Maine’s TeleWOW program uses telehealth to take on childhood obesity- mHealth Intelligence, September 13, 2019 Link
A Bangor-based telehealth program is helping more than 50 children and young adults scattered across northern Maine connect with care providers and specialists to talk about health, wellness and weight management.
Risk management strategies to reduce risk associated with telehealth- JD Supra, September 11, 2019 Link
Because of the surge in the use of telehealth, healthcare providers need to be aware of the risks associated with the use of this technology and implement mitigation strategies to reduce these risks. This brief overview highlights a range of legal issues surrounding telehealth implementation with a focus on privacy and security considerations.
School-based telehealth programs shown to benefit children with asthma in medically underserved communities- American Journal of Managed Care News, September 9, 2019 Link
School-based telemedicine was shown to potentially enhance healthcare benefits for children with chronic diseases, such as asthma, in rural and medically underserved communities, according to a recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics.
Kaiser, Samsung tout success of telehealth in cardiac rehab program- mHealth Intelligence, August 30, 2019 Link
Kaiser Permanente and Samsung partnered on a cardiac rehab program using mHealth tools and a telehealth platform that saw an 87 percent completion rate and a less than 2 percent rehospitalization rate.
Telehealth genetic counseling offers support during uncertainty- VC Daily, August 19, 2019 Link
The role of genetic counseling is to help patients understand the ramifications of genetic testing and to guide them through the potentially life-altering decisions ahead of them. Embracing modern digital communications such as video conferencing is one way to ease the burden and accessibility of such care.
Direct-to-consumer telehealth requires careful planning, preparation- mHealth Intelligence, August 22, 2019 Link
Many hospitals and health systems are looking to jump into the virtual care arena by launching a direct-to-consumer telehealth service. This overview highlights the important features such platforms must handle well to be accepted and adpted by both providers and patients.
The role of telehealth in disaster recovery- HealthTech Digital Workforce, August 16, 2019 Link
When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017, some hospitals were effectively turned into islands, cut off from the rest of the city by floodwaters. Telehealth solutions helped providers deliver high-quality care even when physicians or patients couldn’t make it to the hospital.

Using telemedicine to treat Opioid Use Disorder in rural areas- JAMA Medical News & Perspectives, August 28, 2019 Link
The benefits of using telehealth to enhance access to treatment for opioid use disorder in rural areas is highlighted and promising programs for behavioral treatment in West Virginia and Maryland are profiled. 

New Hampshire expands Medicaid coverage for telehealth, RPM services- mHealth Intelligence, August 13, 2019 Link
Beginning in 2020, the state's Medicaid program will cover remote patient monitoring and store-and-forward services and give primary care providers, pediatricians and other care providers more leeway to use telehealth.

Care coordination tech to drive social determinants of health care- mHealth Intelligence, August 13, 201 9 Link
The Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA) is partnering with Unite Us, a community care coordination platform, to build a statewide network of social and clinical services providers to address the social determinants of health.