and stabilize the coastal dune on the seaward side of Blue, The Inn on the Beach, Newbury, MA.  The article also goes on to provide a summary of the many erosion control techniques available.  Please contact us for further information at 781-863-6270.   


The article will also soon be available as a link on our website (

Coastal Infrastructure Protection

NETCO is pleased to announce that it is joining forces with a Long Island company, First Coastal.   First Coastal has been leading the way in developing applications for critical infrastructure protection in coastal environments.   In an upcoming newsletter we will be presenting the solutions that cities, counties, towns and utility companies on Long Island and other NY/NJ locations have used.   Many of these solutions have evolved from the impacts of Hurricane Sandy.


Sign of the Times

As recently reported by The Patriot Ledger, The Scituate Coastal Coalition is seeking $1 million from theCommonwealth of Massachusetts to fund design work for the repair and maintenance of aging seawalls in Scituate.   The Town estimates that as much as $52 million could be needed to repair deteriorated sea walls.  As residents of eastern Massachusetts know, Scituate is frequently damaged by major nor'easters and other coastal storms.    


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