April 2015                                                                                                                                                     Issue 10
CTSRC Crash News

As part of our continual effort to bring you the latest in crash data news and helpful resources, we have made some updates to our newsletter (which will now be distributed monthly). Please be sure to check out our new features including our Quick Quiz, Success Stories, Data Makes a Difference, Upcoming Events and PR-1 Review. Thank you for the hard work  that has gone into learning the new crash report form process.

I look forward to working with you as we continue the effort of making our roadways safe for all users. 



Chuck Grasso

SuccessEach month we will be highlighting police departments who are doing an excellent job in supporting the effort to collect accurate crash data. This month we would like to thank the police departments who have taken the time to complete our MMUCC PR-1 Survey (participating towns shown on the map below in green). If you haven't done so yet, please take our 10-question PR-1 Survey. The answers you provide will help us enhance our reporting system and provide data that makes our roads safer.

Is someone in your department, or is your department as a whole going above and beyond the call of duty? Let us know and be featured in our next newsletter.
DataDifferenceThe new PR-1 collects more helpful crash data than ever. We want you to see the results of the work you're doing to collect it. In this section we will feature real stories that show how crash data makes improvements that save lives.  This month, we'd like to share the difference crash data made on "Colt Curve" on I-91.

Colt Curve
On I-91 South, just south of downtown Hartford there is a curve outside the Colt Manufacturing building dubbed "Colt Curve". Crash data indicated that wet weather crashes had a sharp increase in 2009.  With the data to inform their decision, the DOT applied a high-friction surface treatment to this area. Since the treatment has been applied, there has been an 85% reduction in crashes. 
PR1In this section you will find a review of different parts of the PR-1. This month we will be reviewing driver, passenger and non-motorist information.

When should these information forms  be completed?:

Driver Information: For every crash.
Passenger Information: For every passenger in every vehicle (up to 4 per page). Must document the vehicle number that the passenger was traveling in.
Non-motorist Information: When a non-motorist (pedestrian, skater) is involved in a crash. Must refer to their non-motorist number in the narrative.

Information you should document for drivers, passengers and non-motorists should include but is not limited to:
  • Actions and circumstances both prior to and during the crash
  • Driver information (name, address, date of birth, gender) Driver's license information 
  • Driver distractions 
  • Ejection status 
  • Restraint system usage 
  • Airbag status 
  • Injury status and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Information 
  • Enforcement actions taken by law enforcement  
  • Drug and alcohol test information
  • If non-motorist, non-motorist type

Training Assistance

The POST certified training staff from UConn would be happy to work with any department to enhance training for officers. Trainers are available for a variety of training, including full classes and Roll Call training.
QuizQuick Quiz
Each month we will feature a quick one-question quiz. The first person to correctly answer the question and email us with their response will win a prize. This month, be the first person to answer our quiz and win a Magellan eXplorist GC GPS locator tool.
April Quiz Question :

Q: Is there an easy way to utilize a drawing program while in a cruiser working on an MDT?

Having a hard time getting into the PR-1 groove? Check out our new music track All About That MMUCC.
EventsUpcoming Events
We will be conducting additional training on the MMUCC PR-1 over the next several months.  This section will highlight the date, time and location of each session for you to register.

To request information for a session, or if your department wishes to host a training session, please email  Chuck Grasso.
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