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At the end of November, the third season of BLOOM for preschoolers will come to a close, and while we remind you that December is a short month - WE ARE CLOSED FROM DEC. 23 - JAN. 5 - we're still excited to invite all the centre big kids to a special program running from Dec. 2 - 20. 

The end of the month also means the Early Purchase Deadline is just a few days away, and the sooner you get your hours, the sooner you can start booking your time. Mornings are filling up again!

The voting round for the Small Business BC Awards closes on Nov. 30, too, and we're up for Best Company! It takes two seconds to vote, and we'd appreciate it so much! Please? :)

There have been a few changes at the centre, and more to come, when we finish interviewing for our new E-savvy ECE position. We've had some great applicants, and look forward to bringing another awesome educator to our floor. Stay tuned!

Lots to cover, so read on!
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Buddings for Best Company? Absolutely!
Introducing: the Bid Kids Club for 3 - 5's
Where's the Sign in Sheet?
December Early Purchase Deadline - Nov. 24
Holidays - Dec. 23 - Jan. 5
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Buddings for Best Company? Absolutely!


The public voting phase of the 2014 Small Business BC Awards will be closing on Nov. 30, and Buddings is a nominee for Best Company! The next stage will be an in-depth assessment of our awesomeness, and we're positive that we'll blow the panel away, but to get there, we need your vote to put us among the top 10 in our category. (Best Company has really nice ring to it, don't you think?)
If you haven't hopped over there to vote, we'd love it if you would visit our page and add your name. Be sure to have a browse through the other nominees as well! There are tonnes of small, local companies up for nine different awards! Who knew there were so many amazing small businesses in our city? 
Introducing: The Big Kids Club for 3 - 5s


Buddings is pleased to invite your preschooler to the most inclusive club in town - The Big Kids Club for 3 - 5s. 

The program launches on Monday, Dec. 2, and runs from 1 - 4pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, until the 20th. Three weeks of afternoon fun for Big Kids!

Johanna will lead the adventures, and every 3 - 5 year old at the centre on Club Days is welcome to join the activities. Starting off at 1pm, with yoga circle and daily adventure plotting, and completing the day's activities with sharing and recap at 4pm. 

Just like BLOOM, she'll keep you in the loop with all the adventures with her posts on the blog, and your kids will fill you in on all the rest when they come home full of stories. 

To launch the adventures with a... um... BANG... December's Topic of Exploration is the one and only: Super Science!

Sounds! Colours! Liquids and Solids! Light, Shadow, Darkness! Cloud! Rain! Sink and Float! And so much more!

Three times a week, all through December, from 1 - 4pm! 

These spots book up, so if you'd like to join us in the afternoons, take a moment to book your hours. 

Aren't I supposed to sign in and out? Where's the list?
Thank you for asking, yes, you are supposed to sign in and out. The Attendance list has been moved closer to the kids' inside cubbies, so by the time you get passed the gong, you're really ready to say goodbye! :)
The list is on the wall next to the bathroom window, and we'll be making a point of mentioning it for the next couple visits. Please be  sure to initial the final column once you've collected all your stuff. 
Four sleeps till the 24th! December Early Purchase Deadline


December, and Christmas, are coming, which means the Early Purchase Deadline is almost here! Three hours added to your 10 and 24 hour packages, and the chance to book into our very busy morning spaces! Why not check your schedule and LOG IN to buy your December hours now?

We're looking forward to adding to our team, and creating more capacity at the centre, and encourage families to book spots for our busy mornings, or Big Kids Club with as much notice as you can. And don't forget, we always have a small number of reserve hours held until two days before. To put your name on the list, email or call Talia.

Buddings Holidays - Dec. 23, 2013 - Jan. 5, 2014


It's up on our December calendar now, but just to be sure you have time to make alternative plans for childcare, BUDDINGS WILL BE CLOSED FROM DEC. 23 - JAN. 5, 2014, reopening on Monday Jan. 6, at 9am. Bright eyed and bushy tailed after a nice holiday break. 

Don't forget our Google Calendar also has all our holiday closures, up-coming events, and weekly snacks. 

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