Welcome to our Monthly Teacher Update! 
At Raising A Reader Aspen to Parachute we are always looking for new ways to connect---connect kids with books, parents with kids, and connect us with you, the teachers who make our program possible.   We hope that this newsletter can be a positive way for us to reach out each month and strengthen the connection that we have with you! 
Each month we hope to: 


Update you on upcoming Raising A Reader business

Provide you with important information or research

Provide a short parent-focused segment you could easily copy to your own newsletter

Blue Bag Days! 

We are excited about Blue Bag Days!  If your coordinator hasn't scheduled your day yet, she will be in touch soon, or feel free to reach out to her!  

Ways to get your kids excited about Blue Bag Days: 
1. Read books about the Library.
Curious George Visits the Library
Library Lion
The Boy who was Raised by Librarians
2. Show them your Library Card and tell them a story about how you got it or most recently used it. 
3. Create a "Library" play station with the books that you have in your school. The kids can make library cards and take turns being librarian.  
If you have any questions about Blue Bag Days, please be in touch with us!  

NEW!!! --We have updated our website.   We hope this will be a good resource for you.   We have made sure to post all of the latest handouts and forms for your convenience.   Let us know what you think!   and


Below is a short segment that you could easily add to any newsletter you might send to parents.  We are really trying to connect with parents this year and help you connect with them through Raising A Reader.   Use it if you would like!  We are also creating a Monthly Parent newsletter.  We would love your help in promoting it to the parents.  We will send you a sample of the first newsletter via email- and a print copy via mail- to post in your school or email to parents.  Please help us assess their interest in receiving it. 

Certainly a lot of reading to children goes on in the classroom, but it is no substitute for the time you can spend sitting, reading and connecting with your child. Sometimes the choices of WHAT to read can be overwhelming.  Don't be afraid to reference your history and what YOU liked when you were little.  Chances are your child will like it because you did. You can have a great connected conversation about why a book was your favorite. Children always enjoy imagining you as a child! 
Oldies but Goodies:  
Katy and the Big Snow
Are you my Mother? 
The Very Hungry Catepillar
Bread & Jam for Francis

From: Quality Early Childhood Education: Enduring Benefits. By: James J. Heckman

" Research clearly shows that we must invest dollars not dimes, implement high quality programs, develop the whole child and nurture the initial investment in early learning.... When we do, we get significant returns in better education, health, social and economic productivity that more than pay for the cost of quality early childhood programs. Yes, quality early childhood education is expensive, but we pay a far higher cost in ignoring its value or betting on the cheap."
Early Investment Produces the Highest Returns
Early Investment Produces the Highest Returns

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