Hello {First Name},
Mother's Day is a great time to show mom, or your grandmother your appreciation with a warm gesture and a small gift to make her feel special.  

This newsletter is devoted to helping you find a unique gift... w hether your looking to pamper mom with beauty products, fashion, skin care, or something for the home. There are a lot of great suggestions for even the youngest of children to afford to buy for mom too.

I am happy to say that most of the items and lines in this newsletter are NEW and where not here during our busy Christmas gift season - hope you like our selections!
Pamper Mom
As beautiful as a slice of cake; these soaps are luxurious, and preservative free. Handmade in the USA. 

Ingredients: purified water, saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm, shea butter, sunflower, lye, mica, select essential and/or fragrance oils.
Turban Hair Towels
These hair drying turban wraps dry your 20x faster than an ordinary towel.

Less time blow drying saves you time and keeps your hair healthy, softer, and fuller
Flower Petal Soap
Yes, soap - these beautifully crafted floral soaps make a luxurious gift for mom. She can throw a few petals into a relaxing bath.
Beauty Accessories
This vintage floral design on the eye masks, compact mirrors and nail files make ordinary items dainty and feminine.
A luxury candy for grownups to celebrate any occasion

This hugely popular line is hard to find in Canada, an excellent party favour or a gift for a thank you, hostess or birthday, or a nice indulgence for mom.

  • But First, Rosé: Made with Rosé wine from Provence, these refreshing gummy roses are the perfect treat 
  • Peach Bellini: Peach with a pucker. These all-natural heart gummies are filled with juicy peach nectar, then dusted in sweet and sour crystals  
  • Champagne Bears: Made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne, these sophisticated bears sparkle in favors of Brut and Rosé 
Farmhouse Fresh
Known for their delectable fragrances and effective formulas; this best selling line can help mom relax, unwind, and feel rejuvenated.

For those who are not familiar with FarmHouse Fresh, the lineup of products is so unique and pure that they have been praised by Oprah Winfrey and the beauty experts at many magazines, as well as being voted numerous times by spas, hotels and resorts as one of the  Top 5 Favorite Bodycare Lines.

Farm House Fresh products are made with homegrown ingredients from U.S. farms and are up to 99.6% natural.
*Everything is Paraben & Sulfate FREE
* fragrances are all phthalate free  
*most are vegan
*No animal testing (PETA Cruelty Free Certified)

NEW FarmHouse Fresh products are featured below:

Body Oil
  • Made with blackcurrant extract and rich in vitamin C - perfect for replenishing skin's softness and thirst
  • Blackcurrant extract has anti-oxidative properties that help restore skin's natural glow
  • Put this on after a shower and your body will love you for it
A` La Mode
All-Purpose Balm
  • Rehydrates chapped lips, knuckles, knees, and hands
  • Pure shea, mango and cocoa butter balm
  • A tip from the FHF team is to apply this to your outer eye area before bedtime, your skin will wake fully hydrated with fewer wrinkles
  • Old fashioned vanilla churned ice cream scent
Moon Dip
Back to Youth
Body Mousse
  • delivery of uncompromising youthdom from top performing, deep-wrinkle peptides that visibly firm the look of skin over time.
  • Vitamin-rich emollient oils to add hydration and suppleness
  • It loves neck lines and sun-kissed chests, arms, and legs, smoothing the look of wrinkles and dull, uneven textures.
Buttermilk Lavender
Steeped Milk Lotion Travel Tube
  • Soft and sleepy blend of buttermilk, coconut milk and steeped infusion of organic lavender flowers
  • Good for those with eczema as the formula creates a barrier that helps to alleviate eczema irritations
Pedi Delight Gift Set
  • Honey Heel Glaze (Begin with to buff away the rough)
  • Lightweight Honey Lavender Sea Salt Scrub (Rinse, then smooth on this genuine honey and aloe leaf juice serum)
  • Honey-Chai Steeped Milk Lotion (finish with this; infused with organic cardamon and coconut milk lotion to leave your feet ready to take on the day)
Mighty Tighty Tumeric & Banana Tightening Mask
  • Antioxidant-rich blend of turmeric, fresh bananas, and New York grown echinacea extract

  • formulated to tighten skin and diminish lines, while giving you radiant skin

Peat Perfection Face Mask
  • Years in the making for a magical moment on your face
  • Peat mud is flush with organic bio-nutrients that developed over thousands of years from plants and minerals
  • Rapidly relieves and instantly soothes skin irritations
  • Good for sensitive, dry & dehydrated skin. Also good for acneic skin.
Brandy Pear
Sea Salt
Body Polish

  • 1 pound of pears, crushed and fermented help distill the brandy in each jar
  • Includes fine grain sea salt and rice bran oil to leave you with extremely soft and glistening skin
  • Recommended for all skin types to remove rough skin
Aromatherapy Necklaces
Sold out of this popular gift item for moms at Christmas time.

  • Made from surgical grade stainless steel with a magnetic clasp making the pendant resistant to tarnishing and the pads stays locked in place

  • Simply add 1 or 2 drops of your favourite essential oil to the pad and you are ready to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy all day

  • 6 washable pads, in 6 different colours included

  • 24 inch long chain
Finesse Essential Oils
Finesse Home has been a trusted supplier of essential oils for the spa industry for over 20 years. They have built a reputation for supplying
the highest quality,
first distilled,
100% pure essential oils free of artificial carriers and diluents,
each oil is from the country from which that  plant is native to

In doing my research, this was the only company that could trace their oils back to the actual European distilleries for the highest quality.

As well, we also stock Finesse Home's high quality carrier oils (add a few drops of essential oil for massages and skin applications) that are used by massage therapists and Spa's across Canada.
Kool Woman
Formulated to give a cooling sensation to the skin and help ease hot flashes.

  • Jojoba oil
  • Mentha piperita
  • Salvia officinalis
  • Menthol

Rub onto wrists or temples for best results
Headache Relief Roll-On
Designed to relieve headache pain.

  • Mentha piperita
  • Jojoba oil
Destress Roll-On
Formulated to transport you away from your troubles and stress.

  • Lavender
  • Sweet fennel
  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile Roman essential oil blended with jojoba oil
Essential Oil
  • Antiseptic
  • Relaxing and soothing
  • Rejuvenating
  • Highly versatile oil eases tired muscles, balances head tension and soothes sensitive skin (with a carrier oil).
Essential Oil
  • Mood uplifter
  • Boosts confidence
  • One of the best remedies against anxiety, laryngitis, mental tension, headache, cough, depression, labour pains and sensitive skin
Fashion & Accessories
A variety of styles to suit every mom and every occasion:

  • Totes
  • Unique eye catching handbags
  • Cross body
  • Shoulder bags
  • Available in a variety of colours and styles
The Casery
What Fashionista mom wouldn't want one of these beautiful cases?

Showing off your signature style shouldn't be limited to just the clothing and accessories in your wardrobe. That's why this popular American brand makes high-quality, fashionable phone cases with trend forward designs. You bring your favorite device with you everywhere, so it might as well look good.

  • Drop-tested from all angles and provide the ultimate protection without adding bulk.
  • Made of top quality German Baylor plastic with a matte finish to keep your case scratch free.

Available in iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, 8 plus and X, in multiple styles.
Erimish Bracelets
Rose Gold Stack
Bolt Stack
Dream Catcher Stack
Erimish is a creative blend of natural stones, crystal stones and Czech crystal. Pre-made into co-ordinating stacks to wear on all occassions.

• Stacks can be worn together or seperately as they are not connected
• The natural stones are perfect for the upcoming seasons
• Erimish is made to mix and blend with all types/brands of bracelets you already own
• They make perfect gifts
ReadeREST keeps your glasses always within arm's reach.
  • Magnetic eyeglass holder
  • Multi-functional, can be used as an ID badge holder or to manage your ear buds
  • Attaches directly to your shirt to avoid scratches, breaking and losing your glasses
Now that the weather isn't freezing, these light weight scarves are a perfect accessory for any outfit.

  • infinity scarves
  • stripes
  • polka dots
  • patterns
Credit Card Wallets
These hard to find credit card wallets are perfect gifts for moms

  • Fits cards, money and has an ID window

  • Slim enough to fit into a purse to easily keep track of all your cards
Organic Cotton
Night Gowns
Organic cotton night gowns are hard to find. These night gowns have pretty hand-crocheted details and are perfect to keep mom cool and comfortable all summer.

  • Lots of styles to choose from
  • sm, m, l, xl xxl
  • cap sleeve, sleeveless, full sleeve, 1/2 sleeve
  • Long, mid length, or short
Each has its own unique feminine flair that Mom will love
While we have expanded our selection in clothing, our quanitites still remain limited - so don't delay if there is something your are eyeing. "

Summer is almost here and there's no better time to help get mom's summer wardrobe in order. We have options to flatter everyone:
  • florals, solids, denim and, ombré
  • casual daytime or dressy evenings
  • capris, casual and palazzo pants
  • off the shoulder, cold shoulders, tank tops, long and multiple layering tops
  • variety of fabrics including cotton, linen and bamboo
Glamorous Pens
The most glam desk accessory are these jewelled pens. Choose either an empowering saying or a gemstone back to complete Mom's desk or purse.. The nice thing - no one can take it because you can identify it (I lasted the entire Atlanta Gift Show in January with my crown pen, and I would say I usually go through 6-12 pen a show).

Sayings include:
  • Always wear your invisible crown
  • Straighten your crown and carry on
  • Think like a queen
  • Queen of everything
Home Decor
Sid Dickens
Mother's Day Memory Tiles
Whether hung on a wall or placed on a stand, Sid Dickens tiles are a permanent sentiment always on display. There is no better time to start mom on a meaningful collection. If she is already a collector, a special tile to mark Mother's Day would be a wonderful gift. There are many more personal messages that may suite your mom.

Handmade In Canada
T374 Sweet Rose
" In her smile, there's a glow; A scent so heavenly it moves the soul."
SP05 Mum
" Your love and support is the foundation of my strength and courage, leading me to the path of endless possibilities."
T425 Primrose
" Patience and kindness nurture our soul and our hearts."
T375 Warm Embrace
" In her eyes, a brave and gentle wisdom. In her heart, a loving home forever."
SP04 Mom
" Your love and support is the foundation of my strength and courage, leading me to the path of endless possibilities."
T372 Tiny Dancer
" A fearless beauty With a swift heart, Capable of amazing feats."
Maison Berger
(Lampe Berger has a NEW name)
Amethyst Légende Gift Set
Celebrating Maison Berger (formerly Lampe Berger)'s 120th anniversary with a refined and elegant gift set for Mother's Day

  • Légende lamp faceted like a gem stone, designed by designer Sylvie de France
  • 180ml bottle of Élégante Parisienne (a boldly feminine limited edition fragrance)
Maison Berger
(Lampe Berger)
Open House
SATURDAY MAY 12, 10 - 2

Come join us to celebrate the newly EXPANDED Maison Berger Boutique
within Crafted Decor

To all those who visit,
our Lampe Berger representative Lisa will answer any questions, troubleshoot, and
provide you with your choice of a
FREE burner ($20 value)
a FREE 180ml Ocean Breeze fuel ($10 value)

Perhaps your LAMPE Berger has not been working or maybe you tucked it away in a cupboard because you really don’t know what to do with it....
well please feel free to dig it up,
dust it off, and bring it in!

As a world leader in the home fragrance industry, Lampe Berger has expanded its products to meet the needs of different decerning fragrance customers - hence the need to change their name to
Maison Berger .

Modern Sprout Garden Jars
Modern Sprout's self -watering planters ensure that even those without green thumbs can enjoy fresh herbs indoors all year round.

  • Mason jars fitted with a passive hydroponic system so you cannot overwater or even forget to water
  • Just add water and set in a sunny window
  • Certified organic seeds
  • Featured in Oprah's 2015 Favourite Things List
  • Available in oregano, basil, cilantro and mint
Snow Globes
Art object, toy for grown-ups or a soothing source of stillness, CoolSnowGlobes offers a fresh spin on an old favourite. Packaged in an attractive, cushioned gift box ready for presentation, they make a statement gift for someone special.
  • Unique snow globe design with exquisite attention to detail adds playful and timeless beauty to your home decor.
  • Each water globe is individually crafted from start to finish: hand-blown glass, hand-cast and hand-painted scenes.
  • Glass globe has 4” diameter and fits nicely in the hand. Overall dimensions: 4.5” x 4” x 4" (h x w x d) and weighs 2.5 pounds.

Mom & Grandma Kitchen Spoons
These wooden spoons (with silicone handle) both bring back old memories and invite new ones to be made in Grandma or Mom's kitchen.

Perfect for the cooking or baking Mom.
365 Messages
365 daily messages with your choice of:
  • Gratitude
  • Quotes from Famous Women
  • Life is Beautiful (to keep a positive outlook)

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