the 2018-2019 Board of Directors
After the election on March 19th , 2018
we are pleased to announce the
new Board of Directors for 2018 - 2019.
Michelle Salt
  • To bring an athletes perspective to the table to give the board a better understanding of the barriers and set backs a para athlete ~ CADS participant may encounter.
  • To contribute to the snowboarding side of CADS
Scott Nicol
Would like to ensure operational strength for CADS so we can sustainably help the most people enjoy snowsports.
  • Effective fundraising
  • Effective initiatives to improve and enhance the CADS experience.
John Ross
Has been instrumental in helping to create key memorandums with many different Provincial, National and multi-sport organizations.
  • To continue to cement relationships with the organizations we have agreements and understandings with.
  • Develop relationships with a core of businesses in order to raise our profile and increase our income base.
  • Continue to promote cads as a sport for life venue for our community of persons with disabilities.
  • Develop our racing programs 
John Shaw ~ President
Brings the family's view to CADS having a daughter and a foster son who are athletes in the CADS programs.
  • Establish a strategic plan
  • Increase recognition and respect for CADS across Canada.
Omer Melanson ~ Secretary
Instrumental in the drafting of the new CADS Mission and Vision, hiring of the managing director and developing a plan to increase membership.
  • Networking, consulting and developing initiatives to increase membership.
Barbara Cartmel ~ Treasurer
Brings the experience of sitting on multiple Board of Directors of different organizations and being the President of The Hermitage club along with 2 other companies.
  • Assist in the fundraising goals of CADS
  • Professional and personal experience with all levels of CADS.
  • Implementation of new programs and activities.
Jamie Spencer ~ TC Committee rep.
  • Bringing together information to and from the course conductors and ensuring a clear pathway for communication.
Christian Hrab ~ Managing Director

Well known to the snowboarding community. He was a member of the Canadian national team from 1994-1998, then served as head coach, director of development, and finally as high performance director at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games. Christian is also a CASI certified level 4 instructor and a chartered professional coach. He has significant multi- sport experience, including past roles with the CS4L leadership team, Taekwondo Canada and as a sport advisor at the Canadian Sport Institute in Montreal.