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September 2014

This month we're highlighting Stillhouse Cove, a previous previous NETCO project in Cranston, Rhode Island. This was the first of two projects that NETCO completed for Save the Bay, an organization which is devoted to preserving the natural beauty and environmental habitat of Narragansett Bay.  We look forward to working with Save the Bay on future projects.  


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Helping to Save the Bay - Stillhouse Cove

Stillhouse Cove, a small, picturesque, waterfront park in the Edgewood neighborhood of Cranston, RI, suffered significant erosion during the Superstorm Sandy. Bordered by a salt marsh, the park is exposed to the east, where storm-generated waves crash against a steep bank.  During Sandy, the bank eroded and threatened the loss of the park. 


 After years of collaboration on restoring the Stillhouse Cove salt marsh, the Edgewood Waterfront Preservation Association (EWPA) and Save The Bay worked together on this innovative erosion control project to address the bank erosion. 


NETCO teamed up with Contemporary Landscaping, a local contractor to complete the work. The bank was carved back to create a gentle slope that will dissipate future wave energy and NETCO coir envelopes, were installed to protect the slope from future storms. Click to read more.

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Beach Notes

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