Winlet Glass  Lifts are increasing work site safety and productivity!
With an expanded range of models ranging from 350 kg to 1000 kg lifters, Monitor's Glass Robots are becoming increasingly popular on work sites around the country.
The 350 is currently the smallest Winlet, and can fit on the back of a twin-cab ute for ease of transportation.

The largest Winlet is the 1000. It affords a huge reach up to 4.5 meters high and lifts up to one tonne in weight!

The tracked 475 T is the latest Winlet release and is the perfect choice for boggy sites and other difficult terrain. The option of expanding tracks increases the stability when travelling while the optional front hydraulic stabilisers improve the stability for positioning heavy loads on soft or uneven ground.

All of the Winlet controls are very logical to use and are capable of very smooth proportional movements in all directions.
Radio wireless remotes also are available

The 350 TH is designed for use on tele-handlers and forklifts. It is ideal for reaching greater heights.
Here the 350 TH is shown in use on a telehandler, affording loads of extra outreach and with radio remote control, it is able to be controlled remotely from within the building

Ease of transportation is another major plus with the Winlet glass lifts. Pictured above is the very popular Winlet 575 on 2 T GVM trailer which can be easily towed behind most tradesmen's vehicles.

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