JULY 2021
VICTORY ALERT: SB 12 Fails Assembly Committee Passage
Yesterday, thanks to our advocacy, and BIASC's leadership, Senate Bill 12 (McGuire) failed in the Assembly Housing Committee. BIA-LAV testified against the bill along with all BIASC Chapters and BIA members! This is a huge win in turning the legislation into a two-year effort. It will receive reconsideration, but at this time appears to be immobile for the year. SB 1 would have prohibited development in Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSZ). Learn more here.
VICTORY ALERT: Warmington Residential Project Approval in Ventura
We would like to congratulate Warmington Residential on the approval of their Haley Point housing project! Over the past several months BIA has weighed-in at both the Planning Commission and City Council hearings. Despite facing an approval appeal and strong NIMBY opposition, Warmington's project passed unanimously and will add 72 new homes to the City of Ventura.
CITY OF LA: Inclusionary Zoning Study Passes
On June 23 the City of Los Angeles' Housing Committee passed a motion to move forward with an inclusionary housing study. BIA testified and rallied support against the motion, but unfortunately, it passed. However, BIA ensured two amendments were included: 1. Convening of a stakeholder group, and 2. The study will include the effects of an inclusionary housing policy on market rate development. We will be monitoring the item ahead of the final study.
Join us for this traditional margarita madness event - -but this year we're celebrating the end of summer and in-person networking!

We look forward to seeing you at Sagebrush Cantina for some appetizers and margaritas!
ICYMI: BIA-LAV Golf Tournament & BIA-LAV LA County Housing Summit
BIA-LAV committees are a great way to get more involved in the Chapter and with the industry. All BIA members are welcome to take part! Learn more here.
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July 30
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