August 2016
Issue 22
A Civilian's View

I'm guilty. I would flash my high beams to oncoming vehicles to alert them of police activity ahead. If I learned of a planned DUI checkpoint, I would tell people to avoid the area. I didn't want them to get caught doing something they shouldn't be doing. I am ashamed to say that I was "one of those". That was BEFORE. Click Here for the rest of the story! 

 Traffic Control Device Functional?
If the TCS cycles to flash by design at a certain time of the day it is considered to be functioning normally. Officers should note that the light was flashing by design in the narrative. If the light is on flash due to a power outage or other malfunction then the Traffic Control Device Functionality should be selected as "No" (01) on the PR-1.
Lane Classifications

If the roadway has a continuous left turn lane for vehicles to make left turns from either direction, it should be considered a single lane and added to the overall lanes in the roadway (i.e: 2 lanes south, 2 lanes north, with a continuous lane then it is considered five (4) lanes total.
Mandatory PR1 & PR2 Update! 
Please note that all fatal crashes must have a "preliminary" PR-1 and PR-2 submitted within 45 days after the collision.  Preliminary data is very rudimentary and should include Who, What, When and Where.  These forms are vital to the federal reporting requirements that the CT DOT and Municipalities must meet to ensure compliance with the National Highway Safety Administration.

Please contact either Chuck Grasso or Kevin Slater if you have any outstanding fatal, PR-1, or PR-2 reports.

UCONN now has an electronic version of the PR-2, that allows you to complete the form and automatically email it to the DOT. Please contact Chuck Grasso for a copy of this valuable and easy to use form.

DOT's EZ Street Draw
The CT Department of Transportation had announced that the latest version of EZ Street Draw is available at no charge to agencies. 
Any agency interested in EZ Street Draw is asked to contact Chuck Grasso or Kevin Slater.

The CT Transportation Safety Research Center will be conducting additional training on the MMUCC PR-1 and Commercial Vehicle Collisions over the next several months.
To request information on the sessions, or if your department wishes to host a training session, please email Chuck Grasso or Kevin Slater.
Quick Quiz
Each month, we will feature a quick one-question quiz. The first person to correctly answer the question and email us with their response will win a prize.

This month, be the first person to answer our quiz and win a Streamlight STRION C4 LED Flashlight.   
Question :
Q: What is the current version of MMUCC being utilized on the national level as well as the basis for the new CT PR-1?
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