JFK Millennium Partners invites you to participate in a competitive solicitation process ("CSP") for the commercial development of the departure & arrival lounge opportunities within Terminal 6, which is currently under development at John F. Kennedy International Airport

This marks the launch of the RFP stage of

the T6 lounge procurement!

In order to obtain a copy of the RFP Document for such opportunities at JFK Terminal 6, you will be required to sign and return a confidentiality agreement to the following email address: T6LoungeCSP@vantageairportgroup.com 


Following receipt of an executed confidentiality agreement, JMP will provide the RFP Document by email to the email address of the Party listed in the confidentiality agreement.

Participating in the competitive solicitation process for JFK Millennium Partners Terminal 6 Lounge Procurement Opportunity offers seasoned lounge operators a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of a transformative project. We eagerly await your qualifications and proposals as we work together to make Terminal 6 a premier destination for airport passengers. 

The last date to secure the Lounge RFP is

February 2, 2024.

The Lounge RFP submission deadline is

March 22, 2024.


* This email does not summarize all the information and instructions for submitting a response to this CSP and is subject in all respects to the RFP Document and the information contained therein (including all exhibits and attachments thereto).

Respondents may not tamper with the JFK T6 Procurement Portal.

Anyone deemed to have accessed the site inappropriately will not be considered for this procurement.