Community Stakeholders Report 
Quarter Four - 2019
From the Desk of the CEO

Eyes Looking Forward at the  End of the Quarter

Final Months of 2019, Much of the Year Saw Attention Given to the Big Picture

The final quarter Newsletter of any given year can be an awkward, redundant exercise considering the grand effort many organizations go to in putting out an Annual Report right about the same time. Although our Newsletters focus on their respective quarters, it is almost impossible not to take a year back on the full year on that last one; I guess we all get a little nostalgic as we usher in a new year. So, rather than simply write the annual report twice, it is attached here and we will have a very abbreviated newsletter.
The final quarter of 2018 gave us much cause for celebration and, more importantly, some hope and optimism for the upcoming months. The content within the Annual Report - titled The Big Picture - that discusses our product development efforts is probably the best example of what gives me this hope. Our property development committee, staff, and city and county partners have identified several properties we currently own or control and others for consideration to purchase. Without increasing our inventory, we stand little chance to significantly uplift our community and region. Work on Aerospace Park continues and we look to have that property, all 166 acres of it, on line and ready for business next year. (About 50 acres is already developed and available.) As much potential for a game-changing event as that site has, our region cannot rest solely on that park.
Speaking of our region, our work toward a more formal, unified relationship or perhaps even structure with NeTREP to better market and grow Northeast Tennessee has picked up the pace over the past quarter. Look for that trend to continue in 2020.
This past year, admittedly, did not produce the job numbers of the previous five years. Many things outside of our control occurred to slow prospect activity, but it served as a reminder to be aggressive and purposeful in what we can influence and change. And as we continue to improve - our workforce, our properties, our structures, policies, and strategies - our yearly reviews will continue to be gratifying in the work that was done and give us confidence in what lies ahead.

The Big Picture: Focus on Regionalism, Product Development, Workforce & Education


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January 8, 2020

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