January 2022

Summaries of timely road safety news, events, and alerts
Message from NETS' Executive Director,
Susan Gillies

As the clock struck midnight last month on December 31st, many of us were thinking of resolutions for the coming year to improve our lives and make ourselves better, adamant that we would finally this year achieve our goals: eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight, save more and spend less, learn a new skill or hobby. While admirable, those goals don’t often stay in focus for very long. According to one recent study, most people give up on those goals on average just 17.8 days into the new year!
For those of us in the traffic safety world we have goals too, and with lives at stake we can’t give up on them so easily. We have seen some rather sobering traffic safety statistics (particularly in the United States) the last couple of years during this on-going COVID-19 pandemic. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that motor vehicle traffic fatalities in the United States increased 18.4% the first half of 2021 compared to 2020, the largest increase we’ve seen in that time period since 2006. Global traffic statistics have fared slightly better, thanks in part to lockdowns during the pandemic.

Many organizations have set goals and implemented initiatives toward improving these numbers including the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030, Vision Zero, Road to Zero Coalition and the recently released U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Roadway Safety Strategy.

What road safety goals do you have in your own organization?
How do you plan to keep employees safe this year while driving?

NETS’ mission is to advance road safety among all drivers, employees and their families, and the communities where employees live and work. In line with our mission, we will be focusing on the following goals this year:

  • Greater user capabilities and overall system efficiencies for NETS Benchmark participants for the 2nd year in a row using the new data input system
  • Enhanced NETS Member benefits to include launch of the Road Safety Leadership Playbook and updated NETS Members-Only Forum features
  • Increased engagement in sector collaboration through on-going NETS member sector meetings
  • Expanded focus on the Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) sector
  • Hosting our annual Strength IN Numbers® road safety conference in October in a hybrid environment to allow optimal participation for both in-person and virtual attendance
  • Additional NETS resources available to all road safety advocates such as podcasts, blogs, and road safety campaign toolkits
  • Continued engagement with international partners to increase focus and advocate for the private sector role in global road safety

More details will be shared as available throughout the year on each of these initiatives.

According to the study mentioned above, in order to have a better chance of success, goals need to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

So let’s be smart in sticking to our road safety goals this year and have a plan in place because “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Happy New Year and Safe Driving!
Susan Gillies
Executive Director, NETS
Successful January Agriculture Sector Meeting!

Thank you to Syngenta and Cargill for coordinating the meeting! Over 30 NETS members attended to discuss road safety related to the Ag Sector. The meeting recording is now available on NETS' website. Stay tuned for more sector meetings this year!

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NETS Members-Only Forum has a new look!
The Forum has been updated for an improved end-user experience!
  • Collaborative interface and cleaner design
  • Personalized postings include your company name and optional profile picture
  • Easier linking in Forum email notifications for optimal viewing of topics and replies
  • Persistent navigation to NETS website and social media in Forum emails
  • Controlled notifications to adjust your Forum notification preferences
  • Subscribe to Forum topics to receive instantaneous replies
NETS Members are invited to add a Forum profile pic for increased networking.
It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Login to NETS website and go to "My Account"
2. Click "Profile Image"
3. Upload your picture
The Forum is just ONE of your NETS Members-only benefits! Thank you for being a NETS member and working to advance road safety.
NETS is proud to partner with the following PLATINUM Fleet Safety Sponsors:

eDriving, a Solera company, helps organizations around the world to reduce incidents, collisions, injuries, license violations, carbon emissions, and total cost of fleet ownership through its patented digital driver risk management programs.

At its heart is the Mentor by eDrivingSM smartphone app that identifies risky driving behaviors for intervention and safe driving habits for recognition. In-app features include micro-training and coaching, gamification, collision reporting, vehicle inspections, and an individual FICO® Safe Driving Score validated to predict the likelihood of being involved in a collision. Mentor’s integrated automatic crash detection and Personal SOS features powered by Sfara and Bosch trigger a voice call and emergency support, as needed, from one of Bosch’s Global Call Centers supporting >50 countries. Through its five-stage, patented Crash-Free Culture® risk reduction methodology, eDriving helps organizations embrace safety and reduce risk for Sales, Service, Delivery and Warehouse drivers, all within a privacy-first, data-secure environment.

eDriving is the digital driver risk management partner of choice for many of the world’s largest organizations, supporting over 1.2 million drivers in 125 countries. Over the past 25 years, eDriving’s research-validated programs have been recognized with over 100 awards around the world.

Mobile device distractions put employees in danger and companies at risk. So why would anyone settle for safety measures that simply report what went wrong, or only work when people remember to turn them on? TRUCE Software automatically suspends distracting mobile apps and functions depending on what your employee is doing, where they are working or even the workgroup they are part of. You define the policy and TRUCE ensures compliance when and where it’s needed. Supporting more than 100,000 subscribers and some of the largest brands worldwide, our patented technology is making workplaces everywhere safer.
Learn about all of NETS Fleet Safety Sponsors
National U.S. Roadway Safety Strategy​ Released

The United States Department of Transportation National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) outlines the Department's comprehensive approach to significantly reducing serious injuries and deaths on our Nation's highways, roads, and streets. This is...

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These States Haven't Adopted Bare Minimum Road Safety Laws

More than 40 states have failed to adopt common-sense laws that advocates say would prevent many of the most easily avoidable crash deaths - and that reluctance to do the bare minimum doesn’t bode well for those states’ potential to more ...

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Where Have All The Truck Drivers Gone?

The thing Mickey Weaver hears most from prospective truck drivers is that they want to be home every night. The second thing they want is money, but, he says, it's funny - a lot of people are willing to sacrifice the money to be home daily. But...

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Many Drinkers Fuzzy About When They've Reached Their Limit

Up to half of individuals whose breath alcohol concentration is over the legal limit to operate a vehicle may overestimate their ability to drive, which could trigger "devastating consequences," according to a recent study...

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Invest In A New Safety Beginning - 6 Steps To Safe Driving

Even the best motivational experts admit changing habits is harder than it seems. Getting employees to increase their safe-driving behaviors takes time, patience, commitment and measurement. We recommend bringing ...

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How to Reduce Your Fleet Vehicles' Idle Time

Idle time can apply to any asset - such as machinery, employees or vehicles - that should be engaged in productive work, but is instead forced to wait for various reasons. Idle time is a valuable measure of the time a company pays for work that...

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Women Are More Likely To Die Or Be Injured In Car Crashes

We live in a world designed for men. The top shelves in many supermarkets are too high for many women to reach. Many cellphones are too big for an average woman’s hand. And because women’s bodies have a lower metabolic resting rate than men’s, the...

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VW and Bosch Team Up to Develop Self-Driving Software

Having recently announced a partnership to develop EV batteries, Volkswagen (VW) and Bosch have solidified their alliance further by promoting a new collaboration on self-driving technologies. The deep dive of VW and Bosch into automotive...

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Self-Driving Car Technology from FAU Wins Second Patent

The idea of a self-driving car can be intimidating to people who question what their experience as a passenger would be like in an autonomous vehicle. So, what if the passenger could choose exactly how their vehicle would behave? That's the idea...

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How Automakers Can Stop Humans from Over-Relying on Tech

Automakers aren't doing enough to ensure that drivers are ready to take over if their vehicles' self-driving features make mistakes, an auto-industry group argues, re-igniting a debate about who should be held accountable when the drivers of...

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NSC Statement on USDOT National Roadway Safety Strategy

The National Safety Council is thrilled with the National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) announced Wednesday by the US Department of Transportation. Specifically, NSC is happy to see the department has publicly committed to a goal...

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Preparation for Automated Vehicle Technology

GHSA's new report examines how law enforcement officials, other first responders and crash scene investigators can better prepare for automated vehicle technology and outlines curriculum recommendations to improve training on rapidly changing...

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African-American Seat Belt Safety Toolkit

Motor vehicle crashes remain the primary cause of death for African-Americans 24 years old and younger. While many African-Americans understand the risks of not wearing a seat belt, 56% of those killed in motor vehicle crashes were unbuckled.

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Summary Of Motor Vehicle Crashes

In 2019 there were an estimated 6,756,000 police-reported traffic crashes in which 36,096 people were killed and an estimated 2,740,000 people were injured. This fact sheet contains information on fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes based on ...

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Drivers Wary of EU Speed Limiters

SPEED limiters are set to be introduced in July despite safety concerns, as new research shows 80 percent of UK drivers would be unwilling to buy a car with a speed limiter fitted. Some manufacturers have already begun equipping new motors with...

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Join Brake, the Global Road Safety Charity

More than 1.3 million people die on the world’s roads every year, and road crashes are the leading cause of death for young people aged 5–29. Brake's vision is a world where everyone moves in a safe and healthy way, as part of our normal day.

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Private Sector Partnership Opportunity with UN Road Safety Fund:
Join UNRSF's Global Partnership to End the Road Safety Crisis

The UN Road Safety Fund is based around partnerships between organizations worldwide that care about making roads safer for people in lower- and middle-income countries. Unsafe traffic and road conditions are a major cause of preventable deaths.

The Fund has helped elevate critical aspects of national road safety systems in 30 countries across 5 regions. This is a good start, but it is not enough when we consider that there are 125 low- and middle-income countries in need of road safety expertise. Mobilizing additional funding could ensure support to 60 new countries, bringing the total of UNRSF supported countries to 90 by the end of 2025.

Who Can Donate to the Fund?
Donors may include:
  • Governments making financial contributions to the Fund
  • Companies making financial contributions to the Fund
  • Companies using consumer-facing (merchandise, round-up or check-out) fundraising linked to "donate on the Fund's website
  • Foundations making financial contributions to the Fund
  • Individuals making financial contributions through “donate” on the Fund’s website

To learn more about the Call for Replenishment for the United Nations Road Safety Fund 2022-2025, please visit: https://roadsafetyfund.un.org

International Road Assessment (iRAP) Tools and Resources

The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a registered charity dedicated to saving lives by eliminating high risk roads throughout the world. iRAP works in partnership with governments, road authorities, mobility clubs, development banks, NGOs and research organisations.

The following road safety resources are available at no charge and can be used by private sector organisations for optimal route management; safe school journeys; and reducing road injuries and fatalities.

Super Bowl Drunk Driving Campaign

Super Bowl LVI is Sunday, February 13, 2022. Each year, the Super Bowl garners millions of viewers, with many taking the opportunity to cheer on their favored team with a night out or by attending a party.

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Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities

Lifesavers is the premier U.S. highway safety meeting dedicated to reducing the tragic toll of deaths and injuries on our nation’s roadways. Register now for March13-15 conference...

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Save the Date! NAFA Institute & Expo

The premier professional development and networking event that brings together fleet professionals from across North America in every segment including corporate, government, public safety, utility, ...

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Save the Date!
2022 NSC Congress & Expo

For more than 100 years, safety, health and environmental professionals have turned to the world's largest annual safety event for industry-leading technology, education, networking opportunities and the tried and true products and services needed to stay at the forefront and remain competitive within the industry. Mark your calendars for September 16-22 in San Diego.

Save the Date!
2022 AFLA Conference

Join AFLA for their 2022 Corporate Fleet Conference in Tucson, AZ. The conference will begin Monday, October 10, 2022 with networking opportunities that evening. All sessions will begin on Tuesday, October 11th with the conference concluding at 12pm on Thursday, October 13th. Mark your calendars now to join us for "Forward Together."

Do you have a particularly successful road safety example to share? NETS Members are encouraged to share best practices, ask questions or contribute their expertise to the NETS Road Safety Leaders Forum, an online discussion forum exclusively for NETS Members and Sponsors. Not yet a member? Check out the benefits at https://trafficsafety.org/membership-info/.
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