Tuesday, March 29, 2016
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Upgrade lifetime licenses to Universal subscriptions!

My customers are always teaching me things!  This past week several customers asked for something and I realized it was a good idea.  
Originally our Item #2999 was simply to Upgrade Basic Subscriptions to Universal Subscriptions, which is why it was priced at $20, the difference in price between the two subscriptions.  

But this week several customers thought that the upgrade applied to "lifetime licenses" bought prior to June of 2015.  And while I was trying to explain why it didn't, it occurred to me that it should!  Owners of lifetime licenses already purchased the basic 1s- 9s four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  If they were just like owners of a basic subscription, then why shouldn't they get the same deal?  So here's our new deal.  

If you own a "lifetime license" to Rocket Math, that you purchased before last June, you can order item #2999 Upgrade Basic to Universal subscription.  When I see that you don't already have a basic subscription I'll look you up in the old database of previous customers.  If I can find you, I'll give you a Universal subscription.  If I can't find you, I'll send you an email and we'll see if we can find the name or email under which you made your lifetime license purchase.  If you haven't seen all the cool stuff that is now available in the Universal Subscription you should.  

We have Rocket Writing for Numerals, Add to 20 (13+4, 5 + 15, etc.), Skip Counting, 10s, 11s, 12s in both Multiplication and Division, Factors, and Integers, with more to come.  We have the chapters of Administrator and Coach handbook, as well as Award certificates in color and black and white.  We have FAQs broken out by question so you can quickly find your answers.  We have a new Individual Student Graph that is adaptable for different level students.  You really should try it. 

Finally, if you have been scrolling through the pdf file over and over to find the sheets you need to print out, you're going to love our "filing cabinet on the web."  It is so much easier to use, you won't believe it. 

Use Coupon Code  UPGRADE15%OFF when you order.
Offer Expires 5/31/2016. Item #2999  Upgrade  a Basic to a Universal Subscription, normal price of $20 is discounted, may be used more than once.
Twitter posting of a completed Rocket Math Chart for the Addition app!

Chase has mastered all addition facts! 

Send me your photos!  
HOME versions of Rocket Math Apps now available .  
Rocket Math HOME
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Works the same at the school versions, but with a $2.99 in-app purchase to continue past Level K.
Rocket Math HOME
Multiplication App
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Video Clip of the Week

Letting the students know this important!

Rocket Math
Addition App
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and for a 50% discount in Apple's Volume Purchase Plan for Education.
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Rocket Math
Multiplication App
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and for a 50% discount in Apple's Volume Purchase Plan for Education.
Question of the week
My son is in third grade and is still counting on his fingers to figure out math facts.  I was wondering if I could order Rocket Math to help him learn math facts at home?

Dr. Don answers:
Yes, parents are welcome to purchase the basic subscription for the worksheet version of Rocket Math off our website for $29.  BUT, you might want to consider using our Flashcards instead, which are $24 per operation, but don't require any printing of worksheets. 

Another question we get: 
If Rocket Math is good enough for teachers to use in schools, why isn't it a good idea for me at home?
You should know that Rocket Math is set up on worksheets so that teachers can give a one minute timed test to all the students in class at one time.  Rocket Math involves a lot of printing.  The worksheets save a lot of time for the classroom teacher.  But it might not be necessary for you to do at home.

Let me explain the point of the one-minute tests on the worksheets in Rocket Math.  The teacher needs to make sure that each student can instantly recall all the facts learned so far, before giving them any more facts to learn.  Each child has individual goals to "pass" a worksheet.  The goals are based on the child's writing speed. The plan is that the goal will be just right for all the students, requiring them to write answers to the facts, just as fast as they can. When a student can answer facts as fast as he or she can write, this lets the teacher know the student is not hesitant on any of the facts learned so far. That tells the teacher that the student should "pass" on to the next worksheet, to get some more facts to learn. 
All the work of sheets and testing is designed to find out if the student is hesitant on answering any of the facts learned so far.  If not hesitant, the student is ready for more facts to learn.  If still hesitant on some of the facts, the student needs more practice before getting any more new facts.  

You can easily determine this in seconds with a one-on-one oral test using flashcards. The worksheets are needed to deal with a bunch of children at once. If you have your child with you at home, one-on-one, the flashcards make more sense.   You are welcome to download the directions for the flashcards for free off our website.  Then you'll know how to use them most effectively.  I will mail a box of Flashcards to you (priority mail) for only $24.

The only time I'd recommend parents order the Rocket Math worksheet curriculum is if they need to back-up Rocket Math in school.  And even then I'd rather see parents working off the sheets already run off in the school.  If you're not trying to help your child "pass" Rocket Math in school, the flashcards are more fun, more intimate, and more flexible.   
I hope this helps.   

Hidden gem of the week
(Something you might never have noticed!)
Item 2013:


A set of four sheets of micro-perforated tabs to help you organize your Rocket Math crate.  Includes all the tabs you need: A-Z and 1-5 for the 2-minute timings, as well as tabs for student forms, directions, and answer keys.  These just tear out and fold back--ready to put into those little plastic whatcha-ma-callums that go in the top of the hanging files.  Each set will organize four crates.             

NOTE TO PRINCIPALS:  A nice inexpensive treat to save your teacher's time.  
Thank you for your interest in Rocket Math.  I created it to help students be more successful, gain confidence and enjoy math more.  Let me know how else I can help.  Feel free to call me with any questions you have or send me an email to don@rocketmath.com
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