MaineHealth Looks to Create a Blueprint for Telehealth Success- mHealth Intelligence, June 17, 2019 Link
Speaking at this week's Northeast Regional Telehealth Conference in Portland, Jasmine Bishop, the Maine-based network's telehealth program manager, laid out a framework for success that relies heavily on planning, practice and data.
UMass Memorial Ready to Launch Telehealth Program for NICU Care- mHealth Intelligence, June 18, 2019 Link
The Massachusetts health system will soon be rolling out a telehealth program aimed at connecting rural hospitals and clinics with NICU specialists to help improve care and outcomes for its most fragile patients.
Maine Approves Telehealth Coverage Parity, Embraces RPM Programs- mHealth Intelligence, June 18, 2019 Link
Maine Gov. Janet Mills has signed into law new telehealth guidelines that require payers to cover any services that they would cover in person. The new law also opens the door to remote patient monitoring and allows doctors to use phone-based telehealth in certain situations.
TTAC Director Doris Barta Talks About Telehealth Resources, Trends- mHealth Intelligence, June 14, 2019 Link
Ahead of the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center's annual conference in Portland, ME, Doris Barta of the National Telehealth Technology Assessment Center talks about the TTAC's role in telehealth adoption and support.
ATA’s CEO Ann Mond Johnson looks to dispel the 7 myths of telehealth adoption- mHealth Intelligence, June 10, 2019 Link
At Xtelligent Healthcare Media's Value-Based Summit on Telehealth last week in Atlanta, American Telemedicine Association’s CEO Ann Mond Johnson challenged providers to look beyond even inaccurate descriptions of telehealth and embrace connected care: Telehealth is only for rural areas; Telehealth is more expensive; Telehealth is not high quality; Telehealth is impersonal; Telehealth providers prescribe more drugs than those treating patients in person; Telehealth is a threat to providers; Telehealth is only synchronous communication.
Telemedicine brings access to specialty health care to North Country- WMUR (Colbrook, NH), June 10, 2019 Link
North Country Healthcare, a group of for hospitals serving northern New Hampshire is accelerating its access to specialty care via a telemedicine network, including seven specialties offered via video linkages with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon.
How the workers’ compensation industry is embracing telemedicine- Insurance Journal, June 10, 2019 Link
Though slow to emerge, more workers’ compensation systems,have recently been adopting telehealth to provide remote medical care and rehabilitation services to injured employees, including use of video technology embedded in smart phones, tablets and computers.
New study: Rural telehealth capabilities are lagging- MultiBriefs, , June 4, 2019 Link
A research report recently published in Annals of Internal Medicine found as association between rural counties with inadequate broadband infrastructure and low rates of telemedicine use among Medicare enrollee. The broadband penetration rate in the most rural counties was 62% if primary care physician access was adequate, compared with 38% if it was inadequate, according to the study.
Telemedicine on the rise in Upstate New York- Observer-Dispatch (Utica, NY), May 31, 2019 Link
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield is reporting a 188% higher usage rate of telemedicine services in Upstate New York over a three-year period.  They estimate that New Yorkers made more than 180,000 telemedicine visits last year.
CCHP report finds video-based telemedicine coverage is nationwide- mHealth Intelligence, May 30, 2019 Link
The latest report on state Medicaid coverage of telehealth by the Center for Connected Health Policy finds that video-based telemedicine is now covered in some form in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The updated report also highlights progress in state adoptiong of the Interstate Licensure Compact, reimbursement coverage of Rmote Patient Monitoring, and store-and-forward forms of telemedicine.

IDSA issues updated statement on use of telemedicine and telehealth technologies- Infectious Disease Advisor, May 29, 2019 Link
The Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) issued an updated statement supporting the appropriate use of telemedicine and telehealth technologies in clinical care, research, and education. Details of the position statement were published in Clinical Infectious Diseases .
Telehealth can help us combat the opioid crisis- AHIP Blog, May 2019 Link
Development of programs to use telemedicine for enhancing access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) face a barrier from the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008, which requires that a telehealth provider must conduct at least an in-person medical evaluation of a patient before remotely prescribing any controlled substances. The American Telemedicine Association recently