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Circuit Protection
As the longest-standing distributor of Maretron products in the US, Gemeco is excited to officially announce the availability of the new MPower® Switching Platform from Maretron, a Carling Technologies Brand.

Unlike many digital switching systems on the market today, MPower’s underlying technology has already been seriously field-tested by Carling Technologies in multiple markets including transportation.

If you’re a technical dealer, a custom builder, or a savvy DIY boat owner already familiar with Maretron’s vast monitoring & control ecosystem, MPower delivers impressive distributed power and digital switching capabilities that integrate well with an N2K system you likely already service or own.
Watch the Maretron MPower Video
The new MPower® Digital Switching Platform delivers simple, intuitive control over the increasingly complex power systems found on today’s vessels. The result is a safer, more enjoyable
boating experience.
MPower Training - Build. Analyze. Integrate.
Creating an MPower Digital Switching system is simple, thanks to Maretron’s award-winning configuration tools and NMEA 2000 gateways.

An MPower network can be designed in N2KBuilder® V3, a powerful, free PC-based software used to plan, document, and validate the design of complex NMEA 2000® networks. In addition, N2KBuilder® V3 will directly produce a Bill of Materials (BOM) for Maretron products, eliminating guesswork and transcription errors. Maretron recently added an M-Power Tab containing MPower builder information for MPower devices (VMM, CKM, CLMD12,CBMD12 and CLMD16). And with the latest release of N2KBuilder® V3 configuration information from the planning stage can be exported directly to N2KAnalyzer® V3.

Stay tuned for MPower training opportunities and details on becoming a certified MPower dealer.
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