Payers are embracing all-inclusive mHealth, telehealth platforms
mHealth Intelligence, January 22, 2020 Link
Humana's new partnership with Validic is the latest example of an insurer creating an mHealth platform that embraces not just Apple Watches and Fitbits, but a wide variety of connected health devices and services.
School-based telehealth makes health a priority for teachers, providers
mHealth Intelligence Feature, January 17, 2020 Link
Speaking at Xtelligent Healthcare Media’s 2019 Telehealth Summit in Atlanta, Robbins was part of a panel that described how a school-based telehealth program functions as a community resource for schools, health systems, parents, and community leaders to work together to address student health. This summary highlights success and challenges for school telehealth programs in North Carolina, Georgia, and California.
Warner Tells DEA to launch registration for telehealth prescriptions
mHealth Intelligence, January 20, 2020 Link
Senator Mark Warner is taking the DEA to task for failing to launch a promised - and mandated - special registration process for care providers who want to use telehealth to prescribe controlled substances.
Tufts Health Plan expands virtual care services worldwide
Becker’s Hospital Review, January 17, 2020 Link
Commercial members of Tufts Health Plan can now virtually seek care from U.S.-based, board-certified providers for general medical needs and diagnoses no matter where they are globally.
UPMC uses telehealth to help new moms dealing with hypertension
mHealth Intelligence, January 16, 2020 Link
Two years after launching a remote patient monitoring program for new mothers dealing with hypertension, UPMC is looking at lessons learned and making plans to expand the telehealth platform.
How to keep patient information secure in mHealth apps
American Medical Association, January 13, 2020 Link
The AMA recently produced an update to its online “Digital Health Implementation Playbook”, a practical guide to implementing digital technologies that take patient care beyond the exam room. The guide emphasizes how programs should assure that the data they are collecting is secure in terms of its integrity, availability, and confidentiality of the data.
Cigna launches new telehealth platform for primary care services
mHealth Intelligence, January 13, 2020 Link
The insurer is partnering with MDLive to launch a telehealth platform that gives its 12 million members in employee-sponsored health plans access to primary care services.
Teladoc-InTouch Health Deal Is a move toward telehealth integration
mHealth Intelligence, January 13, 2020 Link
Teladoc Health has announced plans to acquire InTouch Health, combining the former's expertise in consumer-based telehealth services with the latter's technology and provider-to-provider telemedicine capabilities.
Consumer Tech Association Unveils A Consumer’s Guide to mHealth Wearables
mHealth Intelligence, January 10, 2020 Link
With CES 2020 attracting a record number of mHealth companies and healthcare providers, CTA has partnered with the Heart Rhythm Society to develop best practices for consumers using mHealth wearables.
CMS grants to help states use telehealth, mhealth for pregnant moms, kids
mHealth Intelligence, January 8, 2020 Link
CMS is issuing grants to more than a dozen states (including Maine and New Hampshire) to coordinate and manage care for expectant mothers dealing with substance abuse and children with complex care needs. Some of these programs will employ telehealth and mHealth tools.
URAC-CHQI deal combines top 2 telehealth accrediting organizations
mHealth Intelligence, January 7, 2020 Link
URAC will fold CHQI's accreditation programs for telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and mental health and substance abuse disorder parity into its own portfolio.
Are state medical boards supporting or stifling telehealth?
mHealth Intelligence, January 6, 2020 Link
A new Health Affairs blog argues that the nation's network of state medical boards is focusing too much on local control that favors in-state operations and stifles the growth of telehealth through a free market system.
VA’s telehealth clinic for cancer care is the first in the nation
mHealth Intelligence, January 3, 2020 Link
Located in Pittsburgh, the telehealth program has been delivering cancer care management and chemotherapy treatment for about a year to a clinic 100 miles away for veterans living in central Pennsylvania.
AMA council supports licensure compact to push telehealth adoption
mHealth Intelligence, December 31, 2019 Link
The AMA has adopted a report calling for support for the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact so that physicians can use telehealth to compete against vendors, retail clinics and payers moving into the space.
Study: mobile telestroke program cuts 30 minutes off response time
mHealth Intelligence, December 30, 2019 Link
An analysis of a mobile telestroke program launched in Manhattan by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital has found that the mHealth service for EMS can cut 30 minutes off the treatment time for people suffering a stroke.
Lowell General Hospital turns Amazon’s Alexa Into an mHealth coach
mHealth Intelligence, December 23, 2019 Link
The Massachusetts Hospital has partnered with mHealth company Frontive to create a connected health platform that helps patients with care management tasks both before and after their hospital stay.

New Jersey hospital to use telehealth to improve pre-op, post-op care- mHealth Intelligence, December 16, 2019 Link
St. Peter's University Hospital is launching a remote patient monitoring program to improve care management for patients undergoing a C-section or hysterectomy.
5G telehealth in acute medical treatment can improve patient outcomes- VC Daily, December 16, 2019 Link
This story discusses the prospects of 5G broadband networks to enhance the delivery of telehealth care, especially in the area of emergency telemedicine.