March 2017
Issue 28 
Northeast Autonomous Vehicle Summit
On March 30th & 31st the CT Transportation Safety Research Center with a host of partners, presented the first annual Northeast Autonomous Vehicle Summit at the Mystic Hilton in Mystic, CT.

The focus of this forum was to educate policy makers and Department of Transportation from Delaware to Maine on the potential impacts and requirements that these new vehicles will require.

On the first day, national experts were invited to present on a wide range  of topics concerning autonomous vehicles and the potential safety and policies that will be impacted.
The second day of the summit was devoted to small state workgroups to identify safety and policy issues they will face and then develop potential action items that participants can bring back to their workplaces and share with their coworkers.

Presentations focused on what is known today about autonomous vehicles, nationally and afar; touched on psychological impacts and implications, the potential benefits of autonomous vehicles on traffic operations and safety.  Here in Connecticut, presenters discussed the challenge of building readiness with our academic partners as well as our local and regional partners.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has received over 200,000 PR-1 reports since the inception of the new MMUCC compliant report form. Law Enforcement has done an outstanding job adapting to this new format.
As with any major change, there have been some minor issues with reports being rejected and returned to the originating agency for correction. Please understand that each and every report is very important and when sent back to the agency, it must be corrected and returned to the CTDOT.
In a criminal case any one piece of circumstantial evidence is a building block for probable cause. We need to look at our PR-1 reports wit the same level of importance. What may seem insignificant on one level may be very valuable and important to the transportation safety engineers who review and utilize these documents to ensure that roadways are designed with safety in mind.
The UCONN Crash Data Liaisons are available 24/7 to assist any agency with issues or concerns.
Training is POSTC certified and can be conducted for any size group.

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