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Paul Barton Plays the Piano for Elephants

Paul Barton, living now in Thailand, plays the piano for elephants at Elephant World. Read more about Paul, listen to one of his serenades, and connect with his YouTube channel.

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A Real Woolly Mammoth May Be In Our Future

Scientists are closer to resurrecting the extinct woolly mammoth by using elephant stem cells. Amazing!

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How Do Crystals Form?

Crystals are a beautiful part of our natural world. They decorate our homes and adorn our bodies. People use crystals for healing and to connect with their spiritual beliefs. Yet where do crystals come from? Graham Baird educates us in this fascinating video. (Image courtesy of Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com)

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What Makes for a Happy Life?

In this 12 minute TED Talk, Robert Waldinger provides a gentle explanation of the key ingredient in the lives of happy people. This is a beautiful reminder to cherish our relationships and to connect with others to find joy.

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Canada's Stonehenge?

The ancient Iniskim Umaapi Medicine Wheel in remote Alberta predates England's Stonehenge, and is still considered sacred by the Blackfoot people. Read more for the full story. You can also check out the book Hidden Stonehenge by Gordon Freeman. He reveals that this site was also an astronomical observatory and calendar. Who knew we had such a monument in North America!

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Gorilla Reunion

One can never tire of watching this.

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