Glass Handling Machinery 
now available from Monitor Lifts!
Monitor Lifts are pleased to announce we are now the official distributors of the Winlet glass handling machinery from Denmark (also the home of our famous Omme Spider Lifts!) 

These machines make handling of glass and other large non-porous materials (such as stone , sheet steel and Façade panels, fire doors, and compressed building material) much safer, quicker and easier. Available in a number of sizes, Monitor have a vacuum lifter to suit your requirements!

The 350 is the smallest Winlet model, designed to handle loads of up to 350kg and 
manoeuvre around narrow and congested areas safely.

 Monitor's W 575 is the most modern and productive glass handling machine on the market.

The Winlet is able to handle most non-porous materials. Here the 575 places a sheet of metal onto a press.

Monitor's new Winlet 575 glass handler. 
Compact. Ergonomic. And very functional - this is the highest specced and equipped unit available in its class.

The Winlet 600 is rated to safely lift up to 600kgs. It is a compact version of the 575 with the functionality glaziers have come to enjoy.
Winlet's remote control makes positioning glass panels a very safe and easy operation.

The tracked 475 T is the latest Winlet release and is the perfect choice for boggy sites and other difficult terrain. The option of expanding tracks increases the stability when travelling while the optional front hydraulic stabilisers improve the stability for positioning heavy loads on soft or uneven ground.

All of the Winlet controls are very logical to use and are capable of very smooth proportional movements in all directions.
Radio wireless remotes also are available

The 350 TH is designed for use on tele-handlers, spider cranes and forklifts. It is ideal for reaching greater heights.
Here the 350 TH is shown in use on a Manitou telehandler, affording loads of extra outreach and with radio remote options is able to be controlled remotely from within the building

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