NEW:  Updates on proposed projects in Avila Beach 
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Crucial October San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors Vote Concerning Area Plan for Avila  

Your attendance is needed at the SLO Board of Supervisors' October meeting (we'll announce the date when it becomes known) to show the huge support for updating the area plan for Avila. The supervisors will be voting on whether to include an update in the Planning & Building Department's work program for the coming year.  
The meeting will be at the County Government Office, 1055 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo.  Car pools will be arranged, and signs have been made to take to the meeting. Details will be provided in a subsequent email, on our website and on flyers in multiple locations around Avila Beach.
COLLECT Petition Signatures 
Over 1,000 petition signatures have been collected so far, asking the Supervisors to prioritize an update for the outdated General Plan pertaining to Avila. Our petitions will be presented at the October meeting where the County Planning's work priorities for next year will be established. If you are over 18 and live in SLO County you can c lick here to sign the petition on-line or share the petition. Alternatively, you can print a petition from our website to sign or share. If you have a petition, even with one signature, please return it by September 30 to Concerned Citizens for Avila, PO Box 2506, Avila Beach 93424. 
Concerned Citizens for Avila wants the Supervisors to recognize that Avila matters to the public county-wide.
Concerned Citizens is advocating for the County's area plans for Avila, components of the General Plan, to be updated before any substantial development is considered. Our objectives are:
  • Adequate emergency ingress and egress in the event of fire, earthquake, or nuclear release
  • Safe, functional access without gridlock
  • Adequate public access to coastal resources
  • Protection from perilous water shortages
  • Consistency of future development with an updated area plan for Avila
UPDATE: Chevron Resort at Avila Point

The project site overlooks and is 50% larger than Avila Beach.
NEW Information:
  • Specific plan and subdivision map applications were recently submitted for phased development. 
  • Proposed are: 232 units for hotel and vacation rental with 268,200 sq.ft.; 7,000 sq. ft. for dining; 7,000 sq. ft. for conference room; 20,000 sq. ft. for pool & spa facilities; 4,000 sq. ft. for retail; 20,000 sq. ft. of various uses which could include 10 multi-family residences, a desalination plant or wastewater facility; 2,000 sq. ft for gatehouse; parking at a lot fronting Avila Beach Drive at Cave Landing Road.
  • Soils are contaminated from past oil industry uses.  Site remediation is estimated to involve 140 daily one-way truck trips for 340 days.   
Status:  The Board of Supervisors already has authorized for processing the  application for rezoning to Recreation.  The Board must approve the rezoning, which would amend the General Plan, before the specific plan and subdivision map can be approved.  The specific plan and subdivision map have not been deemed complete for processing by Planning.   
UPDATE: Avila Golf Course

A multi-use development is proposed.
NEW Information:
  • Additional application materials were submitted. 
  • Continued to be proposed appears to be:  Additional 230,000 sq.ft., 144 units, amphitheater, sports field, funicular, vineyard, winery, chapel, spa, ponds, narrow gauge rail; also a practice green and driving range.
Status:  The project remains incomplete for processing because information initially requested by Planning was not provided. The golf course is within the master planned area for San Luis Bay Estates, which only allows golf course uses. Amendments are necessary for which the Supervisors have discretion about whether to authorize processing.  
UPDATE: King Resort

The project site is eight acres off Ontario Road.
NEW Information:
  • A revised application, without a pond, has been submitted. 
  • Proposed are 44 two-story detached lodge units for long term occupancy.  Units have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus kitchens and living areas.   Additionally proposed are 12 to 27 movable units without associated parking and apparently without basic services. 
Status:  County Planning is evaluating the submitted application for completeness for processing. No amendment of the General Plan is necessary.
UPDATE: 50 Cottage Units

This site is adjacent to the San Luis Bay Inn/timeshares.

NEW Information:  An application has been submitted to the water-wastewater service provider for a "Will Serve" letter, which is necessary for a complete application to Planning. 
Status:  T he 50 cottage units are included in the San Luis Bay Estates, Master Plan and, therefore, no amendment of the General Plan would be needed.
UPDATE:  Wild Cherry Canyon

2,400 acres between Avila Beach and the Harbor would be involved.  A proposal has been pitched to various groups mentioning 1,500 homes, plus commercial and recreation development.
Status: No application has been submitted.  The Urban Reserve Line, as well as the Agriculture zoning, would have to be amended. The Supervisors have discretion whether to authorize processing amendments to the General Plan.
UPDATE: Harbor Terrace

Located at Port San Luis, this site recently was approved for 80 RV spaces and 100 other visitor accommodations, plus facilities for the general public such as restaurant and swimming pool.

Status:  The Avila General Plan was amended a few years ago to facilitate this development.  The project was approved with traffic evaluated only on the second Tuesday in May. Concerned Citizens advocated, unsuccessfully, that approval be based on realistic traffic considerations for reasons of safety.   Although the contracted developer withdrew, the project approval continues to be in effect.

In July, Supervisor Adam Hill graciously agreed to meet with five representatives from the Avila Beach Concerned Citizens group. The highlights from our conversation are posted on our website under our "Resources" tab.
Pat Sweet (L) and Betty Hartig (R)
Photo credit:  Ann Feeser

Sign Making
A sign-making event in August produced many colorful signs fo r us to bring to events like the Board of Supervisors October meeting. Thank you to Betty Hartig and Carol Goldberg for organizing!

Gathering Petition Signatures
Thanks to many for obtaining petition signatures, with special acknowledgements for the continuing efforts of Betty Hartig and Carol Goldberg.

Citizens Speak during SLO County Board of Supervisors Open Forum 
Thank you to the Avila Beach citizens who have stood before the SLO Board of Supervisors during open forums and presented the importance of updating of a General Plan for Avila.  Open forum allows anyone to speak during the weekly Board of Supervisors Tuesday meetings.  If you would like to speak please contact Carol Goldberg,