Helping Other People Everywhere
"We ALL Benefit When ALL Children Have Well Developed Brains
& The Life Skills To Thrive!"

 September 29, 2012
You Know About This!
The Blossom Method
A Fabulous New Book for EVERY New Parent!
The Blossom Method™: The Revolutionary Way To Communicate With Your Baby From Birth is written by Vivien Sabel. She has written it in order to share with the world, the amazing discoveries she made about early communication when she had her daughter Blossom. In addition she has undertaken global research and her findings and the findings of parents across the world have been included in her innovative manuscript to demonstrate the value of The Blossom Method™.

You will be amazed!
Inspired Children Book
Inspired Children: Turning the science of child development into the art of parenting!
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Children need EVERY adult, that has an influence on their life,  to understand the basics of brain development and help them learn needed life skills. We owe every child the opportunity to develop in the most healthy ways possible.

This unique newsletter is designed to create and share a much broader awareness and understanding. It is still a minority of individuals that know the basics of how we can positively influence a maturing brain. 
All children deserve the opportunity to develop their brain in the healthiest way!the

Through continuing to work together and sharing we can finally make this critical information common knowledge!

Because you care, I invite you to join in, benefit from and
share in this needed effort. I hope you are as enthused as I am
to get started!

(Find out more below)



Thank you first of all for your interest in Creating Great Connections. It is extremely wonderful that you are a part of the connection.... because that is what this is all about. Many people I talk with, no matter which country they live in, are asking, "In what way can we better share and get this valuable information to more people?". It is my genuine hope that this new way of networking and sharing will greatly contribute to addressing this concern and desire to meet this need.
This is more than a newsletter. It is interactive. Creating Great Connections provides information and support entirely related to healthy brains and life skill development for ALL children. But in addition, it also is a way to better connect all of us that care so deeply about children and provides a way for us to help each other, (Our brains do love connecting!)

Whether you are working in a job that serves children directly or indirectly or you are a parent or grandparent, you will find information and questions on news related to the brain, books, resources, blogs, conferences, and also personal requests. This is designed to help you!

The main portion of the newsletter is focused on what I have titled, HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere). As you can see below there are 5 categories. These are areas where you can either ask a question about something you are looking for or respond to a question being asked.and offer your help.

This is something I am extremely excited to get started and it is my sincere  hope you will feel a real sense of connection as we build this together!

With heartfelt thanks and great dreams for all children,


H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Everywhere) 

Parents and professionals, here is your opportunity to connect with all you need or are looking for ... all in one place! 
Early Brain Development  Info from Brain Insights
Are you looking for information on a specific topic?
Are you are looking for brain development/life skill related resources, would you like a guest blogger, or a speaker for an event, would you like a review or feedback, are you just wondering who can help with a specific child issue, or just need an opinion and want to brainstorm?
H.O.P.E provides the chance to connect directly and find what you need without searching!

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something." 
                                                                       ~Author Unknown

Please read directions and guidelines for providing and participating in HOPE here.



Parent Ponders?  

Are you a parent that wants reliable information on a topic or area of concern?    Do you want answers to questions from knowledgeable and educated professionals rather than information based on opinion or marketing? Send the question you would like to have answered.
Cognitive Connections?  Children need ALL adults to understand brain development

Are you looking for a speaker for a conference, TV or radio show?
Is there an  issue or topic you have interest in and want to know where you can connect, tune in, or attend? Would you like a guest blogger to contribute a post? Is there a topic you would like to brainstorm about?
Send your request to reflect what you need.
Brainy Books and Blogs?  

Are you looking for a recommendation on a book or a valuable
blog on a specific area or topic on brain or life skill development?
Send a brief explanation of of what your are interested in finding.
Rave Reviews? 

Would you like someone to review your work?
Send a description of the type of reviewer you
are looking  for and what you  would like reviewed.

Recent Research? 


Are you looking for recent brain research on a specific topic? 
Send a request for information on research available on your area of interest. 



Neuron News! baby crying

How Early Social Deprivation Impairs Long-Term Cognitive Function

 "A growing body of research shows that children who suffer severe neglect and social isolation have cognitive and social impairments as adults."  (Read more)  



Brain Briggles are great to ponder and fun to share!

"Brain Briggle"    
"My hope for all of us is to find a way to slow down and enjoy the present, relax, trust nature, our children and ourselves."    ~ Janet Lansbury Elevating Child Care


Sincere appreciation for contributing to making a positive impact through ALL the ways you invest in children,

Deborah McNelis
Owner, Brain Insights,LLC