April 2018

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Message from NETS' Executive Director, Joe McKillips
Early Bird registration for our 2018 Strength IN Numbers benchmark conference was launched earlier this month as plans take shape for what we anticipate to be another record-setting conference.

This year’s event will take place in Frisco, Texas and for those who were unable to attend past conferences, or are simply interested in experiencing the conference for the first time, we have once again opened registration to members and non-members alike. Whether you are looking to enhance your well-established road safety program, gain support for your growing road safety program or are merely looking for early guidance in developing your road safety program, the NETS Benchmark Conference is sure to have something for everyone.
For those who have been affiliated with NETS over the years, you may be familiar with the often-used phrase “Road safety is NOT a competitive advantage”. The annual NETS conference is a perfect example of this mantra as attendees will have the opportunity to learn from fellow NETS members and industry leaders about road safety case studies and new research and emerging issues at the only conference dedicated exclusively to road safety.

Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to engage directly with NETS sponsors for the duration of proceedings as they showcase some of the most sought after road safety products in the industry. 

Due to the proximity of this year’s conference hotel to the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters practice facility, a complimentary walking tour of the venue will also be offered to NETS conference participants on Tuesday, October 9th with additional details available as part of the registration process.

Wishing you the best and thanks again for your dedication to road safety.
NETS 2018 STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Annual Conference
Early-bird Registration Open!

Share road safety case studies, new research and emerging issues with your employer road safety peers at the NETS 2018 Annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Benchmark Conference.

Preliminary topics planned for 2018 include:

  • The role of executive leadership in establishing AND sustaining a proactive road safety culture.
  • Best practice cases studies surrounding the topics of telematics, road safety training and green fleet strategies delivered by current NETS members and sponsors.
  • Benefits, risks and associated legal perspectives related to emerging technology and autonomous vehicles.
  • Best practice social responsibility and community outreach projects and strategies.
  • Deep dive review and statistical analysis of 2018 NETS Benchmark report including the latest findings and correlation of road safety leading and lagging indicators.

And more…

October 11th and 12th, 2018 at Omni Frisco Hotel
Frisco, Texas

Conference Registration:
$549 now through June 30th
$579 July 1st - September 3rd
$599 September 4th - conference
Gasoline Demand at Record Highs as Pump Prices Rise

The Energy Information Administration's (EIA) latest data registers consumer gasoline demand at 9.857 million b/d. That is the highest level ever on record for the month of April and exceeds typical summer demand measurements. As demand...

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Georgia Lawmakers Adopt Hands-free Driving Bill

It's already illegal in the state of Georgia to text and drive. Well, now state lawmakers have taken it a step further with a bill that would make even just holding your phone while driving against the law. State lawmakers passed House Bill 673 on...

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29% of Accidents Occur Within One Minute of Max Speed

A recent analysis of patterns in accident data finds that 29% of accidents happened within one minute of the driver reaching the maximum speed during their trip. The remaining 71% of accidents occurred within the first 10 minutes of reaching...

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Drivers in These States Are Most Likely to Be Distracted

Mississippi drivers are most likely to be distracted by their phones while behind the wheel, according to data from Everdrive. But there’s dangerous driving happening elsewhere in the country, too.

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Safety Leadership: Driving in the Safe Brain Lane

Have you ever arrived at work and found yourself unable to recall the details of your drive? Larry R. Russell, principal consultant for the Brain-Centric Reliability System at DEKRA Organizational Safety & Reliability, discusses this and other...

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Spring is Here: Wet Weather Driving Tips

Here are some tips you'll want to follow the next time you're caught driving in the rain. Safety starts before you drive, and your goal should be to see and be seen. Replace windshield wiper inserts that leave streaks or don't clear the glass in...

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Is Driving Now the Distraction?

Autonomy is poised to disrupt the automotive industry as we know it today. Large technology players, nuanced startups, automotive manufacturers and suppliers are developing automated driving features and driverless vehicles that have the...

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Which Cars Have Self-Driving Features for 2018?

Wish you could work or sleep while your car navigates rush hour? Dream on - just not behind the wheel. Despite steady news on self-driving cars, such vehicles still remain in prototype test fleets. Right now, no mass-produced vehicle can fully...

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Study Predicts 8 Million Autonomous Vehicles in 2025

Based on the current level of technology available, the market research company ABI has made the claim that in 2025, there will be eight million cars built for the consumer market that display autonomous (or semi-autonomous) capabilities.

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Report: A Vision for Achieving Zero Roadway Deaths by 2050

The US has made good progress in road safety over the long run, but incremental progress is no longer acceptable given the increasingly rapid advances in technology and the wealth of knowledge about how to prevent crashes. Inspired by the goals...

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IIHS Study: Locking Out Impaired Driving

Laws requiring all impaired-driving offenders to install alcohol interlocks reduce the number of impaired drivers in fatal crashes by 16 percent, a new IIHS study shows. If all states without such laws adopted them, more than 500 additional lives ...

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NEW NIOSH Infographic—Keep Officers Safe on the Road 

Motor vehicle-related incidents are a leading cause of on-the-job deaths for law enforcement officers in the U.S. This National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) resource, co-branded with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, recommends ways that officers can prevent crashes and injuries.

NHTSA Survey: Distracted Driving Attitudes and Behaviors

The 2015 National Survey on Distracted Driving Attitudes and Behaviors (released March 2018) assessed the extent to which drivers are distracted by various activities.

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AIP Foundation Awarded Grant for New Speed Reduction Program

The prestigious Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge has awarded AIP Foundation with a grant to implement Slow Zones, Safe Zones, our new two-year, city-wide road safety program focused on reducing speed in school zones in Pleiku City, Vietnam.

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ITF Speed and Crash Risk Report

The International Transport Forum is an intergovernmental organisation with 59 member countries. It acts as a think tank for transport policy.This study aims to document objectively the relationship between vehicle speed and crash risks.

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Austroads Report: Vehicles as Workplace

Work health and safety legislation in Australia and New Zealand defines vehicles as a workplace. Vehicle use in road traffic is by far the most significant contributor to work-related traumatic injury. This report discusses the context within...

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Secure Your Load Day:
June 6th, 2018

According to a recent study by the AAA Foundation for Safety, more than 200,000 crashes in the past four years were caused by road debris. What’s worse? The study showed that road debris resulted in approximately 39,000 injuries and 500 deaths between 2011 and 2014. Here’s another startling statistic: As a nation, we spend up to $11.5 billion on litter, and it is estimated that 20 to 40 percent of that litter is from unsecured loads.

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Cinco de Mayo: May 5
Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

Cinco de Mayo has become a night of fun and celebration in the United States – and a night of danger. Drunk driving on Cinco de Mayo threatens not just those enjoying the festivities, but others on the road as well. With these materials, your community can be made aware of the increased risk of drunk driving around Cinco de Mayo.

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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

For awareness materials from NHTSA’s Traffic Safety Marketing, go to:

Save the Date:
Global NCAP World Congress
September 26-27, 2018

For more information or to register, go to:

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