rediscover a simplified
Weight Watchers®
we're simplifying our program
to give you the most livable weight loss plan you can get!
starting today, november 14th
the plan is called:
the Weight Watchers program

why? for you to...
Weight Watchers

... and how the simplicity of this program evolution will make it easier for you to follow and achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight Watchers
and the new Member benefits

  • Greater simplicity

  • (Even) Stronger community connections

  • (Still) Tailored to the Member

  • Sharing in your Workshop is more fun because everyone is on the same plan

You will be super excited, and we at Weight Watchers of Philadelphia can’t wait to see you thrive in achieving your weight loss goals.

here's how we have evolved:

• A simpler app experience

• A new daily Points Budget for every member

• The same ZeroPoint foods list for all members*

• 200+ ZeroPoint foods you don’t need to weigh, measure, or track

• Ability to add weekly Points by tracking activity

rediscover Weight Watchers ... results you can see.
health you can feel; take it from our members ...

rediscover Weight Watchers
and what the simplified program is all about

Weight Watchers helps you lose weight and get healthy for life, with a science-based program. You are never deprived. You eat your favorite foods.

Your Coach gets it.
Your Workshop team gives you a foundation of knowledge and confidence that you can do it. You can accomplish your goals.

As a Weight Watchers Member you are part of a community of people much like yourself. You'll see success in losing weight ... together.

Weight Watchers kept all the things you love about the plan and simplified them ...
how it works
(Hint: No foods are off limits!)
We use a system no one else does. You lose weight as you enjoy your favorite foods. We know for a weight loss program to work, it has to work for each individual Member. Your Points Budget is tailored and calculated on your age, height, weight, and sex.

meet the Point

The Points system takes a food’s specific nutritional info and turns it into a single number.
recipe below

get your plan

Using you daily and weekly points budget create a livable plan that includes your favorites.

make healthier choices

Points gently nudge you to eat more nutritious foods and help you find portion sizes that are right for you.
recipe below

find your community

Meet Members face-to-face at Workshops, Celebrate you! Share tips, recipes and solutions for common challenges.

deb w
general manager and voice of philadelphia

Dear WW Philadelphia Member,
In decades of being a Weight Watchers Member, I have seen quite a few program changes. For me, it has been pretty easy to have confidence in the plans knowing the plan is science-based and tested. Every Weight Watchers plan works when we work it, even that one that required 5 fish meals, three beef meals, and one liver meal, and a huge list of what to NEVER eat.
Well, there was that one plan, a very short-lived one, called the Freedom Plan with Weekends Off. Who in their right mind would give me a plan and tell me to follow it strictly during the week but eat whatever I wanted without any tracking for the weekend? Good Greif!
The program that is coming to Members today is jammed packed with the best science and nutrition, easy to follow, and less tracking. Two hundred plus ZeroPoint foods that are nutritional powerhouses that you don't count, measure, or weigh. One qualification for a ZeroPoint food is that it have a low potential of overeating it. I find that true. I remember when fruits were first introduced as being unlimited and some Members were concerned. I asked, did you really get overweight because you ate too much fruit? Nope, they hadn’t and neither had I. The best part of Weight Watchers today, every food is on the menu.
Rediscover Weight Watchers (Soon, real soon) and give yourself the gift of a healthier life.
Be Brave, Stay Kind and Do Good,
Deb Wright
General Manager
Voice of Philadelphia

Weight Watchers four pillars will continue to be
the most integral part of your healthy weight loss program
eat real food!
move it! ready? set? go!
get your mind set!
go to bed! get those 8!

lets review what's new
... and what you know
(Hint: there's a reward at the end!)

We use a system no one else does,
so you’ll lose weight as you continue enjoying your favorite foods–the foods you love.

program name: The new name is:
The Weight Watchers program.

the Points system: Weight Watchers Points food plan is NOT changing! Eat the foods you most enjoy and still lose weight.
currency: The currency Members use is Points.
one simple number: Points uses the latest nutritional science to simplify
complex food data into one easy-to-use number ... that's the POINT!

guidance: Your daily and weekly Points Budget helps guide you to a healthy pattern of eating.
healthy foods: You'll enjoy foods that are higher in fiber, protein, unsaturated fats (the good fats) and lower in sugar.

ZeroPoint foods: 200+ ZeroPoints foods which are the same for all Members.
Foods for everyone.* Categories on the general list are: Non-starchy veggies, fruit, chicken and turkey, fish and shellfish, eggs, non- fat cottage cheese and yogurt, beans, peas & lentils, tofu & tempeh, corn and popcorn.

tailored budgets: Members are still going to receive a tailored Points Budget
calculated on: age, height, weight and sex assigned at birth.
weeklies and rollovers: Weeklies and rollovers provide flexibility and livability for you. Your Points Budget will continue to be made up of daily Points and Weekly Points with rollovers! Everything is still on the menu.
diabetic program name: Diabetics-Tailored Plan.
living with diabetes: Members who indicate living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes will be placed on the Diabetes-Tailored Plan.
how it's tailored
The way that the food plan is tailored to diabetes is through the ZeroPoint food list. The ZeroPoint food list for the Diabetic Tailored Plan includes six groups. In addition, they will have content, including recipes, tailored to Members living with diabetes.
*ZeroPoint food categories on the Diabetes-Tailored Plan are: Non-starchy veggies, Poultry, Fish & shellfish, Eggs, Beans, peas & lentils, Tofu & tempeh.

well done! now for your reward:
a sample of the thousands of Points-friendly recipes waiting for you to try once you're a Member!
Szechuan peanut noodles
Air fried Baja fish tacos
Mini Brownie cupcakes
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