New House, New Year, NEW BABY!
Year End Blessings

Yesterday we brought a brand NEW baby boy into our home. I thought our days of such little people living in our house were over. I HAD said 'those' days are over. I also had made comments like, 'Well, if God were to drop a baby in our laps or on our doorstop, I would not say no."


Meet Kenia! Kenia is a former DTS student. She is also a Wounaan Princess. The Wounaan people are one of the eight  indigenous  tribes that live in Panama. Kenia's father is the chief of their village and has welcomed us to his home several times to experience traveling by canoe, bamboo housing and fried fish and plantains. Kenia has an amazing story of how God has been moving in her life to bring her hope, a future and to fill her to overflowing with his love, mercy and grace.


As God did in my life 25 years ago - and many, many girls we have worked with through the years -  Kenia also is experiencing the blessing of the birth of a child that was not planned by her but definitely known by God and purposed for such a time as this.


Little Joey (Joy) Chi Lee and his momma were released from the hospital yesterday, Tuesday, to come live with us in our NEW apartment. We had absolutely NOTHING for this little bed or provisions at all, last night, through a Panama Mommas Facebook group,  God surprised us in His amazing ways to provide for this 8 pound baby boy.


Psalm 139 has been a passage of scripture that has ministered greatly to Kenia during this season of her life.  Join us in declaring this Word, not only over Baby Joey but for Kenia. In His Great Love, inc is a ministry that has been working since 1990 with unwed mothers, babies, shepherding homes, trafficking victims, and prisoners. IHGL also hosts women's retreats and Bible Studies as well is the ministry in which Tom and I are ordained under. By God's divine sovereignty, Founder and President of IHGL, Peggy Cochran was a speaker during Kenia's DTS and was personally invited by Kenia's village to go and preach the gospel to her people. Peggy is schedule back to Panama in the spring of this year to teach in this next DTS and come along beside us to help this young momma and son to follow after God for all He has planned for them.



Holly Schmidt


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