May 2019
How to Search for, and Download, Music in the New ARS Music Libraries
by Ruth Seib
Over two hundred pieces of downloadable music are available on the ARS website and now you can easily search for what you need! Looking for quartets for Christmas? There are four pieces in the “ New Music ” library. Are you fascinated by fugues? There are two in the Members Library Edition section.

Here is how to find the music: Under our “Publications” menu item, look for “ ARS Music Libraries Search & Download .” From there, you may search for pieces based on number of players, composer, style, difficulty, occasion, and even keywords in the composer’s or reviewer’s descriptions.  
ARS members may download actual music and listen to recordings. Non-members may read the description of each piece, view a preview image, and listen to short sound clips for many pieces.
There are four libraries of music to choose from:
Members’ Library Editions : publications that you receive with three of the four issues, annually, of American Recorder magazine
Play the Recorder Month pieces : commissioned and published once per year by ARS to celebrate Play the Recorder Day/Month, starting in 2003
New Music for Recorder : pieces composed by contemporary composers specifically for recorder, with or without other instruments
Recorder Orchestra Library : music with five or more recorder parts, intended for 10 or more players
Not only can you search within each library, you can now search among all four libraries at the same time. Discover hidden gems and soon-to-become new favorites, whether for your solo enjoyment or for group playing!
Here’s what one member says: “I searched the music library for pieces for our Renaissance quartet to play in an upcoming Advent service at a Lutheran Church. I entered the parameters (Renaissance, 4 parts, Christmas/Advent) and found "Four Lutheran Chorales for Advent,” among others. I would not have found this piece if not for the searchable music library. I was glad to find music fitting the occasion that we can read and evaluate.”
Or maybe this is your situation: “I searched the music library for duets of moderate difficulty that I and another player can play in the summer when our chapter does not hold playing sessions. The database brought up more than 20 pieces that would be appropriate. To be able to search the music library was very helpful, saving hours of scrolling or looking through collections for duets. I enjoyed the comments about the music that you find when your selections appear.”
Check it out and start playing some new music today!
Ruth Seib is a member of the ARS Board as well as one chapter and two consorts. She divides her time between Sarasota, FL and Oakland, MD.
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