August 2021

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Message from NETS' Executive Director, Joe McKillips
Exciting times continue here at NETS! In just a few weeks on September 21 & 22, 2021 we will be hosting our second ever NETS Regional Road Safety Conference in Latin America (LATAM). This is a major undertaking and one which is designed to continue the expansion of NETS mission to reduce risk and save lives across the globe. As noted in previous conference broadcasts, this conference will be virtual allowing quick and efficient access for everyone. Final plans are falling in place at this very time with an impressive lineup of keynote, member and sponsor presentations where real-world solutions will be shared on some of the most pressing LATAM road safety challenges. The conference is certain to resonate with NETS members and non-members alike who carry a multi-national road safety footprint and we invite you to join us if your company fits that profile. Registration is open now through the conference!

Looking beyond our LATAM conference, planning efforts are also well underway for NETS Annual Strength IN NUMBERS® Fleet Safety Conference taking place October 19-21. This conference will also be held in a virtual format to provide greater accessibility for everyone. Record attendance during last year’s virtual conference provided yet another memorable experience and this year’s event promises to be one of our best on record as we continue to build momentum and attract some of the most respected road safety experts across the industry. Mark your calendars and register now!

As an additional reminder, NETS Sector meetings will be held again this year – for the third year in a row – the week after the annual conference to give members and sponsors an even deeper review of road safety issues and challenges within their respective industry sector. Road safety leaders from Agriculture, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV), Insurance and Utility organizations are expected to come together the week of October 25th for these value added meetings. As further details are finalized, meeting times and dates will be communicated to all. Read more about last year's sector meetings where updated information will be posted soon!

Thanks again to everyone for your continued dedication and commitment to road safety and I wish everyone continued success!
NETS 2021
Strength IN Numbers Benchmark and
LATAM Regional Satellite Conferences
Two great conferences, now more accessible to everyone in a virtual environment!

NETS 2nd Latin America (LATAM) Regional Road Safety conference represents a valuable opportunity to learn about the variety of road safety initiatives and challenges specific to the LATAM region.
Join us VIRTUALLY to share and learn about best practices and solutions across industries with other fleet safety managers who face similar challenges.
NETS annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Benchmark Conference convenes each year to bring together Global, Corporate, Government, and Non-profit employers. Conference participants include NETS member companies from diverse industries, representing a collective global fleet of more than half-a-million vehicles, ~80% passenger vehicles, that travel nearly 11 billion miles annually.

NETS Member Promotion
Current NETS member companies are encouraged to invite non-members to attend either conference. If the non-member company joins NETS, BOTH companies will receive ONE complimentary conference registration for either conference! 
Multiple Registrant Promotion
Organizations with 4 registered participants will receive complimentary registration for all additional attendees. Encourage your colleagues to attend!
For more information about NETS membership, please visit our membership page: Membership Information – Network of Employers for Traffic Safety
Contact Susan Gillies, NETS Marketing and Operations Director, for details.

NETS Sponsor Webinar Series:
Nuclear Verdicts: Out of Control or Controlling the Outcome?
In partnership with NETS, TRUCE, a NETS Platinum Sponsor, will be hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, September 15 from 2:00pm ET to 3:00pm ET

Nuclear verdicts are a rising cause for concern in commercial fleets. But what are nuclear verdicts and why are they increasing - both in quantity and size of jury awards? Where does distracted driving fit in? And what can commercial fleets and defense lawyers do to avoid runaway verdicts?
Join Joe Fried, Founding Partner of Fried Goldberg LLC, as he shares his experience as a plaintiff lawyer in cases involving nuclear-size verdicts with commercial fleets. Then learn about technology that automatically enforces your mobile device usage policy and prevents distracted driving – reducing exposure to potential nuclear verdicts.
During this webinar, you will learn:
  • What jurors react to that lead to nuclear verdicts – from driver actions to defense tactics.
  • Reasons why plaintiff’s lawyers have an advantage over defense lawyers.
  • Why cell phone policies don’t work without a level of enforcement.
  • What commercial fleets can do to prevent nuclear verdicts.
Joseph A. Fried
Founding Partner, Fried Goldberg LLC
Co-Founder, Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys
NETS is proud to partner with the following PLATINUM Fleet Safety Sponsors:

eDrivingSM helps organizations to reduce collisions, injuries, license violations and total cost of fleet ownership through a patented digital driver risk management program.
Mentor by eDriving is a smartphone-based solution that collects and analyzes driver behaviors most predictive of crash risk and helps remediate risky behavior by providing engaging, interactive micro-training modules delivered directly to the driver in the smartphone app. As part of a broader risk management platform, Virtual Risk Manager®, eDriving provides organizations with everything they need to establish safety as a strategic imperative, and support drivers and managers as they strive to create a crash-free culture®.
eDriving is the digital driver risk management partner of choice for many of the world’s largest organizations, supporting over 1,000,000 drivers in 96 countries. Over the past 25 years, eDriving’s research-validated programs have been recognized with over 100 awards around the world.

Mobile device distractions put employees in danger and companies at risk. So why would anyone settle for safety measures that simply report what went wrong, or only work when people remember to turn them on? TRUCE Software automatically suspends distracting mobile apps and functions depending on what your employee is doing, where they are working or even the workgroup they are part of. You define the policy and TRUCE ensures compliance when and where it’s needed. Supporting more than 100,000 subscribers and some of the largest brands worldwide, our patented technology is making workplaces everywhere safer.
Learn about all of NETS Fleet Safety Sponsors
Pandemic Set Off Deadly Rise in Speeding That Hasn't Stopped

Motorists put the pedal to the metal during the pandemic and police are worried as roads get busy with the final stretch of summer travel. The latest data shows the number of highway deaths in 2020 was the greatest in more...

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Eyes Up Phone Down: Road Safety Tips for the New School Year

Pay attention when behind the wheel. It is basic information, but it bears repeating, especially now that most schools are back in session. Ty Countryman is a Lakewood Police Department Traffic Agent who's seen nearly everything that can happen...

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Daily Infographic: Stats on Drowsy Driving

A drowsy driver is a dangerous driver. Research shows that nearly 83.6 million sleep-deprived people are in the workplace, at school, or driving.

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Seven Strategies to Reduce Preventable Accidents

When a driver reports being in an "accident," it implies that no one is at fault. And if no one is at fault, it can't be prevented. But the truth is that most crashes (a more apt term) are caused by specific driver actions or behaviors.

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Moving Toward a More Sustainable Transport

Transportation and industry are thriving sectors of the economy, and are increasingly critical as more manufacturing is brought to the United States and the demand for goods moving through the supply chain grows. From the middle- and heavy-duty...

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GM Rolls Out Buckle-up Feature

With highways deaths at a 15-year high, experts have pointed to a decline in seat belt usage - prompting safety advocates and auto manufacturers to look for ways to get people to buckle up again. General Motors, for one, has dusted off an idea...

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Toyota Debuts Mobile Collision Assistance Service

Toyota and Lexus drivers now have a new assistance service available to them in the moments following a collision. Collision Assistance, a just-in-time support service, is now available to drivers within the Toyota and Lexus mobile app.

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Mercedes Upgrades Car-To-X With Audible Pothole Warnings

The world is growing ever-closer through technology, and that certainly includes cars. Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to advanced automotive tech; it introduced vehicle communications to transmit warnings in 2013 and that evolved to become the...

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Bosch Addresses Semiconductor Supply Chains in Car Industry

German technology and engineering group Bosch, which is the world's largest car-parts supplier, believes semiconductor supply chains in the automotive industry are no longer fit for purpose as the global chip shortage rages on.

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NIOSH Behind the Wheel at Work: Actions to Protect Drivers

Behind the Wheel at Work is a quarterly eNewsletter from the NIOSH Center for Motor Vehicle Safety. It’s time to take a fresh look at what employers can add to their toolbox of policies and interventions to protect their employees who drive for work.

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NSC Urges All Employers to Require Employee COVID-19 Vaccine

The National Safety Council (NSC), the nation's leading workplace safety advocate, today urged all employers to implement a COVID-19 vaccination requirement for their workers and unveiled a guide outlining four levels of requirements ...

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Jennifer Homendy Sworn in as NTSB Chair

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently swore in Jennifer L. Homendy as its 15th chairperson. She is the fourth woman to lead the NTSB. Homendy joined the NTSB in 2018. She held positions with the American Iron and Steel...

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AFLA Elects Four Board Leaders

The Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) announced on July 28 that four members were recently elected and appointed to serve on their board. Matthew Betz, expert-fleet optimization at DTE Energy, will serve as secretary. "Throughout my...

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Highlights of Association Activity, FY 2021

GHSA's Annual Report highlights the Association's accomplishments for the 2021 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021).

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Road Safety Investment Potential Showcased to Insurers

In many countries, road crashes consume 75% of hospital capacity for treating head injuries. Insurance premiums and payouts account for 1 per cent of Gross Domestic Product. The impact of road crash fatalities and injuries on businesses and...

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Legal Groundwork Laid for Self-driving Cars on UK Roads

The UK government is developing legislation to permit autonomous cars to drive on public roads, which will address a range of issues such as insurance, liability and cybersecurity and establish a legal framework to govern driverless vehicles.

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AIP Foundation, AA Vietnam Highlight Road Safety Milestones

AIP Foundation and AA Vietnam Founder and President, Mr. Greig Craft attended the FIA Conference 2021. He joined FIA Member's Club Presidents, senior executives representing FIA-affiliated organizations, and global leaders ...

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Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety: 30 km/h Decree

In Peru in July, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications decreed a new traffic regulation (Supreme Decree No. 025-2021-MTC), which among a raft of other changes, modifies maximum speeds in urban areas set out in the national traffic...

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AFLA 2021 Corporate Fleet Conference

Emerge stronger in the coming year and join your peers at the AFLA 2021 Corporate Fleet Conference. Don’t miss out on this 3-day education program filled with strategy-focused sessions such as Industry Forecast, Multimodal Strategies, and Safety, plus an entire day discussing EV – from Infrastructure to Assets.
2021 NSC Congress & Expo: October 8-14, 2021 in Orlando, FL

For more than 100 years, safety, health and environmental professionals have turned to this world's largest annual safety event for industry-leading technology, education, networking opportunities and the tried and true products and services...

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Child Passenger Safety Week: September 19-25

On average, two children under 13 were killed, and an estimated 351 were injured every day in 2019 while riding in cars, SUVs, pickups, and vans. NHTSA has launched a new series of public service ads (PSAs) that urge parents and caregivers to...

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National Teen Driver Safety Week: October 17-23

This week, and every week, parents should have conversations with their teens about the important rules they need to follow to stay safe behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

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