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A G ENCY 360
Resource Newsletter
2018 - Volume 1
Seniors Find Community in Clintonville

We recently sat down to speak with Stephanie Baker, MSW, LSW; Associate Director of the Clintonville Resource Center (CRC) about their senior services and programming designed specifically for the aging community around them. Clintonville Resource Center is located at 3222 N. High St. Columbus, OH. 43202

Of the many programs CRC offers one of the newest, we learned, offer seniors as young as 50 the chance to participate in a grass roots member-driven program called Village in the Ville . Village members make friends, try new activities tailored to their interests and stay involved with their community. They may also participate in health and wellness programs, educational activities, hobby groups, and a variety of social outings.

Benefits of the program include: Access to an exclusive list of preferred & discounted service providers. Utilization of a volunteer core to assist with wide ranging tasks of: In-Home Maintenance, Yard Maintenance, Pet Care, Transportation to Doctor Appointments... and more!

Village to Village Network is a national grass roots movement for serving seniors. If you are interested in starting or learning more about the village model go to Village to Village Network.

Closer to home contact Christine Happel, CRC's Village in the Ville Program Director at 614-268-3539 ext. 113 or .

One of the many benefits of being a senior within the CRC area is access to their transportation team. Need a ride to the pantry? To a medical appointment? Or are you joining one of the senior small groups for an outing? CRC has their seniors covered with a solid volunteer transportation corps. Plus seniors travel in snazzy style. Artist Haider Ali hand painted each of CRC's transportation vehicles. The colors are bight, cheerful and you can't help but smile when you see them.
CSFP: The Commodity Supplemental Food Program

 The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) works to improve the health of low-income elderly persons at least 60 years of age by supplementing their diets with nutritious USDA Foods. MOF has 48 partners across all 20 counties, who administer the CSFP program on our behalf, conducting applicant eligibility screening, enrollment and distribution. Nearly 7,000 seniors are served monthly with CSFP and is one of several food banks in the state of Ohio that administers this federal program. Each participant receives a pre-packed box of shelf-stable food and a block of cheese each month. Eligibility for the program is age (60 or older), income (130% of FPL) and residency (must live in the county where distribution occurs).

Monthly distributions may differ from partner agency to partner agency: On-site participant pick-up, drive-through, home delivery, senior apartment building sub-sites, or any combination of these.
Facing Hunger after Fifty
" What will it mean for society when it becomes the norm to live to 100? How does that longevity affect how we live and think about everything!

It’s about the living, not the 100. We have to plan for 100 — but we really need to live for today."  Jim Nedohon, AARP

The AARP Foundation is working to win back opportunity for struggling Americans 50+ by being a force for change on the most serious issues they face today: housing, hunger, income, and isolation. By coordinating responses to these issues on all four fronts at once, and supporting them with vigorous legal advocacy, the Foundation serves the unique needs of those 50+ while working with local organizations nationwide to reach more people, strengthen communities, work more efficiently and make resources go further.' -Baby Boomers and Beyond- Click here to Learn More
Senior Services Round Table

The mission of the Senior Services Roundtable of Columbus and Franklin County is to advocate for seniors and their families by identifying needs and services that provide improved and safe living conditions, and to promote collaboration among public and private agencies and groups to implement solutions to satisfy these needs and services.

Ways to Connect with
Senior Services Round Table


Senior Eligibility
To qualify for SNAP, those in Ohio age 60 and older must have a household income below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Line (about $24,000 per year). However, basic living expenses, like rent and medical payments, can be deducted from their monthly income to help them qualify. .

1 in 6 seniors lives in poverty. Yet, 65% of seniors who are eligible for SNAP benefits aren’t using them.

1 in 3 food insecure seniors are disabled . 30% must choose between food and medical expenses.

Ohio ranks first in the Midwest and 12th nationwide for food insecurity among older adults.

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